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Subject Number 046-774 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

June 8, 2015

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Cano, Sarah Joanna Anesthesiology Rochester 277765-4W March 20, 2015
Cantie, Shawn Michael Anesthesiology West Seneca 276990-9W March 19, 2015
Charles, Shasky Kevin Anesthesiology New York 266809-3W March 4, 2015
Kone, Bhavani P. S. S. Anesthesiology Rochester 277821-5W March 19, 2015
Marshall, Cameron Michael Anesthesiology Lake Success 271692-6W March 10, 2015
Ursillo, Christopher Ryan Anesthesiology Williamsville 273233-7W March 19, 2015
Aliberti, Francesca Chiropractic Sunnyside C12613-8W March 16, 2015
Backman, Deborah Kim Chiropractic Lockport C12275-6W March 16, 2015
Blando, Jonathan Richard Chiropractic New Hartford C12620-3W March 16, 2015
Calarco, Michael J. Chiropractic Lewiston C12053-7W March 16, 2015
D'anna, Robert William Chiropractic Niagara Falls C12581-7B March 16, 2015
D'aoust, Bryan Richard Chiropractic Utica C12598-1W March 16, 2015
Elcock, Coral Jacqueline Chiropractic Jackson Heights C06643-3B March 16, 2015
Farrell, Jessica Lynn Chiropractic Amherst C12391-1B March 16, 2015
Gemelas, Alaina Chiropractic Huntington C12543-7W March 16, 2015
Gerlach, Michael John Chiropractic Rochester C12548-6B March 16, 2015
Giuffrida, Stephan Jay Chiropractic Yonkers C12501-5W March 16, 2015
Grillo, Joseph Adam Chiropractic Brooklyn C08136-6B March 16, 2015
Gucciardi, James Chiropractic East Setauket C10407-7W March 16, 2015
Innes, Kyle Andrew Chiropractic Yorktown Heights C12311-9W March 16, 2015
Kim, Ji Hoon Chiropractic Brooklyn C12584-1B March 16, 2015
Nguyen, Thomas Vu Chiropractic Williston Park C09720-6I March 16, 2015
Randall, Amanda Sue Chiropractic Wolcott C12484-4W March 16, 2015
Reid, Michael James Chiropractic Northport C11904-2W March 16, 2015
Surrett, Giselle Lorena Chiropractic Valley Stream C12608-8W March 16, 2015
Thom, Michael Daniel Chiropractic Amherst C12617-9W March 16, 2015
Todd, Michael Wesley Chiropractic Bloomingburg C11493-6W March 16, 2015
Trif, Boris Chiropractic Brooklyn C11063-7W March 16, 2015
Trombitas, Michael T. Chiropractic Lockport C12582-5B March 16, 2015
Tsourounakis, Helena Marie Chiropractic Elmhurst C12567-6W March 16, 2015
Vanacker, Lucas Todd Chiropractic Williamson C12619-5W March 16, 2015
Whiting, Timothy Marc Chiropractic Syracuse C12601-3W March 16, 2015
Zambuto, Gerlando Chiropractic Bronx C12490-1B March 16, 2015
Grant, Bridget Marie Dermatology Cooperstown 275670-8W March 16, 2015
Schliftman, Alan Bruce Dermatology White Plains 135447-1W March 31, 2015
Gupta, Amit Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 276720-0W March 2, 2015
Politi, Roman Gabriel Diagnostic Radiology Ithaca 277309-1W March 16, 2015
Whittick, Wendy Faith Diagnostic Radiology Jamaica 277190-5W March 2, 2015
Yaddanapudi, Kavitha Diagnostic Radiology Westbury 276715-0W March 2, 2015
Petropoulou, Kalliopi Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Syracuse 276263-1W March 31, 2015
Ching, Elbert Emergency Medicine Flushing 255981-3W March 2, 2015
Corinaldi, Chalene A. Emergency Medicine Middletown 228363-8W March 4, 2015
Gonzalez, Juan P. Emergency Medicine Bronxville 205061-5W March 18, 2015
Kassem, Jawad Nadim Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 255629-8W March 2, 2015
Leung, Liza Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 254798-2W March 19, 2015
Turley, Baxter Jesse III Emergency Medicine Rochester 268956-0W March 19, 2015
Tysz, Samantha Emergency Medicine New York 267181-6W March 30, 2015
Ali, Faiza Family Practice Coram 271435-0B March 31, 2015
Chou, Wei-Yu Wayne Family Practice Liverpool 277614-4W March 19, 2015
Finn, Heather Kathleen Family Practice Syracuse 277179-8W March 19, 2015
Jacob, Noble Kurian Family Practice Pearl River 276562-6B March 30, 2015
James, Kesha Antionette Family Practice Middletown 271427-7W March 4, 2015
Johal, Rupinder Kaur Family Practice Garden City 277051-9W March 10, 2015
Julien-Banica, Jehanne Family Practice Middletown 265717-9B March 4, 2015
Laing, Audra Ann Family Practice Geneseo 266255-9W March 9, 2015
Mcphee, Catherine C. A. Family Practice Rochester 245313-2W March 20, 2015
Potter, Amy Michelle Family Practice Webster 276337-3W March 20, 2015
Roman, Lauren S. Family Practice Black River 260700-0W March 24, 2015
Rosenthal, Laurel M. Family Practice Au Sable Forks 136958-6I March 20, 2015
Singh, Lisa Ann Family Practice New York 271360-0W March 19, 2015
Coghill, Alice Victoria Internal Medicine New York 150251-7W March 30, 2015
Das, Saju Internal Medicine Cornwall 275212-9W March 4, 2015
Dooley, Sean Internal Medicine Stony Brook 278079-9W March 4, 2015
Duquella, Gregory Woodlee Internal Medicine Middletown 272367-4W March 4, 2015
George, Sunil Kurien Internal Medicine Huntington 253419-6W March 2, 2015
Grodberg, Jennifer Beth Internal Medicine Brooklyn 219831-5W March 26, 2015
Merino, Ronald Internal Medicine Ithaca 266766-5W March 16, 2015
Mohsin, Samira Internal Medicine Stony Brook 277849-6B March 19, 2015
Riccardi, Elizabeth Gaffney Internal Medicine Syracuse 269713-4W March 30, 2015
Sandhu, Jujhar Kaur Internal Medicine Malone 273500-9W March 2, 2015
Nissirios, Themistoklis J. Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Goshen 253483-2W March 4, 2015
Idelchik, Gary Michael Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Saratoga Springs 259398-6W March 26, 2015
Sharma, Rajeev Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes And Metabolism Syracuse 270991-3W March 19, 2015
Monroe, Julie Ann Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Yonkers 204986-4W March 4, 2015
Chittoria, Namita Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology Syracuse 277113-7W March 19, 2015
Jurdi, Adham Adel Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology Syracuse 276568-3W March 30, 2015
Kratzer, Joseph Harold Neurology Schenectady 150454-7W March 26, 2015
Salamon, Elliott J. Neurology New Hyde Park 255509-2B March 10, 2015
Prince, Henry Kurt Obstetrics/Gynecology Woodbury 135297-0W March 10, 2015
Ezon, Isaac C. Ophthalmology Newburgh 255348-5I March 23, 2015
Derasari, Aditya Manjul Orthopedic Surgery Fresh Meadows 276427-2W March 10, 2015
Doak, Jeremy Paul Orthopedic Surgery Amherst 274278-1I March 19, 2015
Gaines, Evan Bradley Orthopedic Surgery New City 248779-1B March 9, 2015
Lamont, Justin Gerard Orthopedic Surgery New York 142981-0B March 11, 2015
Okeefe, Kevin Daniel Orthopedic Surgery Auburn 276929-7W March 24, 2015
Pruzansky, Jason Stuart Orthopedic Surgery Buffalo 254265-2W March 11, 2015
Shen, Jian Orthopedic Surgery Amsterdam 260330-6B March 6, 2015
Somberg, Andrew Max Orthopedic Surgery West Nyack 274811-9W March 30, 2015
Ellicott, Emilie Alice Pediatrics Rochester 270080-5B March 20, 2015
Dholakia, Amit Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Fishkill 243155-9B March 25, 2015
Rekhala, Vishal Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Williamsport 266775-6W March 20, 2015
Schoenfeld, Jennifer Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation West Hempstead 263449-1W March 2, 2015
Aponte Martha, Patricia Podiatry Port Jefferson Station P06477-5W March 9, 2015
Bauer, Richard Thomas III Podiatry Latham P06435-3W March 9, 2015
Birnbaum, Stuart C. Podiatry Wesley Hills P05970-0I March 9, 2015
Gomez, Danny J. Podiatry New York P06626-7W March 9, 2015
Schwerdt, John David Podiatry Binghamton P06632-5B March 9, 2015
Briody, Marie E. Psychology Staten Island S16845-0W March 3, 2015
Caskey, Vanessa Porto Psychology New York S20756-3W March 3, 2015
Henkell, Heather Marie Psychology Port Washington S20964-3B March 3, 2015
Lazer-Gomez, Sarah Beth Psychology Astoria S20335-6W March 3, 2015
Lutzky, Harriet Claire Psychology New York S03419-9W March 3, 2015
Mahaffey, Brittain Lynn Psychology Kew Gardens S20811-6W March 3, 2015
Mantell, Erica Meagan Psychology Plainview S20350-5W March 3, 2015
Schwalbe, Evan Psychology New York S17479-7I March 3, 2015
Serrao, Holly Felicia Psychology Schenectady S20591-4W March 3, 2015
Small, Michael John Psychology Long Lake S13837-0I March 3, 2015
Stewart, Julie Bright Psychology New York S13969-1B March 3, 2015
Taylor, Gavin Henderson Psychology Loudonville S19877-0W March 2, 2015
Lee, Sharon Sang Eun Public Health & General Preventive Medicine New York 255894-8W March 25, 2015
Abulfaraj, Moaz Waleed Surgery Middletown 275442-2B March 9, 2015
Chiu, Ernest Sai-Yun Surgery New York 207328-6W March 16, 2015
Gill, Gurpreet Surgery Middletown 276197-1B March 4, 2015
Jeganathan, Rajkumar Surgery Olean 276238-3W March 20, 2015
Linehan, David C. Surgery Rochester 277774-6W March 25, 2015
Sobral, Filipe Anacleto Surgery Huntington 274504-0W March 17, 2015
Webb, Travis Paul Surgery Liverpool 275729-2W March 2, 2015
Schiff, Jeffrey Todd Urology Garden City 245572-3W March 25, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten