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Provider Updates What Providers Need to Know

Health Care Providers

November 28, 2023

OnBoard updates for providers now available

The Board recently announced several updates in OnBoard that affect health care providers. These updates may result in providers seeing new information as part of prior authorization request responses, including the addition of frequency and duration fields, grant without prejudice at Level 1 review, weeks added to the duration field, and more.

Read more in a notification dated October 25, 2023 .

Coming soon - DME Fee Schedule update

The Board plans to propose an update to adjust the Official New York Workers' Compensation Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Fee Schedule and additional codes.

The proposal will be published soon in the State Register and on the Board's website. A Subject Number will be issued when it is published.

Revised Inpatient Rates for Acute Per Case Inpatient Rates, Exempt Hospitals, Exempt Units, and Chemical Dependency Detoxification Rates effective April 1, 2023

The Office of Health Insurance Programs has calculated rates of reimbursement for the period April 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023, for acute per case, exempt hospital, exempt unit, and chemical dependency detoxification services.

Read more in Subject Number 046-1628.


Interested in treating injured workers? If you are interested in applying for Board authorization to treat injured workers, the process is easy and is done online. Read more about becoming authorized here on the Board's website.

Telehealth is now a permanent option in the workers' compensation system. Read more in Subject Number 046-1613, and see our new telehealth webpage for additional information.

Use of Form CMS-1500 is mandatory. Visit CMS-1500 initiative for more details and send your questions to

Visit the Board's website for OnBoard training guides, webinar recordings, and other resources.

The Board is hosting free COVID-19 & workers' comp webinars. The Board has been hosting a series of webinars to aid workers with long COVID workers' compensation claims. Additional dates will be added soon!

The latest versions of several Paid Family Leave presentations are now available, including family care, foster care/adoption, military leave, and bonding. Visit the Paid Family Leave website for more information.

Stay Informed!

Check out the Board's Health Care Providers Recorded Webinars web page for past webinars.

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