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Subject Number 046-731 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

October 22, 2014

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Mockler, Daniel Christopher Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology Stony Brook 268255-7W August 22, 2014
Burr, Andrew Thomas Anesthesiology Rochester 275626-0W August 22, 2014
Cordova, Matthew Alexander Anesthesiology New York 273111-5W August 8, 2014
Hamdani, Mohammed R Anesthesiology Commack 276201-1W August 8, 2014
Ikezi, Stanley Obinna Anesthesiology Hollis 261280-2W August 28, 2014
Karcz, Marcin Anesthesiology W Henrietta 273517-3W August 22, 2014
Kim, In Tae Anesthesiology Rochester 274769-9W August 22, 2014
Roufaiel, David Magdy Anesthesiology Melville 274935-6W August 22, 2014
Salahuddin, Zohra Gulnar Anesthesiology Melville 273754-2W August 8, 2014
Shestack, Adam Eric Anesthesiology Port Washington 266800-2W August 8, 2014
Spaliaras, Joanne Anesthesiology Bayside 274553-7W August 8, 2014
Starecki, Liza Anesthesiology Melville 273945-6W August 27, 2014
Walker, Andrew Patrick Anesthesiology Albany 274177-5W August 6, 2014
Abbatematteo, David Kevin Anesthesiology, Pain Management New York 265949-8B August 1, 2014
Rema, Elvis Wayne Anesthesiology, Pain Management West Islip 263613-2W August 22, 2014
Chimpiri, Annapurneswara Rao Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 274785-5W August 4, 2014
Filatov, Alexander Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 262851-9W August 22, 2014
Sadri, Tafazoli Faranak Diagnostic Radiology Plattsburgh 255010-1W August 5, 2014
Shah, Jaimin Dilipkumar Diagnostic Radiology Poughkeepsie 275150-1W August 20, 2014
Surace, Joseph John Diagnostic Radiology New York 270547-3W August 18, 2014
Woroch, Luboslav Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 273834-2W August 1, 2014
Donnarumma, Robert Emergency Medicine Saratoga Springs 262707-3W August 22, 2014
Hew, Phillip Andrew Emergency Medicine Astoria 196828-8W August 28, 2014
Lee, Yi-An Avery Emergency Medicine Astoria 245912-1W August 28, 2014
Swaby, Jason A Emergency Medicine Syracuse 272052-2W August 6, 2014
Ahmed, Monazza Family Practice Syracuse 272514-1W August 27, 2014
Boccia, Barbara A Family Practice Stony Brook 126838-2W August 1, 2014
Dorsey, Lisa Maria Family Practice Syracuse 272825-1W August 1, 2014
Grant, Adam Peter Family Practice Hewlett 274782-2W August 8, 2014
Manik, Arvind Chandulal Family Practice Forest Hills 266813-5W August 28, 2014
Tamdji, Natacha M Family Practice Hewlett 256370-8W August 8, 2014
Satterlee, Margaret M Gastroenterology Syracuse 179932-9W August 22, 2014
Choi, Minsig Hematology, Medical Oncology Stony Brook 276109-6W August 22, 2014
Augustin, Tamara Lynn Internal Medicine Stony Brook 266971-1W August 13, 2014
Bartosz, Caren Elizabeth Internal Medicine Grand Island 274533-9W August 22, 2014
Defilippo, Caroline Internal Medicine West Harrison 258579-2W August 13, 2014
Lin, Juan Internal Medicine Stony Brook 276056-9W August 22, 2014
Malnoske, Michelle Lynne Internal Medicine W Henrietta 272330-2W August 22, 2014
Montgomery, Christopher Internal Medicine Rochester 271440-0W August 22, 2014
Parikh, Stuti Internal Medicine White Plains 263085-3W August 19, 2014
Readlynn, Jennifer Kaczinski Internal Medicine Rochester 272342-7W August 22, 2014
Sacolick, Daniel David Internal Medicine Hewlett 214978-9W August 8, 2014
Salazar, Moreno Wayra Ysi Internal Medicine Buffalo 272261-9W August 19, 2014
Valencia, Hugo Efrain Internal Medicine Rochester 269491-7W August 22, 2014
Vega, Joshua Internal Medicine Rochester 274396-1W August 22, 2014
Bello, John Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular West Islip 258090-0W August 1, 2014
Dhillon, Sandeep Kaur Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Garden City 246147-3W August 8, 2014
Meesala, Mrinalini Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Williamsville 259110-5W August 19, 2014
Stanca, Carmen Magdalena Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Stony Brook 259189-9W August 1, 2014
Giugno, Luigi Antonio Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine Rochester 235409-0W August 22, 2014
Zhang, Yue Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Stony Brook 275430-7B August 22, 2014
Staicu, Serban Anton Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases Rochester 258159-3W August 21, 2014
Chesler, David Andrew Neurological Surgery Stony Brook 273807-8W August 4, 2014
Li, Yan Michael Neurological Surgery Rochester 275715-1W August 22, 2014
Petraglia, Anthony Liberato Neurological Surgery Rochester 259616-1W August 22, 2014
Senatus, Patrick Badere Neurological Surgery New York 222582-9W August 15, 2014
Medin, Karen Louise Neurology Stony Brook 270483-1W August 13, 2014
Steinberg, Lon Robert Neurology Commack 255206-5W August 1, 2014
Leeman-Markowski, Mason Peter Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology Stony Brook 275372-1W August 22, 2014
Lockhart, Maria Eleanor Obstetrics/Gynecology East Setauket 206035-8W August 4, 2014
Pallotta, John Anthony Obstetrics/Gynecology East Setauket 078336-5W August 13, 2014
Slavin, Laura Nicole Obstetrics/Gynecology Troy 273678-3W August 27, 2014
Kolloori, Monika Ruth Ophthalmology Syracuse 275032-1W August 6, 2014
Ragusa, Nikola Ophthalmology Rockville Centre 245591-3W August 8, 2014
Sigler, Eric James Ophthalmology Rockville Centre 261928-6W August 8, 2014
Grewal, Kanwarpaul Singh Orthopedic Surgery East Meadow 256297-3W August 22, 2014
Hays, Peyton Lantz Orthopedic Surgery New Hyde Park 271011-9W August 13, 2014
Kincaid, Brian G Orthopedic Surgery Little Neck 262930-1W August 13, 2014
Mitgang, Joshua Theodore Orthopedic Surgery Woodmere 254767-7W August 8, 2014
Pula, David Aaron Orthopedic Surgery Orchard Park 264735-2W August 19, 2014
Raudenbush, Brandon Leroy Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 272940-8W August 22, 2014
Tarleton, Andrew Anthony Orthopedic Surgery Woodbury 274856-4W August 8, 2014
O'Connell, Kevin Anthony Otolaryngology Hamburg 191328-4W August 1, 2014
Dong, Xiaoli Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Syracuse 276076-7W August 22, 2014
Korlipara, Anuja Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Port Jefferson 223984-6W August 29, 2014
O'Quinn, Adrianne Baer Monaco Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Syracuse 258617-0W August 22, 2014
Parikh, Kunal R Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Syracuse 276104-7W August 21, 2014
Portugal, Salvador Eligado Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Lake Success 266078-5B August 19, 2014
Simhaee, Jonathan Moshe Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 269531-0W August 6, 2014
Spinner, David Allen Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation New York 261597-9W August 5, 2014
Daves, Cheryl Elizabeth Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management Woodbury 272778-2W August 15, 2014
Veeramachaneni, Haritha Plastic Surgery Garden City 275292-1W August 8, 2014
Bazzi, Lama Riad Psychiatry Stony Brook 275636-9B August 1, 2014
Nayeem, Zahidunnisa Psychiatry Chappaqua 163588-7W August 26, 2014
Richter, Jessica Jean Psychiatry, Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Stony Brook 251284-6W August 1, 2014
Bailey, Jean Lloyd Psychology Brooklyn S12327-3I August 20, 2014
Gordon, Karen S Psychology Hempstead S18807-8B August 20, 2014
Kushner, H Michael Psychology Hastings On Hudson S18780-7I August 20, 2014
Ryu, Samuel Radiation Oncology Stony Brook 206648-8W August 1, 2014
Haber, Marc David Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology Latham 274060-3W August 27, 2014
Halbert, Caitlin Ann Surgery Stony Brook 273400-2W August 22, 2014
Ojha, Abha Surgery Rome 272046-4W August 13, 2014
Powers, Colin James Surgery Lake Success 228771-2W August 8, 2014
Salhab, Khaled Fawzi Surgery, Thoracic Surgery Mineola 272306-2B August 8, 2014
Byler, Timothy Karl Urology Syracuse 273800-3W August 27, 2014
Welliver, Robert Charles Jr Urology Albany 274981-0W August 22, 2014

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten