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Workers’ Compensation Forms Homeowners


Completing Forms

If you require assistance with completing these forms, please contact us.

Forms are in PDF format. The Board recommends using the latest version of Adobe Reader which is available as a free download from Adobe's website. After the form opens, you may complete the form by typing information on the form before you print it. Please enter your information, select print and choose Microsoft Print to PDF and submit the saved PDF. Please note, that if you do not Print to PDF, the entered data may not be transmitted resulting in a blank form being submitted. If you have trouble opening a form: (1) download/save the form onto your computer, (2) open Adobe Reader, (3) open the saved file. If you still have trouble with the form, please email the Board's Forms Department.

Multi-page Forms
Two-sided and multi-page forms are to be printed and submitted to the Board in duplex format. If this is not possible, submit as separate sheets. However, do NOT submit to the Board any sheets that contain only instructions and/or reference material. Parties of interest other than the Board must receive both sides of all two-sided forms and all pages of multi-page forms.

Workers' Compensation Forms for Homeowners
Form Number /
Version Date
Form Title Who Files Where to File When to File
C-105.2 (9/15) Certificate of NYS Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage (All private NYS licensed workers' compensation carriers are required to issue the C-105.2. Please note that the State Insurance Fund issues a different form, the U-26.3 form, as its version of the C-105.2) Employers insured for workers' compensation through a private insurance carrier Filed with any entity requesting to be a certificate holder including a government agency issuing a permit, license or contract. The C-105.2 must be completed by the insurance carrier or its licensed insurance agent. Employers must obtain this form from either their NYS workers' compensation insurance carrier or a licensed NYS insurance agent of that carrier.
CE-200 (12/08) Certificate of Attestation of Exemption from NYS Workers' Compensation and/or Disability Benefits Coverage Applicants for permits, licenses or contracts from State, county or municipal agencies in New York State that are not required to carry NYS workers' compensation and/or disability benefits insurance coverage. Please file with the government agency that is issuing the permit, license or contract. (Examples: The New York City Department of Buildings or the New York State Department of Health) These exemption forms can ONLY be used to attest to a government entity that an applicant requesting a permit, license or contract from that government entity is not required to carry NYS workers' compensation and/or disability benefits insurance. Apply online at New York Business Express .
U-26.3 NY State Insurance Fund Certificate of Workers' Compensation Coverage (This is the State Insurance Fund's equivalent of Workers' Compensation Board Form C-105.2) Employers insured for workers' compensation through the State Insurance Fund Filed with the government agency issuing a permit, license or contract. Upon obtaining a permit, license or contract from a government agency. Employers must obtain this form from the State Insurance Fund.

If the form you are looking for is not listed above, or in the list of Common Board Forms, please contact the Board.