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Subject Number 046-825 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

November 4, 2015

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Ansari, Farrukh Aziz Anesthesiology Flushing 269588-0W October 28, 2015
Antoniou, Robert Basil Anesthesiology Melville 278983-2W October 6, 2015
Barnett, Natalie Renee Anesthesiology Melville 280774-1W October 6, 2015
Hasan, Aysha Anesthesiology Stony Brook 279601-9W October 21, 2015
Pal, Rakhi Anesthesiology Corning 279561-5W October 8, 2015
Palma, Tegan Marie Anesthesiology Rochester 266789-7W October 23, 2015
Park, Gerald Young Anesthesiology New York 277617-7W October 8, 2015
Park, Sherwin Anesthesiology Stony Brook 278258-9W October 14, 2015
Poli, Joseph John Anesthesiology Bronx 275330-9W October 23, 2015
Soffin, Ellen Marie Anesthesiology New York 276749-9W October 30, 2015
Wendel, Pamela Kate Anesthesiology New York 276724-2W October 6, 2015
Zabirowicz, Eric Scott Anesthesiology Stony Brook 274896-0W October 14, 2015
Bennett-Guerrero, Elliott Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine Stony Brook 203369-4W October 14, 2015
Burducea, Aristide Anesthesiology, Pain Management Deer Park 243366-2W October 19, 2015
Amy, Justin Kyle Chiropractic East Greenbush C12716-9W October 26, 2015
Botta, Leslie J Chiropractic Latham C07407-2B October 26, 2015
Chen, Yu Cheng Chiropractic New York C12612-0W October 26, 2015
Davies, Lori Anne Chiropractic Corning C12516-3B October 26, 2015
Degorter, Jonathan Shea Chiropractic Syosset C12214-5W October 26, 2015
Engl, Lindsay Marie Chiropractic Buffalo C12710-2B October 26, 2015
Fakhari, Alexi O Chiropractic Buffalo C11485-2B October 26, 2015
Fiore, Alexandra Kathleen Chiropractic New Hartford C12707-8B October 27, 2015
Houle, Melinda Ann Chiropractic Buffalo C12708-6W October 27, 2015
Joseph, Jasmine Lee Chiropractic Brooklyn C12672-4W October 27, 2015
Kapoor, Sunjay Nath Chiropractic Amherst C12625-2W October 27, 2015
Kunzwiler, Krysten Marguerite Chiropractic Delmar C12664-1W October 27, 2015
Saal, Brett Robert Chiropractic Jackson Heights C09798-2W October 27, 2015
White, Bryan Michael Chiropractic Owego C12693-0W October 27, 2015
Williams, Daniel A Iii Chiropractic Rochester C12618-7B October 27, 2015
Wilson, Joseph Paul Chiropractic Williamson C12549-4B October 27, 2015
Zempel, Tara Nicole Chiropractic Rochester C12682-3W October 27, 2015
Saltz, Joel Haskin Clinical Pathology Stony Brook 272214-8W October 6, 2015
Landskowsky, Adam Louis Diagnostic Radiology Brooklyn 245523-6W October 8, 2015
Thrall, Matthew Michael Diagnostic Radiology Rochester 270990-5W October 23, 2015
Williams-Weekes, Terri Antrenas Diagnostic Radiology Latham 203223-3W October 22, 2015
Yang, John B Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine East Islip 257664-3W October 14, 2015
Corey, William Christian Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular And Interventional Radiology Jamestown 279790-0W October 21, 2015
Lu, Christina Jennifer Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 278415-5W October 14, 2015
Nguyen, Ann Phuong Duy Emergency Medicine Nanuet 224313-7W October 30, 2015
Norton, Jennifer Victoria Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 275227-7W October 14, 2015
Sundaram, Julie Jeannette Emergency Medicine New York 258934-9W October 30, 2015
Vazquez, Catalina Emergency Medicine Bronx 236905-6W October 19, 2015
Carthy, John J Family Practice Star Lake 099273-5B October 28, 2015
Devaraj, Chander E Family Practice New York 216586-8W October 23, 2015
Flores, Marialourdes Ramiro Family Practice Bronx 276394-4B October 8, 2015
Hourizadeh, Joshua Benjamin Family Practice Merrick 263399-8W October 6, 2015
Lee, Sylvia Family Practice Liverpool 280293-2W October 6, 2015
Nichols, Kellyrose Mary Family Practice Leroy 279405-5W October 23, 2015
Parikh, Toral Shailesh Family Practice Levittown 275913-2W October 6, 2015
Taich, Liliana Monica Family Practice Bronx 277132-7B October 7, 2015
Tiwari, Purushottam Family Practice Newburgh 281036-4B October 14, 2015
Weber-Lopez, Joseph W Family Practice, Sports Medicine Glen Cove 276754-9B October 6, 2015
Betit, Steven Kyle Internal Medicine Penfield 278752-1W October 14, 2015
Garcia, Christine Ann Internal Medicine Stony Brook 281665-0W October 21, 2015
Javanmard, Pedram Internal Medicine Stony Brook 281586-8W October 14, 2015
Johnson, Jarred Micah Internal Medicine Ithaca 274233-6W October 8, 2015
Kuzhikatil, Achuthan Vindya Internal Medicine Goshen 246477-4B October 28, 2015
Lee, Stephen A Internal Medicine Elmira 263007-7B October 21, 2015
Miller, Hanan Internal Medicine Cedarhurst 209678-2W October 6, 2015
Neerukonda, Anu Radha Internal Medicine Stony Brook 281285-7W October 14, 2015
Oo, Aung Naing Internal Medicine Rock Hill 281526-4W October 28, 2015
Sarwar, Chaudhry Muhammad Shahb Internal Medicine Stony Brook 280074-6W October 14, 2015
William, Christina Faig Internal Medicine Brockport 254972-3W October 8, 2015
Chaudhuri, Debanik Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Fayetteville 279621-7W October 13, 2015
Gallagher, James Daniel Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Rochester 256225-4W October 23, 2015
Tzimas, Demetrios James Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Stony Brook 260464-3W October 14, 2015
Greenberg, Lior Jacob Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Rochester 238164-8W October 22, 2015
Abdullah, Robert Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Stony Brook 280916-8W October 14, 2015
Ryan, Anne Bowman Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Rochester 271348-5W October 23, 2015
Szczupak, Walter Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases Stony Brook 147105-1B October 14, 2015
Garretto, Diana Janet Obstetrics/Gynecology, Maternal/Fetal Medicine Stony Brook 265210-5W October 14, 2015
Holt, Claudine Noela Occupational Medicine New York 279674-6W October 30, 2015
Miller, Adam Michael Ophthalmology Cortland 264139-7W October 14, 2015
Phelps, Paul Owen Ophthalmology Slingerlands 276931-3W October 14, 2015
Rastogi, Shobit Ophthalmology Brooklyn 227952-9B October 21, 2015
Shah, Shetal Amit Ophthalmology Commack 258433-2W October 1, 2015
Choi, Lisa Eunju Orthopedic Surgery Middletown 260347-0B October 28, 2015
Cuellar, John C Orthopedic Surgery Babylon 278797-6W October 14, 2015
Gomez, Hernandez Jaime Andres Orthopedic Surgery New York 280176-9W October 6, 2015
Hardcastle, John M Orthopedic Surgery Middletown 258584-2W October 14, 2015
Larkin, Thomas Gerard Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 177786-1B October 21, 2015
Liporace, Frank Anthony Orthopedic Surgery New York 218037-0B October 30, 2015
Mathen, Santosh Orthopedic Surgery Plainveiw 271742-9W October 6, 2015
Pryce, Michael Lindsey Orthopedic Surgery Cortland 280178-5W October 8, 2015
Shen, Wei Orthopedic Surgery Great Neck 278364-5W October 6, 2015
Wilbur, Danielle Marie Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 280741-0W October 23, 2015
Yaseen, Zaneb Orthopedic Surgery Ithaca 280400-3W October 8, 2015
Dapul, Geraldine Poscablo Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Rochester 279226-5W October 8, 2015
Green, Jonah Steven Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 229690-3B October 21, 2015
Mccarthy, Dayna Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Carmel 264785-7W October 5, 2015
Brown Samuel Pearce Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management Port Jefferson 279703-3W October 14, 2015
Chang, Jerry Weiger Plastic Surgery Garden City 257199-0W October 23, 2015
Bortniker, Keith Eric Podiatry Tappan P06715-8W October 19, 2015
Ellie, John Jr Podiatry Rochester P06649-9W October 19, 2015
Frankel, Richard Harris Podiatry New York P03732-6B October 19, 2015
Habib, Ayaz Ahmed Podiatry Rochester P06595-4W October 19, 2015
Majdanski, Waldemar Podiatry Brooklyn P06577-2B October 19, 2015
Patel, Niral V Podiatry Hudson P06719-0W October 19, 2015
Rivera, Morell Mariola Podiatry White Plains P06721-6B October 19, 2015
Tolli, John Joseph Podiatry Poughkeepsie P06677-0B October 19, 2015
Ward, Buckley Katherine Ann Podiatry Pearl River P04924-8B October 19, 2015
Nazneen, Salma Psychiatry Stony Brook 264818-6W October 21, 2015
Pradhan, Amit Prakash Psychiatry Cooperstown 279586-2W October 8, 2015
Eagle, Stacy Marie Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry Stony Brook 259629-4W October 14, 2015
Jasti, Sirisha Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Johnson City 274137-9W October 8, 2015
Talati, Ronak Kiran Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology West Islip 278278-7W October 6, 2015
Alli, Vamsi V Surgery Stony Brook 280728-7W October 14, 2015
Bates, Andrew Tyler Surgery Stony Brook 266055-3W October 14, 2015
Kim, Pamela S Surgery Stony Brook 280575-2W October 14, 2015
Sasson, Aaron Raphael Surgery Stony Brook 281708-8W October 21, 2015
Warner, Courtney Jill Surgery - General Vascular Surgery Saratoga Springs 279367-7W October 23, 2015
Ahmad, Nawaiz Surgery, Hand Surgery, Plastic Surgery Staten Island 223289-0B October 21, 2015
Cooper, Vincent Theodore Urology Glens Falls 236133-5W October 30, 2015
Slatch, Harry Harmendra Urology Glens Falls 214079-6W October 21, 2015
Thompson, Rupert Anthony Urology Uniondale 186206-9B October 21, 2015
Ansari, Farrukh Aziz Anesthesiology Flushing 269588-0W October 28, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten