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Subject Number 046-683 Changes to the List of Health Care Providers Authorized to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

April 30, 2014

Pursuant to Workers' Compensation Law § 13-b, a provider must be licensed and registered with the New York State Education Department in order to maintain a Workers' Compensation Board authorization(s).

The following have been removed from the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers' compensation system based on information provided by the New York State Education Department indicating that they do not currently have an active license to practice medicine in New York State.

Said, Zuheir Jamil** Bronx, NY 248691-8W December 23, 2013
Samuels, Steven West Islip, NY 124201-5W December 30, 2013
Keller, Rhonda Out of State 102056-9W January 6, 2014
Annicelli, Michael Brooklyn, NY C10503-3B January 10, 2014
Bacanovic, Helen New York, NY 095385-1W January 10, 2014
Blog, Harold Northport, NY 071782-7W January 10, 2014
Cohen, Jacob New York, NY 091773-2W January 10, 2014
Davidson, Morton Larchmont, NY 087041-0W January 10, 2014
Deangelis, Roger Irvington, NY 101812-6W January 10, 2014
Edwards, John Castleton, NY C01266-8W January 10, 2014
Emmett, Storer Houghton, NY 125520-7W January 10, 2014
Faraldi, Michael Rhinebeck, NY P05884-3W January 10, 2014
Fauci Jr., Peter New Rochelle, NY 081972-2B January 10, 2014
Fedorko, Martha New York, NY 085136-0W January 10, 2014
Feingold, Harris Commack, NY 160991-6W January 10, 2014
Feisen, Joseph Wellsville, NY 133852-4W January 10, 2014
Fischer, Stephen Scarsdale, NY 127398-6W January 10, 2014
Frackowiak, Barbara Maspeth, NY 192858-9W January 10, 2014
Gabrilove, Jacques New York, NY 037997-4W January 10, 2014
Gillen, Francis New York, NY 095780-3W January 10, 2014
Hough, David Rochester, NY 263048-1W January 10, 2014
Hunt, Carly Holley, NY 241601-4W January 10, 2014
Karp, Nancy Buffalo, NY S12687-0W January 10, 2014
Karten, Irving New Rochelle, NY 083651-0W January 10, 2014
Kelapire, Barbara East Williston, NY C04466-1W January 10, 2014
Lane, Stanley New York, NY 036938-9B January 10, 2014
Lanigan, Michelle Brooklyn, NY 156654-6W January 10, 2014
Levi, Michael Rome, NY 217243-5W January 10, 2014
Malone, Jennie Binghamton, NY 258781-4W January 10, 2014
Mottern, Richard Canandaigua, NY 161953-5W January 10, 2014
Novak, Stanley Rochester, NY 101497-6W January 10, 2014
Okoronkwo, Ifeoma New York, NY 201367-0B January 10, 2014
Osborn, Harold New Rochelle, NY 109399-6W January 10, 2014
Ozden, Nuri Rochester, NY 255095-2W January 10, 2014
Pool, Naomi Eastchester, NY 042733-6W January 10, 2014
Reynolds, Benedict Bronx, NY 071780-1W January 10, 2014
Samter, Brent Elmira, NY 181228-8W January 10, 2014
Secreti, Lalainia Syracuse, NY 234108-9W January 10, 2014
Sera-Kingsley, Nobuko New Rochelle, NY 127063-6W January 10, 2014
Serletti, Joseph Amityville, NY 072745-3B January 10, 2014
Singer, Adolf Southampton, NY 087323-2W January 10, 2014
Tjan, Stephanus Lindenhurst, NY 130863-4W January 10, 2014
Weir Jr., William Wading River, NY 086826-5W January 10, 2014
Welner, Michael New York, NY 185020-5W January 10, 2014
Zaslofsky, Judith Flushing, NY 188654-8W January 10, 2014
Zeiguer, Luis Bronx, NY 125468-9W January 10, 2014
Garrett, Michael Barneveld, NY 146407-2W January 29, 2014
Schwartz, David Roslyn, NY 095193-9W January 31, 2014
Agustin, Benjamin Dansville, NY 110462-9W February 7, 2014
Archer, George Brooklyn, NY 095709-2W February 7, 2014
Bailey, David Olean, NY 133750-0B February 7, 2014
Bryla, Robert Utica, NY C02043-0B February 7, 2014
Cadet, Edwin New York, NY 238955-9W February 7, 2014
Candaras, Michael Lakeview, NY 170717-3W February 7, 2014
Cohen, Robert Hornell, NY 156432-7W February 7, 2014
Cottrell, Thomas Cutchogue, NY 096916-2W February 7, 2014
Diamond, Stephen Spring Valley, NY C00083-8W February 7, 2014
Dilello, Edmund Flushing, NY 132954-9W February 7, 2014
Ebin, Eva Floral Park, NY 083016-6W February 7, 2014
Gardner, Pierce Setauket, NY 178904-9W February 7, 2014
Golato, Joseph Hampton Bays, NY C01574-5B February 7, 2014
Gomez, Delvin Liverpool, NY C09337-9W February 7, 2014
Kasprzak, Donald Plattsburgh, NY 073443-4W February 7, 2014
Khan, Kamran Oswego, NY L03212-8W February 7, 2014
Lowenstein, Alfred Cedarhurst, NY 081264-4B February 7, 2014
Lowy, Alfred New York, NY 042760-9W February 7, 2014
Lukose, Joseph Melville, NY 130839-4W February 7, 2014
Masso, Peter Manhasset, NY 083077-8W February 7, 2014
Paastuch, Keith Hicksville, NY C02447-0B February 7, 2014
Prasarn, Mark Rochester, NY 248584-5W February 7, 2014
Russell Jr., Robert Mount Vernon, NY C02707-0W February 7, 2014
Sager, Dianne Port Chester, NY 139665-4W February 7, 2014
Santandreu, Rafael Elmhurst, NY 110878-6W February 7, 2014
Santillo, Martin East Patchogue, NY C01830-1B February 7, 2014
Scheinman, Steven Syracuse, NY 141963-9W February 7, 2014
Schiowitz, Stanley Great Neck, NY 045889-3W February 7, 2014
Simon, Geoffrey New Hartford, NY 105165-5W February 7, 2014
Singh, Ravinder Olean, NY L03919-8W February 7, 2014
Sproul, Jack Cortland, NY 185796-0W February 7, 2014
Stark, Jay Rome, NY 156409-5W February 7, 2014
Sutcliffe III, Joseph Corning, NY 263188-5W February 7, 2014
Tesoriero, Jack Deer Park, NY C04766-4B February 7, 2014
Torretti, Jorge Syracuse, NY 121871-8W February 7, 2014
Vivenzio, Rocco Rochester, NY 142790-5W February 7, 2014
Wank, Kenneth Floral Park, NY C04392-3W February 7, 2014
Wiles, Joseph Marlboro, NY C11071-0B February 7, 2014
Yale-Loehr, Amy Ithaca, NY 181657-8W February 7, 2014
Altman, Kurt New York, NY 089232-3W February 11, 2014
Hsu, David Centerport, NY 120113-6W February 21, 2014
Kanevsky, Zhanna Brooklyn, NY 208006-7W February 21, 2014
Andrst, Boris East Setauket, NY 082400-3W March 13, 2014
Basile, Joseph Kingston, NY 133805-2W March 13, 2014
Bruns, Jill Monticello, NY 233660-0W March 13, 2014
Cheng, Huan Franklin Square, NY 126911-7W March 13, 2014
Cohen, Wendy Out of State 109207-1B March 13, 2014
Estramonte, Dean Greenwich, NY C07326-4W March 13, 2014
Fishler, James Poughkeepsie, NY 070929-5W March 13, 2014
Flynn, John New York, NY 041899-6W March 13, 2014
Goldflam, Gerald Massapequa Park, NY C01127-2B March 13, 2014
