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An R Number is a Workers' Compensation Board assigned identifier used to identify attorneys, attorney firms, or licensed representatives who are representing injured workers, employers, carriers, third-party administrators, and the Special Funds Conservation Committee.

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COVID-19 Response: Original Signature Requirement Relief

March 2020

While the Workers' Compensation Board does not normally accept a claimant's electronic signature on Board-prescribed forms, the original signature requirement has been relieved for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency for the forms specifically listed in the Board's announcement: Emergency Relief from Original Signature Requirements on Listed Documents.

The Board, as standard practice, does not accept electronic signatures on Board-prescribed forms, as the Board is unable to efficiently evaluate the electronic signature process used by an insurer, medical provider, attorney, or licensed representative to ensure that the procedure complies with the New York Electronic Signatures and Records Act (ESRA) and applicable regulations. Therefore, a claimant's ink signature must be supplied when a claimant's signature is required by law.

NYS Workers' Compensation Board targets Fall 2024 return of in-person hearings

June 14, 2024

Updates regarding Form RB-89, Form RB-89.1, Form RB-89.2, and Form RB-89.3

April 18, 2024

SN046-1683 Additional Criteria for Section 32 Waiver Agreements Reviewed Without a Hearing

May 1, 2024


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