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OnBoard Training: Attorneys Claimant Attorney Email Notifications

Training: Attorneys

Claimant attorneys can receive prior authorization request (PAR) status email notifications from OnBoard. At the time of the initial PAR submission by the health care provider, the attorney or firm needs to have an assigned R-Number, an email address in their profile, and be on notice to the claim for which the PAR is filed to receive notifications. The generated PAR document will be available in eCase.

Claimant attorneys will receive notifications for all PAR types listed below. Notifications for items with a red X or N/A will not be included in notification emails.

Claimant attorney PAR types and what notification items appear in notification emails
Type Submission Response OOTC* Escalation NOR**
Medication No No No No Yes
Durable Medical Equipment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MTG Confirmation (MG-1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MTG Variance (MG-2) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MTG Special Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non-MTG Over $1,000 Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A
Non-MTG Under $1,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A

*Order of the Chair
**Notice of Resolution

To ensure that you will receive these notifications, go to the eCase Administrator page and select eCase Administrator Log In.

ecase administrator login button

Select the Add or Update Email function.

Administrator Functions Page

Ensure the current email is correct or update the email as needed.

Online Administrator Email Notification List

Email Notifications Examples

The subject line and body of all the OnBoard notification emails will have the same structure. These notifications will direct claimant attorneys to view the new document in eCase.

Structure: NYS WCB eCase – New [Form ID]: [WCB Case #]: [Claimant Name]

Example: NYS WCB eCase – New EC-325-DME: G1234567: Jane Smith

The email itself will contain a notification of a new document, the WCB case number, form ID, requested date, received date and the PAR status.

Email Notification Example