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Save the Date – COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation Webinars

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Provider Updates What Providers Need to Know for August

What Providers Need to Know - Archived Updates

August 3, 2021

Provider Registration and Delegate Assignment Continues for OnBoard: Limited Release

While we prepare for the Board's new business information system, OnBoard, and its early component OnBoard: Limited Release (available via the Medical Portal this summer), the Board continues to encourage health care providers to register and assign delegates now so you're prepared to use the new system when it's ready.

Health care providers must use the Medical Portal to access OnBoard: Limited Release (or to apply for Board authorization) which requires an user ID and password for access.

The updated Medical Portal section of the website contains all of the details and information you need regarding how to register and get an user ID and password (and grant access to others to act as your delegate) to access OnBoard: Limited Release.

Assigning delegates now will benefit you when OnBoard: Limited Release launches, as delegates can assist you by:

For additional information, including a walkthrough of the registration process, you can view a video tutorial, check out the provider registration guide or view a recording of the May 11, 2021 webinar for health care providers. You can also view an OnBoard: Limited Release fact sheet and FAQs for providers. Questions? Write to

Training for Medical Treatment Guidelines Now Available!

In recent months, the Board has adopted six more New York Medical Treatment Guidelines (MTGs), (effective later this summer, specific date to be announced), and has another 10 in various stages of the proposal, public comment and adoption process.

New training on the MTGs is now available on the Board's website. Each training provides an overview of the General Guideline Principles, diagnoses associated with the body part or condition, as well as diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

As an added benefit, there is opportunity to obtain up to three complementary continuing medical education (CME) credits upon completion of each course. For those on your staff who would benefit from the training but do not need CME accreditation, non-CME versions of the presentations are available.

To register for the training courses and receive CME credits, go to MTG Training for CME Credit.

For the non-CME training, go to Training for Non-medical and Administrative Staff.

Telehealth to be Continued

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in New York State, Board Chair Clarissa M. Rodriguez adopted emergency amendments allowing telemedicine and telephonic visits in some circumstances for safety and social distancing purposes. The Board has since extended these emergency amendments several times. Although most COVID-19 restrictions have recently been lifted in New York State, the success and benefits of telemedicine over the past year has been evident. As such, the Board plans to renew the emergency telehealth amendments in the short term, while a new regulation, allowing for telehealth in workers' compensation permanently, goes through the regulatory process.

Updates on CMS-1500 Transition

To reduce the administrative burden on Board-authorized health care providers, the Board made the strategic decision to consolidate and eliminate certain medical billing forms and transition to using Form CMS-1500. The following timeline for this transition has recently been updated.

For more information, visit the CMS-1500 page or write

Ambulatory Surgery Fee Schedule Update

Chair Clarissa M. Rodriguez has adopted, on an emergency basis, an amendment to update the Official New York Workers' Compensation Board Ambulatory Surgery Fee Schedule. This amendment updates fees for ambulatory surgery services, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and ensures these fees will remain in effect pending adoption of the permanent proposal.

This emergency rulemaking is effective for 60 days upon filing June 11, 2021. For details about this amendment, visit the Regulations page and look under the section titled, Notice of Emergency Adoption.

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