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Subject Number 046-689 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

May 27. 2014

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Olteanu, Oana Monica Anesthesiology Mount Kisco 239625-7W April 1, 2014
Stern, Shveta Sinha Anesthesiology Mount Kisco 272751-9W April 2, 2014
Huang, James Anesthesiology Potsdam 231502-6W April 2, 2014
Amponsah, Akwasi Peprah Anesthesiology Staten Island 266582-6W April 3, 2014
Annam, Sandeep Kumar Anesthesiology Selden 270386-6W April 3, 2014
Caggiano, Ashley Norman Anesthesiology Mount Kisco 247016-9W April 28, 2014
Rosenberg, Laurence Jay Anesthesiology Melville 180985-4W April 30, 2014
Radianu, Andrei Eugen Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine Selden 228704-3W April 3, 2014
Tramontano, Anthony F Cardiovascular Saranac Lake 229089-8W April 7, 2014
Shah, Neil Pravin Diagnostic Radiology Mount Kisco 250791-1B April 1, 2014
Awobuluyi, Michele Modupe Diagnostic Radiology New York 191625-3W April 7, 2014
Mandel, Steven Mark Diagnostic Radiology Lindenhurst 148318-9B April 10, 2014
Kolanko, Nicholas Michael Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 273784-9W April 28, 2014
Gupta, Rajesh Emergency Medicine Yorktown Heights 197245-4I April 1, 2014
Stratemeier, Michael William Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 219353-0B April 3, 2014
Melicharek, Mariann Emergency Medicine Bellmore 190107-3W April 15, 2014
Roazen, Lisa Michelle Emergency Medicine Brooklyn 244333-1W April 16, 2014
Schug, Molly Elizabeth Family Practice Utica 270764-4W April 3, 2014
Herbst, Brian Alan Family Practice Orchard Park 269428-9W April 3, 2014
Sharma, Kavita Family Practice New York 250053-6W April 7, 2014
Cruz-Tolentino, Minnie Sheila D Family Practice New Hartford 272568-7W April 10, 2014
Day, Daniel David Family Practice Rochester 254986-3W April 10, 2014
Vasquez, Romulo Vicente Family Practice Johnson City 272256-9W April 14, 2014
Korneeva-Vladimirsky, Irina Lvo Family Practice Brooklyn 249981-2B April 16, 2014
Hervada, Teresa Family Practice Bronx 211433-8W April 25, 2014
Safran, Michael Lee Family Practice Hurley 153063-3W April 28, 2014
Savarino, Daniel Stephen Family Practice East Meadow 243935-4W April 30, 2014
Rehmani, Muhammad B Internal Medicine Rock Hill 216063-8B April 2, 2014
Tillmon, Bernadette Renee Internal Medicine Fishkill 187529-3W April 3, 2014
Edgecomb, Paul Steven Internal Medicine Huntington 267506-4W April 3, 2014
Marchelska, Elzbieta Internal Medicine Elmhurst 242846-4W April 14, 2014
Pagonis, Panagiotis Internal Medicine Flushing 211027-8B April 30, 2014
Ascenzo, Jeffrey D Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Syracuse 250941-2W April 7, 2014
Conrad, Arnold R Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular West Islip 139535-9W April 28, 2014
Helft, Steven Eric Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Fishkill 237400-7W April 28, 2014
Sierecki, Mitchell Robert Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology Huntington 254407-0W April 3, 2014
Rosen, Michael Andrew Internal Medicine, Nephrology Mount Kisko 222829-4B April 1, 2014
Fahrbach, John Neurological Surgery Williamsville 243524-6B April 9, 2014
Mathew, Jacob Kurudamannil Neurology Port Jefferson 196027-7B April 4, 2014
Fray, Cecile Ingrid Neurology Tarrytown 167708-7W April 16, 2014
Nguyen, Trang Bichngoc Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine W. Hampton Bch 269415-6W April 11, 2014
Cross, Michael Brian Orthopedic Surgery New York 247752-9W April 7, 2014
Hoang, Bang Hai Orthopedic Surgery Bronx 220770-2B April 9, 2014
Patel, Prerana Narendrakumar Orthopedic Surgery Albany 273037-2W April 10, 2014
Bustillo, Jorge Orthopedic Surgery Corning 273546-2W April 14, 2014
Karpman, Robert R Orthopedic Surgery Cortland 254618-2B April 24, 2014
Everding, Nathan Gerald Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Syracuse 273744-3W April 30, 2014
Dowling, Vincent Scott Pediatrics Forest Hills 220677-9W April 30, 2014
Ashton, Adam Keller Psychiatry Amherst 176946-2I April 2, 2014
Stevens, Carol Melinda Surgery Baldwinsville 271807-0W April 30, 2014
Stoner, Michael Clinton Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Rochester 272470-6W April 14, 2014

*Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

The following doctors have been added to the list of Impartial Specialists eligible for appointment in specific cases by the Board.

Serle, Janet Barbra Ophthalmology Lake Success 147321 April 1, 2014 April 1, 2019
Hootnick, David Randall Orthopedic Surgery Liverpool 128072 April 17, 2014 April 17, 2019

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten