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OnBoard Training: Attorneys Prior Authorization Requests (PAR) in eCase

Training: Attorneys

All transactions during a prior authorization request (PAR) in OnBoard will be transitioned to the case folder in eCase for all parties with eCase access to view. The PAR tab is located at the bottom of the eCase Case Details page. If there is an attachment at the time of the request or response (for example, supporting medical documentation from a provider or payer) that document is also added to the case folder.

eCase Case Details

Documents generated from eCase will contain all the prior authorization request information entered in OnBoard.
View Example of a Level 1 Medication PAR denial.

Generated PAR IDs

PARs may have multiple types of PAR IDs, based upon when the PAR is generated as part of the request and approval process.

Medication PARs


Confirmation PARs

Variance PARs

Special Services PARs

Non-MTG Over $1000 PARs

Non-MTG Under Or= $1000 PARs