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eClaims Electronic Trading Partner Registration Overview


Trading Partner Registration is required of all parties sending claims data to the Board in the mandated IAIABC Claims Release 3.1 format. The Board has developed an Online Registration application to support this process. This will apply to both secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) and Web submissions. Registration will require one or two steps to complete.

When to Register

The Board has published an eClaims Test and Implementation Schedule.

Insurers, Self-Insured Employers, Group Insurers, Third-Party Administrators and Vendors should:

Who Should Register

There can be multiple relationships to support sending data to the Board electronically. It is important to understand the role of each participant.

Note: The Trading Partner will be the primary party the Board communicates with for processing issues related to New York's Requirement Tables.

Information Required on the Registration

Register for eClaims outlines the registration process and identifies the information that is required to complete the Trading Partner Registration.

Questions can be directed to:

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