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Subject Number 046-741 Revocation of Dr. Peter Lesniewski’s Authorization to Treat Injured Workers Effective December 2, 2014

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

Authorization No. 137979-1W

November 28, 2014

Pursuant to Workers' Compensation Law Section 13-d(5), the Chair of the New York State Workers' Compensation Board has exercised his authority to revoke Dr. Peter Lesniewski’s authorization to treat injured workers within the New York State workers’ compensation system effective December 2, 2014. Dr. Lesniewski’s last known business address is 1650 Selwyn Avenue, Apt. 13E, Bronx, NY 10457.

The revocation is based upon a sealed indictment (S1 11 Cr. 1091 [VM]) which was filed, and a True Bill obtained, in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, against Dr. Lesniewski and co-defendants, for various charges related to medical reports involving Long Island Railroad (LIRR) workers who filed with the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) for disability retirement. The indictment asserts that from about 1998 to about 2008, he submitted medical reports to the RRB, recommending at least approximately 222 LIRR workers for disability benefits. The indictment alleges that he and identified co-conspirators committed fraud in which LIRR workers who were ready to retire, falsely claimed to be disabled, including occupationally disabled, in order to receive extra benefits to which they were not entitled. The indictment alleges various criminal acts, including prescribing unnecessary medical tests, and fabricated medical opinions regarding disability. The charges include conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, health care fraud, conspiracy to defraud the RRB, and false claims.

Dr. Lesniewski had his authorization to treat injured workers temporarily suspended by the Board on March 21, 2013.

Dr. Lesniewski is prohibited from rendering treatment and care to injured workers. Reports submitted by Dr. Lesniewski for services rendered prior to March 21, 2013, are valid, but are invalid for any services rendered on or after that date. Requests to cross-examine Dr. Lesniewski for services rendered prior to March 21, 2013, should not be denied due to the temporary suspension and subsequent revocation of his authorization.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten