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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Injured Workers Legal Assistance Project

The Board is partnering with non-profit legal organizations to assist injured workers in obtaining free legal representation when these workers are seeking medical treatment exclusively (known as "medical-only" claims). Medical-only claims are those where the legal issue before the Board relates only to a medical dispute, such as the denial of a request for authorization for a medical procedure or test. These disputes do not involve matters where the injured worker is losing time from work and seeking benefits for periods of lost time. Rather, they involve a medical issue that will not result in monetary award to the injured worker. This new partnership between the Board and these legal organizations will help injured workers with medical-only issues get better access to justice and the medical care that they need.

The Board is partnering with the NYS Bar Association to help injured workers who have a medical-only claim find an attorney. To request an attorney, complete the NYS Bar Association’s online form.

The current list of participating legal organizations also includes:

If your legal organization wants to become a partner, send an email to and someone will contact you.