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The majority of online services should now be restored. Users may still experience lingering issues with some applications. Prior Authorization Request due dates have been extended to July 22nd. Digital Notices are now available.

Due to planned OnBoard maintenance occurring between 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. ET on Monday, July 22, 2024, and between 2:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, July 23, 2024, email and text notifications may not be generated during this period. Please check your dashboards for prior authorization requests (PARs) and PAR responses submitted during this period. All other functionality will be working, including updates to the electronic case folders in eCase.

OnBoard Training: Payers Generated Documents

Training: Payers

Generated Documents

Documents will be generated from eForm data submitted in OnBoard. These documents can be viewed, downloaded, and printed within OnBoard. Documents are transitioned to the case folder in eCase for authorized users of eCase, unless the document(s) are from a Level 1 review that is automatically escalated for Level 2 review.

You can access the documents by selecting the link to the PAR ID from the Prior Auth > My PARs and Resolved tabs, or the eForm Document link from the Submitted eForms tab.

Accessing Documents from the PAR ID link

Within your OnBoard dashboard, select a PAR ID link.


The PAR ID will open the PAR Details page. Select the Documents tab or scroll down the page to the Documents section. Here, you will see all documents generated during each portion of a PAR, including the PAR submission by the health care provider and your responses.

Select the link to the Document ID to view the document. Select the Actions button in the last column of the document row to download the document, download the document with the related documents (if applicable), or print the document.

Level 2 reviewers will be able to view supporting documents uploaded by a Level 1 reviewer which results in an automatic escalation to Level 2 review.
Note: If these supporting documents should be part of the Level 2 response, they will need to download that document and then upload the same document as a supporting attachment during their PAR response.

Documents section in PAR Details with action button in last column in table

Accessing Documents from Submitted eForms tab

Select the eForm Document link to view the document. Select the Actions button in the last column of the document row to download the document, download the document with the related documents (if applicable), or print the document.

Submitted eforms PAR row

Viewing a Document

Selecting the link to the Document ID from the Documents section on the PAR Details page or from the eForm Document link on the Submitted eForms tab, will open the document within OnBoard where you can view the entire document and the document details.

Document viewer and Document Details

Downloaded Documents

If you choose to download the document, a PDF will download to your computer and you can open it in your PDF viewer.

Any document that you have downloaded within the last 24 hours will be available in the My Downloads section of your dashboard. Select My Downloads at the top of your dashboard. Selecting the links in the File Name column will download the document again. Selecting the Related ID link will take you to the PAR Details page.

Payer my downloads documents


Documents generated during a PAR transaction in OnBoard will be added to the case folder in eCase for all parties with eCase access to view, except for Level 1 reviews that are automatically escalated to a Level 2 review. The PAR tab is located at the bottom of the eCase Case Details page. If there is an attachment at the time of the request or response (for example, supporting medical documentation from a provider or payer), that document can be found at the end of the PAR document when viewed in eCase.

eCase PAR button

Generated PAR IDs

PARs may have multiple types of PAR IDs, based upon when the PAR is generated as part of the request and approval process.

Medication PARs


Confirmation PARs

Variance PARs

Special Services PARs

Non-MTG Over $1000 PARs

Non-MTG Under Or= $1000 PARs