Goldstein, Robert Hicksville, NY 096833-9W March 13, 2014
Greco, Pasquale Cheektowaga, NY 044085-9W March 13, 2014
Guerrero, Salvador Port Jervis, NY 232022-4W March 13, 2014
Guram, Sukhbir Lake Success, NY 263461-6W March 13, 2014
Hall-Rhoades, Erin Ithaca, NY 233368-0B March 13, 2014
Harder, Jonathan Slingerlands, NY 257939-9W March 13, 2014
Hasan, Shaikh Brooklyn, NY 198890-6W March 13, 2014
Henry, Walter Port Jefferson, NY 073838-5W March 13, 2014
Maunglay, Soe Out of State 252568-1I March 13, 2014
Modica, Edmondo Douglaston, NY 079195-4W March 13, 2014
Mohandoss, Sundararaju Out of State 130720-6W March 13, 2014
Obrien, Edward Out of State 235282-1W March 13, 2014
Oliveros, Elder Out of State 257220-4W March 13, 2014
Ong, Yak Brooklyn, NY 117725-2W March 13, 2014
Parashar, Laxman Poughkeepsie, NY 115318-8W March 13, 2014
Pegels, Janice Out of State 171175-3W March 13, 2014
Pierre, Nedjie Brooklyn, NY P05538-5W March 13, 2014
Poon, Colin Out of State L02748-2W March 13, 2014
Pramberger, Peter Syosset, NY C02996-9W March 13, 2014
Punzal, Romeo Orchard Park, NY 108251-0W March 13, 2014
Ramadan, Farouk Staten Island, NY 127161-8W March 13, 2014
Ramsdell, John White Plains, NY 080364-3W March 13, 2014
Rostain, Hana New York, NY 085580-9W March 13, 2014
Salamone, Raymond Out of State 047573-1W March 13, 2014
Saltman, Adam Brooklyn, NY 212922-9W March 13, 2014
Schwartz, Kenny Ossining, NY 148738-8B March 13, 2014
Shoales, Elbis Marion, NY 070334-8W March 13, 2014
Taira, Taku Stony Brook, NY 247649-7W March 13, 2014
Thangathurai, Josephine Olean, NY L02770-6W March 13, 2014
Valinoti, Robert Staten Island, NY C05635-0B March 13, 2014
Vuljaj, Nikola Out of State 264526-5W March 13, 2014
Wager, John Out of State S19003-3W March 13, 2014
Wallach, Steven Forest Hills, NY C10398-8B March 13, 2014
Ward, Franklin Bronx, NY 086210-2W March 13, 2014
Watt, Angela Saratoga, NY 191648-5W March 13, 2014
Wendt, Tara Out of State 256922-6W March 13, 2014
Williams, Jesse Syracuse, NY 102119-5W March 13, 2014
Wright, Peter Cooperstown, NY 137842-1W March 13, 2014
Yu, Guan-Hiok Dix Hills, NY 132543-0W March 13, 2014
Zarrabi, Mohammad Northport, NY 113898-1W March 13, 2014
Zheng, Yining Airmont, NY 224354-1W March 13, 2014

* Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

** Previously, this provider's authorization to treat injured workers was temporarily suspended on March 5, 2012 (see Subject No. 046-479). However, based on information provided by the New York State Education Department indicating that they do not currently have an active license to practice medicine in New York State, their Board authorization(s) has been permanently removed.

These providers are prohibited from rendering treatment and care to injured workers and/or from performing independent medical examinations. Reports submitted for services rendered prior to the effective date, are valid, but are invalid for any services rendered on or after that date. Requests to cross-examine any of the above for services rendered prior to the effective date, should not be denied due to the removal of their authorizations.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten