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Subject Number 046-1613 Adoption of Addition of Section 325-1.26 to Title 12 NYCRR (Permanent Telehealth)

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June 27, 2023

The Chair has adopted the addition of section 325-1.26 to Title 12 of the NYCRR to provide the option for telehealth visits in certain circumstances.

The Notice of Proposed Rule Making was published in the March 1, 2023, edition of the State Register. The Notice of Adoption will be published in the June 28, 2023, edition of the State Register, and these changes will take effect July 11, 2023, following the expiration of the current emergency adoption regarding telehealth.

Telehealth appointments that have been scheduled prior to the effective date of this regulation need not be changed to in-person visits in order to conform to this regulation, and the use of telehealth should not be the sole basis for challenging the results of such visits. However, any appointments scheduled after the July 11, 2023 effective date must conform with this regulation.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez