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Subject Number 046-744 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

December 15, 2014

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Cajuste, Muriel Anesthesiology Cambria Hts 265948-0W November 13, 2014
Liao Benita, Tien-Ping Anesthesiology Melville 268125-2W November 13, 2014
Park, Jung Eun Anesthesiology New York 275290-5W November 13, 2014
Kinyungu, Ngugi Mukora Anesthesiology, Pain Management Melville 270909-5W November 13, 2014
Berkson, Marc Alan Chiropractic New York C10942-3W November 25, 2014
Carlin, Shawn Brett Chiropractic Bronx C10062-0W November 25, 2014
Demayo, Jacqueline Diane Chiropractic Brewster C12533-8W November 25, 2014
Fuhrmann, Nicholas Alan Chiropractic Orchard Park C12572-6B November 25, 2014
Helmandi, Bushra Chiropractic New York C12504-9W November 25, 2014
Herrington, Christopher John Chiropractic Tonawanda C12491-9W November 25, 2014
Lewis, Justin Taylor Chiropractic Bayville C12528-8W November 25, 2014
Morreale, Kevin Patrick Chiropractic Buffalo C12551-0W November 25, 2014
Palamar, Diana Milena Chiropractic Levittown C12377-0W November 25, 2014
Vanderveen, Emily Ruth Chiropractic Delanson C12554-4W November 25, 2014
Wetherby, Tarah Marie Chiropractic Olean C12438-0W November 25, 2014
Wilkinson, Michael D Chiropractic Yorktown Heights C12422-4W November 25, 2014
Mozes, Abram Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, Smithtown 246947-6W November 14, 2014
Chang, Gregory Diagnostic Radiology New York 245624-2B November 24, 2014
Engin, David Oguz Diagnostic Radiology Grand Island 255425-1W November 4, 2014
Klein, Daniel Lawrence Diagnostic Radiology Garden City 257430-9W November 13, 2014
Konstas, Angelos Aristeidis Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 277245-7W November 13, 2014
Maldjian, Takouhie Catherine Diagnostic Radiology Garden City 189222-3B November 13, 2014
Nwawka, Ogonna Kenechi Diagnostic Radiology New York 270564-8W November 5, 2014
Peplinski, Scott Michael Diagnostic Radiology New Hartford 277461-0B November 19, 2014
Rampton, Joshua William Diagnostic Radiology Corning 263250-3W November 4, 2014
Rampton, Karen Elaine Diagnostic Radiology Corning 262207-4W November 4, 2014
Ream, Justin Michael Diagnostic Radiology New York 268457-9B November 24, 2014
Reiter, Michael Jason Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 244575-7W November 19, 2014
Stern, Rohan Diagnostic Radiology Liverpool 276297-9W November 14, 2014
Vasudevan, Prasanna Poorna Diagnostic Radiology Garden City 269778-7W November 13, 2014
Pace, William Anthony Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular And Interventional Radiology Plattsburgh 257827-6W November 19, 2014
Constantine, Matthew Wayne Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 251045-1W November 3, 2014
Greene-Liebowitz, Kimberly Heat Emergency Medicine Scarsdale 245818-0W November 5, 2014
Gressin, Jill Beth Emergency Medicine Larchmont 208292-3W November 13, 2014
Pedraza-Negron, Solimar Emergency Medicine Floral Park 257440-8W November 13, 2014
Quash, Michelle Denise Emergency Medicine New York 245380-1W November 21, 2014
Shami, Nedal Ned Emergency Medicine New York 250302-7W November 21, 2014
Taylor, Steven James Emergency Medicine New York 229342-1W November 21, 2014
Weinstein, Jonathan Emergency Medicine New York 228331-5W November 21, 2014
Phan, Vinh Q Emergency Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology Oceanside 254227-2B November 13, 2014
Allan, Scott T Family Practice Liverpool 274247-6W November 4, 2014
Daly, Ian Trevor Family Practice Camillus 272973-9W November 3, 2014
Dev, Nimret Kaur Family Practice Brooklyn 272623-0W November 5, 2014
Di Salvo, Joseph George Family Practice Lagrangeville 206501-9W November 14, 2014
Duckett, Adam Gary Family Practice Auburn 256831-9W November 19, 2014
Eloi-Stiven, Marie L Family Practice Uniondale 218126-1W November 5, 2014
Frank-Dixon, Kristen Lianne Family Practice Tupper Lake 274971-1W November 17, 2014
Jones, Tara Family Practice Ridgefield Springs 275577-5W November 4, 2014
Lacarrubba, Sarah Anne Family Practice Southampton 268992-5W November 21, 2014
Seepana, Vijaya Family Practice Fayetteville 275334-1W November 19, 2014
Sullivan, Mallory Joan Family Practice Waterville 274601-4W November 19, 2014
Swartz, Jill Erin Family Practice New York 244208-5W November 5, 2014
Zeppieri, Matthew J Family Practice White Plains 253936-9W November 14, 2014
Alario, Frank Charles Internal Medicine New York 164204-0W November 14, 2014
Alderwish, Edris Zaid Internal Medicine Stony Brook 276160-9W November 13, 2014
Chakravarty, Ramanuj Internal Medicine Stony Brook 277088-1W November 3, 2014
Hanna, Ingy Samir Internal Medicine Watertown 276417-3W November 19, 2014
Hutter, Randolph Internal Medicine Cooperstown 260186-2W November 4, 2014
Kostandy, Gamil Saad Internal Medicine Staten Island 202761-3B November 19, 2014
Nouvini, Rosa Internal Medicine Stony Brook 277091-5W November 3, 2014
Polovenko-Kallman, Tatyana Internal Medicine Brooklyn 242289-7W November 5, 2014
Qureshi, Nazeel Internal Medicine Watertown 276013-0W November 3, 2014
Sam, Stanley Internal Medicine Stony Brook 255524-1W November 19, 2014
Seifer, Frederic Douglas Internal Medicine Potsdam 275189-9W November 19, 2014
Seytnazarov, Erkin Internal Medicine Brooklyn 199914-3W November 21, 2014
Singh, Rakesh Kumar Internal Medicine Pleasantville 192235-0W November 21, 2014
Smith, Hana Internal Medicine Syracuse 268650-9W November 21, 2014
Syed, Sofia Junaid Internal Medicine Cooperstown 273492-9W November 4, 2014
Wood, James Sam Internal Medicine Bronx 276875-2W November 13, 2014
Akinyemi, Matilda Yetunde O Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Johnson City 276933-9W November 4, 2014
Butler, Javed Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Stony Brook 277060-0W November 3, 2014
Goldman, Mark Jason Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Nesconset 239823-8W November 3, 2014
Hersh, David Jason Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Woodmere 236218-4B November 13, 2014
Feinberg, Halbert J Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Critical Care Medicine Auburn 132744-4W November 19, 2014
Kumar, Prasanna Venkatesh Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology New Hartford 277527-8B November 19, 2014
Hossain, Syeda Tanzia Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Nesconset 249622-2W November 3, 2014
Oustecky, David Henry Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Nesconset 250225-0W November 3, 2014
Stopeck, Alison T Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Stony Brook 167618-8W November 3, 2014
Hira, Jai Singh Neurology New Hyde Park 267425-7B November 13, 2014
Ravitz, Risa Malka Neurology New York 256815-2W November 5, 2014
Saunders ,Convard Alicia Carmen Obstetrics/Gynecology Brooklyn 275988-4W November 4, 2014
Hines, Jerod L Orthopedic Surgery Oswego 268213-6W November 4, 2014
Massoud, Bryan J Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 275284-8W November 19, 2014
Roberto, Craig Michael Orthopedic Surgery Williamsville 259990-0W November 10, 2014
Vanvalkenburg, Scott Michael Orthopedic Surgery East Syracuse 274789-7W November 6, 2014
Woods, Daniel P Orthopedic Surgery Woodbury 275973-6W November 13, 2014
Barker, Daniel Allen Otolaryngology New York 275589-0W November 5, 2014
Cunningham, Lauren Christine Otolaryngology Cooperstown 274290-6W November 4, 2014
Weir, Norman Robert Otolaryngology Watertown 274372-2W November 19, 2014
Dudycz-Sulicz, Katarzyna Irena Pediatrics Binghamton 273928-2W November 6, 2014
Maldonado, Alberto Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Syracuse 276823-2W November 3, 2014
Yasin, Timur Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation South Ozone Park 252485-8B November 13, 2014
Johar, Karan Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management New York 260632-5B November 5, 2014
Dounel, Matthew Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Public Health & General Preventive Medicine Brooklyn 266098-3B November 21, 2014
Dauria, Danielle Marie Plastic Surgery Niagara Falls 243312-6W November 4, 2014
Adams, Steven L Psychology East Syracuse S11269-8B November 3, 2014
Alloy, David Aaron Psychology Warrensburg S09098-5W November 3, 2014
Bernal, Sonia Yanneth Psychology New York S20055-0I November 3, 2014
Block, Robert Aaron Psychology Lawrence S14636-5I November 3, 2014
Costosa-Umina, Jessica Maria Psychology East Syracuse S18161-0B November 3, 2014
Dean, Michelle Psychology Ardsley S20347-1W November 3, 2014
Grant, Thomas H Psychology New Paltz S11779-6W November 3, 2014
Isaac, Lisa Michelle Psychology Bedminster S19787-1I November 3, 2014
Landau, Beth I Psychology New York S14256-2B November 3, 2014
Lee Yuen, Shan Christine Psychology Forest Hills S19789-7B November 3, 2014
Marsa,l Alex G Psychology Troy S11348-0B November 3, 2014
Nabavian, Guissoo S Psychology Queens Village S17849-1W November 3, 2014
Stack, Lauren Psychology Newburgh S20184-8W November 3, 2014
Vadhan, Nehal Pravin Psychology Stony Brook S16752-8W November 3, 2014
Vayas, Maria Lydia Psychology Bronx S19840-8W November 3, 2014
Warren-Faricy, Lauren H Psychology Syracuse S20269-7W November 3, 2014
Zhang, Yuanxia Psychology Flushing S15344-5B November 3, 2014
Ruangvoravat, Lucy Surgery Syracuse 276597-2W November 19, 2014
Paonessa, Jessica Erin Urology Syracuse 274692-3W November 3, 2014
Sandoval, Linares Otto Roberto Urology Cooperstown 274614-7W November 4, 2014
Schenkman, Emmanuel Michael Urology Port Jervis 210398-4W November 19, 2014

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten