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Due to a technical issue, document submission by email to is temporarily unavailable. Please use alternative methods for submitting documents until this issue has been resolved.

Due to planned OnBoard maintenance occurring between 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. ET on Thursday, April 18, 2024, email and text notifications may not be generated during this period. Please check your dashboards for prior authorization requests (PARs) and PAR responses submitted during this period. All other functionality will be working, including updates to the electronic case folders in eCase.

Attention Android mobile device users: There is currently a connection issue affecting Android versions 13 and 14. In order to participate in virtual hearings using Android versions 13 and 14, users should update to the latest version of the Virtual Hearing Center mobile app available in the Google Play store.

Virtual Hearings

Appear for your hearing using your computer or mobile device!
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Attend Your Hearing

Virtual hearings allow injured workers, attorneys/representatives, witnesses, and others to attend workers' compensation hearings by video using their mobile device or computer. Attending your hearing virtually is available for all workers' compensation claim hearings statewide.

Join your hearing by browser or download the NYS WCB Virtual Hearings mobile application for Android or iOS. You can also scan the “Attend Your Hearing Virtually” QR code below. Learn more about the Virtual Hearings mobile app.

Virtual Hearings

Attend Your Hearing Virtually

How does it work?

To attend on your mobile device or computer:

Instructions for Claimants

Instructions for Attorneys & Licensed Representatives

Instructions for Witnesses/Other Participants

Virtual Hearings Benefits


eCase Document Upload

If you would like to upload a document into the case folder prior to a hearing, use the document upload feature in eCase. This feature provides the user the ability to upload certain documents directly to the case folder within eCase when the case status is "Hearing Set". Details and instructions can be found on the eCase Document Upload page.

Request Digital Audio Recording

Parties of Interest may request a Digital Audio Recording (DAR).
How to request a DAR

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Be sure to test your system at least 48 hours prior to your hearing.

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