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Subject Number 046-837 Changes to the List of Health Care Providers Authorized to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

January 15, 2016

Pursuant to Workers’ Compensation Law § 13-b, a provider must be licensed and registered with the New York State Education Department in order to maintain a Workers’ Compensation Board authorization(s).

The following have been removed from the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system based on information provided by the New York State Education Department indicating that they do not currently have an active license to practice medicine in New York State.

Agrwal, Shyam N. Hopewell Junction 107201-6W November 12, 2015
Apel, Peter J. Corning 271489-7W November 12, 2015
Baeza, Dager J. M. New York 265733-6W November 12, 2015
Bao, Philip Quy-Trung Stony Brook 254509-3W November 12, 2015
Bedrosian, Levon Delmar 047525-1W November 12, 2015
Bersani, Frank A. Skaneateles 070673-9W November 12, 2015
Brown, Eric R. Peekskill S06214-1B November 12, 2015
Burton, Jamey A. Williamsburg 255513-4W November 12, 2015
Bush, Harry L. New York 103649-0W November 12, 2015
Cameron, Yoteen M. Buffalo 154964-1W November 12, 2015
Cappelleri, Dominic Warwick 113179-6W November 12, 2015
Carlson, Richard A. Depew 078147-6W November 12, 2015
Cooper, Howard N. New York 070266-2W November 12, 2015
Creta, Michael Ronkonkoma 187384-3W November 12, 2015
Daccardi, John L. Stony Point C01721-2W November 12, 2015
Danielski, Edward F. Cooperstown 087089-9W November 12, 2015
Deconti,Ronald C. Tampa 155795-8W November 12, 2015
Eliazo, Ethelwoldo E. Suffern 130797-4W November 13, 2015
Fisher, Cynthia B. Mountain Top 218535-3W November 13, 2015
Fitzgerald, John R. Rochester 072291-8W November 13, 2015
Foley, John S. Yorktown Heights C10916-7B November 13, 2015
Garman, Matthew J. Oswego 271467-3W November 13, 2015
Goswami, Amit New York 256512-5W November 13, 2015
Gutierrez, Angel Buffalo 109891-2W November 13, 2015
Haffner, Steven T. E Patchogue C04151-9W November 13, 2015
Hillinger, Stephen M. Delmar 131299-0W November 13, 2015
Hobbs, Christopher G. Shirley C12197-2W November 13, 2015
Horn, Mark A. Hamburg C02209-7W November 13, 2015
Horowitz, Lawrence Lawrence 079261-4W November 13, 2015
Hughes, James New York 101221-0B November 13, 2015
Hwang, Freeman R. Binghamton 246526-8B November 13, 2015
Iliev, Peter B. Valhalla 254809-7W November 13, 2015
Jernow, Herbert I. Armonk 097928-6W November 13, 2015
Kagan, Avir Brooklyn 079865-2W November 13, 2015
Kasendorf, Roger A. Long Beach 239449-2W November 13, 2015
Kassel, Barry A. Pound Ridge 122115-9W November 13, 2015
Katz, Herman J. Stony Brook 262741-2W November 13, 2015
Kim, Calvin New York 229917-0W November 13, 2015
Kolin, Elizabeth A. Glendale S03279-7W November 13, 2015
Kolker, Harvey A. Palm Beach Gardens 104625-9W November 13, 2015
Krebs, Thorsten L. Danbury 166617-1W November 2, 2015
Kushner, Roger S. Lewiston 087050-1W November 13, 2015
Laczkowski, William M. Clarence C09567-1W November 13, 2015
Lee, Eugene S. New York C10764-1B November 13, 2015
Levine, Samuel N. Elmira 043146-0W November 13, 2015
Liebergall, Gordon S. Suffern 084611-3W November 13, 2015
Likhite, Fern C. Plattsburgh 095844-7W November 13, 2015
Lindsay, Gaius K. Scottsdale 117639-5W November 13, 2015
Lovelace, James M. Christianburg 198974-8W November 13, 2015
Macher, Amy N. Syracuse 271634-8W November 13, 2015
Mecca, Michael A. Las Vegas 232098-4W November 2, 2015
Mian, Ijaz A. Williamsville 117680-9W November 13, 2015
Mintzer, Steven A. Melville 090496-1W November 13, 2015
Mitzman, George M. Mineola C05848-9W November 13, 2015
Osterer, Don Mountain View 154493-1W November 13, 2015
Palmer, Edward Bronx 095537-7W November 13, 2015
Parghi, Ajay H. Kings Park 195685-3W November 13, 2015
Parrino, G. Richard Briarcliff Manor 091855-7W November 13, 2015
Pearson, Carl T. Jamestown C04747-4W November 13, 2015
Petrizzo, Christopher V. Whitestone C06619-3W November 13, 2015
Reingold, Marvin Melville 091032-3W November 13, 2015
Rosenthal, Steve Monroe Twp C02192-5W November 13, 2015
Rubins, Jonathan Honeoye 116073-8W November 13, 2015
Sachs, John R. New York 087059-2W November 13, 2015
Saldana-Ferretti, Beatriz Melville 224576-9W November 13, 2015
Sarrai, Mona Croton On Hudson 238371-9B November 30, 2015
Scandalis, Thomas A. Northport 175161-9W November 13, 2015
Shoen, Timothy I. Saratoga Springs 165944-0W November 13, 2015
Smith II, H. Merton Akron P01817-7W November 13, 2015
Sousa, Elizabeth N. Pleasantville 168321-8W November 13, 2015
Stahl, Peter R. Webster 106640-6W November 13, 2015
Sturiano, Victor T. New York S05476-7W November 13, 2015
Subbareddy, Madireddy Old Westbury 112106-0W November 13, 2015
Thakur, Nikhil A. East Syracuse 265768-2W November 13, 2015
Waite, Cleon S. G. Palm Bay C08871-8W November 16, 2015
Weinberger, Wilbur Woodmere P02003-3W November 13, 2015
Weigand, Laura G. Hopewell 164398-0B November 13, 2015
Woodard, Elizabeth D. Rochester 104718-2W November 13, 2015

* Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

These providers are prohibited from rendering treatment and care to injured workers and/or from performing independent medical examinations. Reports submitted for services rendered prior to the effective date, are valid, but are invalid for any services rendered on or after that date. Requests to cross-examine any of the above for services rendered prior to the effective date, should not be denied due to the removal of their authorizations.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten