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Subject Number 046-736 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

October 30, 2014

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Andraous, Wesam Farouk Anesthesiology Stony Brook 273739-3W September 30, 2014
Becks, Pamela Leach Anesthesiology Rochester 274602-2W September 17, 2014
Challa, Chaitanya K Anesthesiology Melville 257926-6W September 22, 2014
Dinani, Aliraza Dilawer Anesthesiology Melville 276058-5W September 22, 2014
Farquhar, Rena C Anesthesiology Brooklyn 270245-4W September 22, 2014
Foxton, Kurt Charles Anesthesiology Clinton 180710-6B September 10, 2014
Guo, Qiao Dong Anesthesiology Elmhurst 269058-4W September 10, 2014
Haque, Ziyad Mohammad Anesthesiology Southampton 275816-7W September 16, 2014
Keck, Virginia Anesthesiology Melville 164416-0W September 22, 2014
Nadler, Jacob Ward Anesthesiology Rochester 274193-2W September 17, 2014
Nicholas, Brian Walrath Anesthesiology Melville 262969-9W September 22, 2014
Parnell-Cassidy, Lauren E Anesthesiology Melville 258839-0W September 22, 2014
Pena, Cecilia Anesthesiology Melville 275957-9W September 22, 2014
Mcginn, Brendan Timothy Anesthesiology, Pain Management Syracuse 275735-9W September 23, 2014
Buono, Darren Michael Diagnostic Radiology Lindenhurst 269557-5B September 22, 2014
Maleson, Andrew Carter Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 268996-6W September 11, 2014
Alian, Andrus Salaam Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 245500-4B September 11, 2014
Arsove, Pamela Emergency Medicine Pelham 175849-9W September 23, 2014
Cherian, Abel John Emergency Medicine New York 233072-8W September 11, 2014
Finger, Ralph Leonard Emergency Medicine Westport 187095-5W September 10, 2014
Henderson, Kimberly Joan Emergency Medicine Middletown 232889-6B September 18, 2014
Illuzzi, Frank Anthony Emergency Medicine Fairfield 219399-3W September 10, 2014
Kahoun, John Robert Emergency Medicine New York 211176-3W September 11, 2014
Kapoor, Tushar Emergency Medicine Westbury 248326-1W September 23, 2014
Ling, Yuklin Emergency Medicine New City 225857-2W September 22, 2014
Maher, Shannon Suzanne Emergency Medicine Cos Cob 261489-9W September 10, 2014
Park, Richard Emergency Medicine Roslyn Heights 224603-1W September 11, 2014
Stutt, Richard E Emergency Medicine New Paltz 140279-1W September 22, 2014
Swoboda, Thomas Kevin Emergency Medicine Johnson City 213528-3W September 24, 2014
Tafoya, Michael Anthony Emergency Medicine New York 245160-7W September 11, 2014
Wirths, Erin Michelle Emergency Medicine Syracuse 274289-8W September 23, 2014
Brandler, Ethan Samuel Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine Stony Brook 241746-7W September 16, 2014
Liu, Jack Hwaijong Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine Forest Hills 243263-1W September 23, 2014
Mazer, Gary Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine Lake Success 236270-5W September 23, 2014
Reiffe, Leonard Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine New  York 153515-2W September 11, 2014
Dlugosz, Michael Robert Family Practice Williamsville 266420-9B September 18, 2014
Karaga, Richard Family Practice West Seneca 274397-9W September 18, 2014
Moore, Jillian Gasiewicz Family Practice Rochester 273594-2W September 17, 2014
Polverino, Gennaro Marc Family Practice Rochester 272834-3W September 17, 2014
Raudenbush, Elenee Margarite Family Practice Rochester 276118-7W September 17, 2014
Reddy, Satish Kumar Family Practice New York 267645-0W September 11, 2014
Sasse, Troy John Family Practice Lake View 266476-1W September 26, 2014
Tilala, Niral H Family Practice Rochester 276051-0W September 17, 2014
Wang, Chester Family Practice West Hempstead 251081-6W September 23, 2014
Sodhi, Vikram Singh Family Practice, Sports Medicine Buffalo 269088-1B September 18, 2014
Berlin, Michael Leon Internal Medicine New York 271820-3W September 24, 2014
Christopher, Dawn Stephanie Internal Medicine Johnson City 272726-1W September 24, 2014
Gayam, Sirisha Internal Medicine Johnson City 276168-2W September 24, 2014
Kanth, Pooja Madisetty Internal Medicine Stony Brook 276409-0W September 11, 2014
Kasireddy Krishna Kishor Internal Medicine Johnson City 276270-6W September 24, 2014
Khiani, Komal Internal Medicine Stony Brook 271066-3B September 11, 2014
Limsuvanrot, Lily Internal Medicine East Setauket 240391-3W September 11, 2014
Little, Emily Roxanne Internal Medicine Webster 275240-0W September 17, 2014
Lu, Hsien-Yi Internal Medicine Hauppauge 225304-5W September 12, 2014
Massasati, Lamah Internal Medicine Stony Brook 275907-4B September 11, 2014
Teribury, Frederick Leroy Jr Internal Medicine Corning 242971-0W September 17, 2014
Uralil, Sharon Ann Internal Medicine Lake Success 270096-1W September 22, 2014
Chung, Grace Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease East Setauket 273197-4W September 11, 2014
Sadigh, Kaveh Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Stony Brook 276462-9W September 23, 2014
Scortichini, Doria A Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Canandaigua 154650-6W September 18, 2014
Wong, Ryan Joshua Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Stony Brook 275086-7W September 11, 2014
Sousou, Tarek Joey Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology East Syracuse 243609-5B September 23, 2014
Fries, Bettina Carolyn Joanna Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Stony Brook 205208-2B September 11, 2014
Martino, Damian Joseph Internal Medicine, Pain Management Astoria 246439-4B September 23, 2014
Ilyevsky, Dmitry Internal Medicine, Pediatrics New York 260048-4W September 11, 2014
Reddy, Elizabeth Alexandra Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Syracuse 230965-6W September 15, 2014
Jain, Gaurav Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Pain Management Williamsville 273927-4W September 18, 2014
Abdullah, Mishal Internal Medicine, Rheumatology Amsterdam 274265-8W September 12, 2014
Kakoulides, George V Neurological Surgery West Islip 275213-7W September 11, 2014
Sorkin, Grant C Neurological Surgery Kenmore 275975-1W September 19, 2014
Giglio, Michael Anthony Neurology Williamsville 261068-1W September 18, 2014
Khaneja, Amit Virender Neurology Yonkers 267473-7B September 23, 2014
Schwartz, Guy J Neurology Stony Brook 237868-5W September 11, 2014
Loftus, Hos Cyrus Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology Bayshore 276305-0W September 16, 2014
Kumar, Neel Mukul Ophthalmology Middletown 274993-5W September 18, 2014
Saponara, Fiorella Karina Ophthalmology Bronxville 264583-6W September 16, 2014
Wang, Xiaofei Ophthalmology Rochester 275706-0W September 18, 2014
Akamnonu, Chibuikem Philip Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 254146-4W September 2, 2014
Hart, Jeffrey Dean Orthopedic Surgery East Setauket 259570-0W September 16, 2014
Jiang, Kevin Nan Orthopedic Surgery Little Neck 269139-2W September 23, 2014
Milchteim, Charles Orthopedic Surgery Woodbury 275600-5W September 22, 2014
O'hara, Andrew Lawrence Orthopedic Surgery Orchard Park 269517-9W September 18, 2014
Nicholas, Brian Daniel Otolaryngology Syracuse 268958-6W September 8, 2014
Eisenberg, David Joel Pediatrics East Setauket 205839-4B September 11, 2014
Casella, Gizelda Tardin Bonamic Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation Syracuse 276120-3W September 23, 2014
Joki, Jaclyn Beth Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation Piscataway 273822-7W September 18, 2014
Karafin, Felix Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation New York 256505-9B September 11, 2014
Nguyen, Elizabeth T Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation New York 269040-2W September 11, 2014
Umar, Mohammed Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation Stony Brook 260813-1W September 11, 2014
Williams, Krystle Michelle Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation Syracuse 272335-1W September 23, 2014
Aci, Omer Faruk Podiatry Bay Shore P06445-2W September 4, 2014
Amar, Shazia Podiatry Brooklyn P06087-2W September 4, 2014
Andrea, Mary Podiatry Long Island City P06076-5W September 4, 2014
Baker, Shane Tim Podiatry Middletown P06559-0B September 4, 2014
Bui, Duyet T Podiatry Rhinebeck P06557-4W September 4, 2014
Castillo, Nicole Marie Podiatry Hempstead P06326-4W September 4, 2014
Chen, Stanley Podiatry Bayside P06473-4B September 4, 2014
Daniel, Lawrence B Podiatry Brooklyn P03660-9B September 4, 2014
Dejesus, Lady Paula Jose Podiatry Astoria P06439-5B September 4, 2014
Dubal, Nidhee Podiatry Poughkeepsie P06556-6B September 4, 2014

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

The following doctors have been added to the list of Impartial Specialists eligible for appointment in specific cases by the Board.

Wetterau, Norman William Family Practice Nunda 105928 September 8, 2014 September 8, 2019

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten