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Subject Number 046-735 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

October 23, 2014

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Mcelroy, Laura Ann Anesthesiology Rochester 271292-5W July 9, 2014
Carrino, John Anthony Diagnostic Radiology New York 249969-7W July 28, 2014
Colvin, Otis Christopher Diagnostic Radiology Jamestown 274751-7W July 23, 2014
Single, Meghan Ford Diagnostic Radiology Rochester 274918-2W July 28, 2014
Sullivan, Anne Marie Diagnostic Radiology East Syracuse 267059-4W July 16, 2014
Vatsky, Seth Eliot Diagnostic Radiology Latham 275165-9W July 3, 2014
Lemos, Julio Andres Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology Plattsburgh 268642-6W July 9, 2014
Mangano, James Francis II Emergency Medicine Oswego 271045-7W July 16, 2014
Tanski, Christopher Thomas Emergency Medicine Liverpool 263666-0W July 16, 2014
Bergstraesser, Lynn M Family Practice Lake Katrine 225698-0W July 23, 2014
Carlino, Richard Francis Family Practice Glendale 267913-2W July 18, 2014
Cowdery, Todd Shawl Family Practice Brooklyn 234216-0W July 28, 2014
Elguero, Carlos Family Practice Albany 249373-2W July 22, 2014
Fibel, Kenton Howard Family Practice New York 268986-7W July 28, 2014
Aliggayu, Darryl Arquero Internal Medicine Albany 272588-5I July 9, 2014
Bergin, Suzanne Elizabeth Internal Medicine Warrensburg 266542-0W July 15, 2014
Ferrazzo-Weller, Marissa Gabrie Internal Medicine Pearl River 264928-3B July 23, 2014
Lee, Mijung Internal Medicine Syracuse 271805-4W July 16, 2014
Naghavi, Reza Internal Medicine Rockville Cntr 207203-1B July 9, 2014
Pattugalan, Tomas M Jr Internal Medicine Jamaica 151214-4W July 2, 2014
Roper, Nitin Internal Medicine New York 265203-0W July 14, 2014
Kudagi, Vinod Shrishail Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Utica 254755-2W July 16, 2014
Southren, David B Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Critical Care Medicine Valley Cottage 163321-3B July 16, 2014
Karp, Adam Hillel Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine New York 175889-5B July 14, 2014
Aggarwal, Vikram Internal Medicine, Nephrology Syracuse 275397-8W July 16, 2014
Caridi, John M Neurological Surgery New York 256394-8W July 9, 2014
Choudhri, Tanvir Fiaz Neurological Surgery New York 214433-5W July 9, 2014
Kanoff, Richard Bruce Neurological Surgery Wynnewood 274327-6B July 2, 2014
Weiss, Nirit Neurological Surgery New York 236089-9W July 8, 2014
Balmaceda, Casilda Neurology New York 186529-4W July 28, 2014
Nahm, Frederick K Neurology New York 253849-4B July 14, 2014
Feistmann, Jonathan Amir Ophthalmology New York 240088-5W July 28, 2014
Apel, Peter James Orthopedic Surgery Corning 271489-7W July 15, 2014
Bhanusali, Govindlal K Orthopedic Surgery Middletown 153339-7B July 31, 2014
Cassidy, Kevin Anthony Orthopedic Surgery Great Neck 268962-8W July 3, 2014
Gambacorta, Peter Louis Orthopedic Surgery Williamsville 256227-0B July 23, 2014
Ganal, Edmund Anthony Orthopedic Surgery Ossining 274231-0B July 16, 2014
Koenig, Scott Jonathan Orthopedic Surgery Lake Success 273954-8W July 3, 2014
Morse, Andrew Steven Orthopedic Surgery Albany 259166-7W July 3, 2014
Reinhardt, Keith R Orthopedic Surgery Bay Shore 251004-8W July 3, 2014
Barthauer, Linda Pediatrics Pittsford 215272-6W July 22, 2014
Bansal, Amit Kumar Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation New York 249988-7W July 9, 2014
Escalon, Miguel Xavier Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation New York 270469-0W July 28, 2014
Johnston, Derek Calvin Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation East Elmhurst 253376-8W July 30, 2014
Ng, Urania Maggy Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Rego Park 274748-3W July 9, 2014
Raitses, Pauline Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 264999-4W July 16, 2014
Feldman, Daniel Dmitry Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management Brooklyn 271877-3W July 3, 2014
Akundi, Sangeeta Psychology Oakland Gardens S19484-5W July 14, 2014
Bauer, Lyndsey Alyson Psychology Utica S18042-2B July 14, 2014
Camille, Joanne Nancy Psychology Brooklyn S17695-8I July 14, 2014
Charana-Cruz, Von Marie Psychology Brooklyn S19798-8I July 15, 2014
Feis, Yvette Frumkin Psychology Mellville S07568-9B July 15, 2014
Gonzalez Cruz, Karelyn M Psychology Brooklyn S19084-3I July 15, 2014
Longo, Turmalina Lau Psychology Brooklyn S18401-0I July 15, 2014
Marrelli, Jon J Psychology Brooklyn S17437-5I July 15, 2014
Martin, Marguerite Psychology Newburgh S13155-7W July 15, 2014
Menaker, John Psychology Brooklyn S20037-8W July 15, 2014
Paredes, Margarita R Psychology Sunnyside S19433-2W July 15, 2014
Rodriguez, Juan Emmanuel Psychology Brooklyn S18745-0I July 15, 2014
Santarpia, Susan M Psychology Buffalo S18553-8B July 15, 2014
Ureno, Sergio Roman Psychology Brooklyn S16031-7I July 15, 2014
Singh, Harmandeep Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Rockville Centre 267135-2B July 11, 2014
Dobryansky, Michael Surgery, Plastic Surgery Garden City 227532-9W July 3, 2014
Ellen, Joseph Harry III Urology Albany 271006-9W July 14, 2014

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten