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Self-Insured Employers

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Overview of Self-Insurance

New York State employers are required to provide workers’ compensation, disability, and Paid Family Leave benefit coverage to their employees.

Under the Workers’ Compensation Law of New York State (WCL)

  • Article 4 §50 states that one way in which employers may provide workers’ compensation coverage is by applying to become an approved self-insured employer in New York
  • Article 9 §211 states that one way in which employers may provide disability and Paid Family Leave benefits coverage is by applying to become an approved self-insured employer in New York

Self-Insurance is a privilege in New York State. If you apply and qualify to provide benefits through self-insurance under the WCL, you agree to make benefit payments to your injured employees and meet all other obligations under Workers’ Compensation Board (Board) Laws, Rules and Regulations. Please be aware that each entity, regardless of affiliation, must file its own application to self-insure. Subsidiaries are not automatically covered if their parent company is approved for self-insurance coverage.

All qualified self-insurers (except political subdivisions) must post a security deposit with the Board in the form of cash, irrevocable letter of credit and/or surety bond. This deposit will be used in the event that the self-insurer defaults on their obligation to provide the workers’ compensation, disability, and/or Paid Family Leave benefits to their employees.

  • Effective July 1, 2023, the minimum security deposit for workers' compensation self-insurers is $1,787,000
  • The minimum deposit for disability self-insurers is $10,000.
  • The minimum deposit for disability and Paid Family Leave self-insurers is $11,000.

Every year that the employer remains self-insured, the security deposit is reviewed for adequacy, based upon information provided in the self-insurer’s annual reports and current rates. Employers must adjust their security deposit to adequate levels as determined by the Board.

Board Approval to Self-Insure

The Office of Self-Insurance will notify an applicant of final approval if all conditions are met.

The information below provides specific application, security deposit, and reporting requirements, along with assessments for each type of self-insurer and benefit. Resources for processing workers’ compensation claims and links to online services are also below.

Types of Self-Insured Employers

Assumption of Liability Policy

A former self-insured employer may request to execute an Assumption of Liability Policy (ALP), when a Workers’ Compensation Board approved private insurance carrier agrees to assume full liability for all remaining self-insured claims of the employer.

Insurer ID (W Number)

Board-assigned W Numbers for insurance carriers and self-insured employers

Processing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Online Services

Find links to all available online services from the Board.

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