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Subject Number 046-757 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

March 12, 2015

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Esch, Andrea Toufexis Anesthesiology Williamsville 277873-6W February 23, 2015
Ingoglia, Michael Thomas Anesthesiology Rensselaer 262870-9W February 25, 2015
Joseph, Samantha Amie Anesthesiology Rosedale 277293-7W February 25, 2015
Grover, Michael James Anesthesiology, Pain Management Corning 274555-2W February 19, 2015
Mcaleer, Patricia Anne Dermatology Mt. Kisco 209140-3I February 20, 2015
Deyer, Timothy William Diagnostic Radiology New York 226291-3W February 24, 2015
Gao, Yiming Diagnostic Radiology Garden City 273952-2W February 25, 2015
Lee, Nicole Nakyung Diagnostic Radiology New York 242553-6W February 24, 2015
Modi, Jignesh M Diagnostic Radiology Cornwall 268013-0W February 24, 2015
Watson, A. Nina Diagnostic Radiology Garden City 263404-6W February 25, 2015
Baccellieri, Angelo Emergency Medicine Pelham Manor 201058-5B February 24, 2015
Colombo, Paul Emergency Medicine Dobbs Ferry 259819-1W February 11, 2015
Czarnecki, Stanley John Emergency Medicine Norwich 169803-4B February 24, 2015
Hanlon, Kim Emergency Medicine Olean 277000-6W February 11, 2015
Kleinmaier, Matthew Charles Emergency Medicine Cooperstown 276894-3W February 20, 2015
Pastula, Leonard Thomas Ii Emergency Medicine Old Brookville 215143-9W February 25, 2015
Ranoewidjojo, Budiarto Emergency Medicine New York 253948-4W February 19, 2015
Shih, David Yu-Chin Emergency Medicine Westbury 235061-9W February 19, 2015
Bechan-Dugan, Cathleen Lynda Family Practice Yonkers 272387-2W February 19, 2015
Campbell, Lorne Richard Sr. Family Practice Johnson City 164798-1W February 26, 2015
Carlson, Joshua Edward Family Practice Clifton Park 276179-9W February 19, 2015
Cooney, James Thomas Family Practice Seaford 277387-7W February 25, 2015
Garcia, Zurbriggen Andrea Belen Family Practice Hamilton 276487-6W February 25, 2015
Gaysynsky, July Family Practice Valley Stream 240804-5W February 25, 2015
Kafa, Ammar Family Practice Massena 270868-3W February 20, 2015
Khan, Najmul Hasan Family Practice Williamsville 267792-0W February 23, 2015
King, Stella O. Family Practice Pittsford 257810-2W February 23, 2015
Kless, Kevin Alexander Family Practice Rochester 276459-5W February 24, 2015
Klinkman, Erin Lynn Family Practice Endicott 274589-1W February 19, 2015
Lalley-Demong, Vanessa Family Practice Central Sq. 275026-3W February 11, 2015
Salim, Suhail Mohammed Family Practice New Hyde Park 263684-3W February 25, 2015
Ungar, Heidi Elizabeth Family Practice New York 272864-0W February 24, 2015
Weaver, Daniel Craig Family Practice West Winfield 277059-2W February 19, 2015
Kahn, Oren Gastroenterology Mt. Kisco 186930-4B February 19, 2015
Mcgowan, Laura Ann Internal Medicine Williamsville 274523-0W February 23, 2015
Mutic, Mario Internal Medicine New Rochelle 257090-1W February 20, 2015
Nejati, Golali Internal Medicine Brooklyn 254652-1W February 11, 2015
Reagan, Brian Francis Internal Medicine Cooperstown 175603-0W February 20, 2015
Troitino, Anthony Internal Medicine Troy 162591-2W February 24, 2015
Volovoy, Vitaly Internal Medicine Jamaica 205549-9W February 11, 2015
Antecol, David H. Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Watertown 209056-1B February 11, 2015
Nair, Smitha Gopinath Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases Purchase 277008-9W February 20, 2015
Shvets, Lyudmila Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes And Metabolism Brooklyn 277889-2W February 20, 2015
Ozden, Nuri Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Syracuse 255095-2W February 24, 2015
Camargo, Maria Jose Falotico Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Hospice And Palliative Medicine Cooperstown 204029-3W February 24, 2015
Christensen, Diana Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Massena 254435-1W February 20, 2015
Cohen, Anders Jonathan Neurological Surgery Brooklyn 217215-3B February 26, 2015
Qureshi, Shahnawaz Hussain Neurological Surgery Big Flats 277020-4W February 13, 2015
Radley, Michael Gerald Neurological Surgery Hagerstown 181864-0I February 27, 2015
Reddy, Varun Venkatesh Neurology Johnson City 276970-1W February 20, 2015
Liva, Jeffrey Scott Occupational Medicine Staten Island 205179-5B February 12, 2015
Sadati, Sheler Occupational Medicine Rochester 250130-2W February 10, 2015
Bromberg, Beth Shapiro Ophthalmology Rye 164082-0W February 19, 2015
Mattern, Ruth Marie Ophthalmology Buffalo 182871-4W February 23, 2015
Ackerman, George Peter Orthopedic Surgery Garden City 263256-0W February 25, 2015
Cally, Donald James Orthopedic Surgery Syracuse 181387-2B February 24, 2015
Chen, Darwin D. Orthopedic Surgery New York 248092-9W February 24, 2015
Pompo, Frank Joseph Orthopedic Surgery Cortland 277234-1W February 20, 2015
Tomaino, Matthew Michael Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Rochester 171436-9W February 27, 2015
Chater, Michael George Otolaryngology Potsdam 276048-6W February 20, 2015
O’brien, Brendan M. Otolaryngology Rochester 273735-1W February 23, 2015
Leblanc, Kerri Kathleen Pediatrics Cooperstown 277067-5W February 20, 2015
Wilson, Lekeyah Nicole Pediatrics Rochester 257072-9W February 17, 2015
Oommen, Bobby Michael Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Plattsburgh 270078-9W February 27, 2015
Fontecha, Hernandez Jeisson Fer Psychiatry Stony Brook 277689-6W February 20, 2015
Dipierro, Charles Gian Public Health & General Preventive Medicine Stony Brook 264574-5B February 20, 2015
Liebling, Anne Rheumatology Rhinebeck 191581-8B February 19, 2015
Armstrong, Robert Steven Surgery West Seneca 274206-2W February 23, 2015
Gonzalez, Lorena Surgery Syracuse 275512-2W February 20, 2015
Hatzoudis, Georgios Ioannis Surgery Elmira 261793-4W February 25, 2015
Stanger, Jennifer Dawn Surgery Syracuse 277238-2W February 24, 2015

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten