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Subject Number 046-802 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

September 8, 2015

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Panesar, Narendra Kaur Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Johnson City 178014-7W August 13, 2015
Barkulis, Charles Theodore Jr Anesthesiology Melville 279872-6W August 18, 2015
Cohen, Shimon L Anesthesiology Mount Kisco 266251-8W August 19, 2015
Hong, Genewoo Joseph Anesthesiology New York 279772-8W August 27, 2015
Lebow, Brandon Ford Anesthesiology Rochester 279379-2W August 13, 2015
Liu, Kaixuan Anesthesiology Livingston 220538-3W August 6, 2015
Popa, Vincentiu Anesthesiology Valley Stream 228490-9W August 18, 2015
Rozen, Elizabeth Karen Anesthesiology White Plains 171475-7I August 20, 2015
Webber, Audra Meredith Anesthesiology Rochester 279129-1W August 13, 2015
Cohen, Jason Ronald Anesthesiology, Pain Management Princeton 244220-0B August 13, 2015
Gupta, Nakul Anesthesiology, Pain Management Staten Island 263983-9W August 18, 2015
Pampana, Vijay Shanker Child Neurology Hawthorne 277865-2W August 20, 2015
Canoy, James Michael Diagnostic Radiology Kingston 270267-8W August 4, 2015
Crowley, Andrea Q Diagnostic Radiology Sherman 228288-7W August 19, 2015
Wallis, Shain Sullivan Diagnostic Radiology Manlius 264957-2W August 4, 2015
Mcguire, Paul Vincent Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Sharon 201508-9W August 19, 2015
Lim, James H Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine Kingston 255485-5W August 4, 2015
Beirne, Brian Francis Emergency Medicine Lindenhurst 200030-5W August 20, 2015
Brosnan, Michelle L Emergency Medicine Uniondale 239494-8W August 18, 2015
Falanga, Nicole Durie Emergency Medicine New York 267374-7W August 27, 2015
Field, Lauren J Prusnofsky Emergency Medicine Johnson City 279937-7W August 13, 2015
Lai, Nga Quynh Emergency Medicine New York 266072-8W August 27, 2015
Peterson, Lars-Kristofer Nelson Emergency Medicine Rochester 271039-0W August 13, 2015
Vahedi, Mithaq Emergency Medicine Johnson City 277593-0W August 13, 2015
Buttar, Kamalpreet Singh Family Practice Stony Brook 278467-6B August 19, 2015
Ferger, Jessica L Family Practice Penfield 277009-7W August 13, 2015
Filipski, Alexander William Family Practice Baldwinsville 275831-6W August 24, 2015
Hasan, Aaresh Family Practice Levittown 250854-7W August 18, 2015
Heetderks, Gerrit William Family Practice Trumansburg 279852-8W August 13, 2015
Kelley, Kristen Lea Family Practice Greenwich 280120-7W August 10, 2015
Lampert, Heather Shannon Family Practice Massapequa Park 279789-2W August 18, 2015
Lavender, Rebecca Tyson Family Practice Rochester 266403-5W August 13, 2015
Qamar, Wafa Family Practice New Hartford 279270-3W August 18, 2015
Rattenbury, Heather Thu Family Practice Binghamton 272759-2W August 13, 2015
Rezk, Ahmed Mohamed Family Practice New Hartford 279589-6W August 18, 2015
Yun, David Kin Family Practice Flushing 266396-1B August 13, 2015
Amundson, William Hoyt Internal Medicine Rochester 274228-6W August 13, 2015
Baumgart, Megan Ann Internal Medicine Rochester 274906-7W August 19, 2015
Bruni, Oreste Joseph Internal Medicine Woodbury 180551-4W August 18, 2015
Demarest, Susan Peng Internal Medicine Schenectady 277624-3W August 27, 2015
Desain, Mary Carpenter Internal Medicine Rochester 276864-6W August 13, 2015
Dodd, Katherine Susan Internal Medicine Rochester 274063-7W August 13, 2015
Hodges, Mark Hayden Internal Medicine Rochester 276422-3W August 13, 2015
Kessler, Jennifer Ann Internal Medicine Rochester 277364-6W August 13, 2015
Manocha, Divey Internal Medicine Syracuse 278820-6W August 4, 2015
Pompo, Rebecca Anne Internal Medicine Cortland 278200-1W August 13, 2015
Seif, Emily Kay Internal Medicine Rochester 279546-6W August 13, 2015
Shaw, James G Internal Medicine Rochester 280414-4W August 13, 2015
Sivapiragasam, Abirami Internal Medicine Syracuse 278238-1W August 4, 2015
Williamson, Zachary Joshua Internal Medicine Syracuse 278166-4W August 4, 2015
Zittel, Jason George Internal Medicine Rochester 278929-5W August 13, 2015
Magid, Norman Mark Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular New York 152751-4B August 13, 2015
Singh, Avneet Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Syracuse 278631-7W August 4, 2015
Moustakakis, Emmanuel Nectarios Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Flushing 230890-6I August 10, 2015
Bello, Osagie Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Watertown 279503-7W August 13, 2015
Marcos, Raymundo Luis Augusto Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease Stony Brook 280039-9B August 6, 2015
Chandra, Rashmi Internal Medicine, Nephrology Vestal 280808-7W August 13, 2015
Gobran, Emad Nabil Internal Medicine, Nephrology Staten Island 272829-3W August 25, 2015
Gavin, Michael Joseph Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Rochester 273591-8W August 13, 2015
Rizzone, Katherine Helen Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Rochester 279199-4W August 13, 2015
Tolentino, Jonathan Lee Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Stony Brook 278979-0W August 6, 2015
Aiello, Brianne Marie Corcoran Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease Syracuse 278755-4W August 4, 2015
Sagalla, Rex W B Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease Stony Brook 279854-4W August 19, 2015
Yao, Qingping Internal Medicine, Rheumatology Stony Brook 280624-8B August 6, 2015
Bag, Ozbek Ayse Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Pediatrics Stony Brook 267937-1B August 6, 2015
Motivala, Soriaya Lizette Neurological Surgery New York 275732-6W August 24, 2015
Cullen, John Daniel Neurology Rochester 279385-9W August 13, 2015
Dolgovina, Maria Neurology Forest Hills 261794-2B August 10, 2015
Shah, Shital P Neurology West Nyack 278975-8B August 6, 2015
Sharar, Kristin Lynette Obstetrics/Gynecology East Setauket 279445-1W August 6, 2015
Herrera, Kimberly Mercedes Obstetrics/Gynecology, Maternal/Fetal Medicine Stony Brook 264026-6W August 13, 2015
Boraiah, Sreevathsa Orthopedic Surgery Great Neck 271604-1W August 18, 2015
Hochfelder, Jason Patrick Orthopedic Surgery Hawthorne 269059-2W August 13, 2015
Judd, Kyle Thomas Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 278850-3W August 13, 2015
Olsen, Joshua Russell Orthopedic Surgery Canandaigua 279664-7W August 13, 2015
Quirno, Martin Orthopedic Surgery New York 273057-0W August 27, 2015
Toro, Jose B Orthopedic Surgery Riverhead 270879-0W August 18, 2015
Vora, Vagmin Pravin Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 275951-2W August 5, 2015
Jakubowicz, David Matthew Otolaryngology Bronx 229808-1W August 24, 2015
Matott, Heather Melissa Pediatrics Latham 279477-4W August 24, 2015
Kountis, Vasilios Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Minneapolis 276937-0W August 24, 2015
Smith, Miranda Boone Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation East Meadow 278947-7W August 18, 2015
Stoly, Yura Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 275763-1W August 6, 2015
Morrison, Clinton Strauss Plastic Surgery Rochester 274610-5W August 6, 2015
Cooper, Scott L Podiatry Brooklyn P06205-0W August 13, 2015
Einhorn, Robert Podiatry Mineola P06284-5I August 13, 2015
Eisenberger, Eliezer Podiatry New York P06432-0B August 13, 2015
Eisenstein, Jack Podiatry Woodbury P02938-0W August 12, 2015
Hune, Andrew Gordon Podiatry Albany P06702-6W August 13, 2015
Lundi, Ricardo Reggy Podiatry Cooperstown P06552-5W August 13, 2015
Majdanski, Waldemar Podiatry Brooklyn P06577-2W August 13, 2015
Melendez, Rolando Mario Podiatry Flushing P06581-4B August 13, 2015
Relation, Kurt Wendell Podiatry Latham P06697-8B August 13, 2015
Rosena, Willis Anthony Podiatry North Tonawanda P06696-0W August 13, 2015
Samandarov, Albert Podiatry Astoria P06526-9W August 13, 2015
Wilson, Breeann N Podiatry Buffalo P06328-0W August 13, 2015
Allen, Shawn Michael Psychiatry Stony Brook 265692-4W August 6, 2015
Madden, Timothy Francis Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Kingston 279192-9W August 4, 2015
Parisien, Christine J Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Latham 228852-0W August 24, 2015
Westpfal, Matthew Mark Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Baltimore 278422-1W August 24, 2015
Weyer, Allison Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 280948-1W August 24, 2015
Bryden, Daniel Adam Surgery Watertown 277947-8W August 26, 2015
Nagaraj, Sharita Surgery Latham 280908-5W August 31, 2015
Sherburne, Alan Charles Surgery Auburn 278778-6W August 13, 2015
Axelrad, Alexander Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Mineola 170647-2W August 18, 2015
Hagendorf, Benjamin Ari Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Mineola 276096-5W August 18, 2015
Arnone, Eric David Urology Jamestown 278216-7W August 24, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten