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Subject Number 046-661Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

January 10, 2014

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers' compensation system.

Silverman, Sarah Pauline Allergy And Immunology, Internal Medicine Brooklyn 241656-8W December 5, 2013
Falkowski, Olga G Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology Plainview 213163-9B December 17, 2013
Bolash, Robert Benjamin Anesthesiology New York 267466-1W December 6, 2013
Shaikh, Sana Anesthesiology Staten Island 264836-8W December 6, 2013
Lee, Byung Ho Anesthesiology Saranac Lake 247918-6W December 17, 2013
Dilisio, Ralph Phillip Anesthesiology Roslyn 261552-4W December 18, 2013
Xie, Jinghui Anesthesiology Staten Island 267042-0W December 20, 2013
Bassily, Samir Anesthesiology Melville 219883-6W December 24, 2013
Caggiano, Thomas Anthony Anesthesiology Mount Kisco 260530-1W December 31, 2013
Sankar, Veena Anesthesiology, Pain Management Patchogue 267389-5W December 4, 2013
Chernyak, Leonid Anesthesiology, Pain Management Brooklyn 247979-8I December 23, 2013
Mcbrearty, Thomas Edward Cardiovascular East Setauket 184748-2W December 2, 2013
Franko, David Michael Cardiovascular East Setauket 193980-0W December 17, 2013
Benson, David Matthew Cardiovascular, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology East Setauket 222567-0W December 17, 2013
Sollazzo, Richard Chiropractic Nissequoque C02456-4I December 5, 2013
Detullio, Daniel James Chiropractic Wappingers Falls C12174-1W December 6, 2013
Clironomos, Andreas I Chiropractic Astoria C11589-1W December 6, 2013
Arnold, Gregory Chiropractic Nesconset C12159-2I December 6, 2013
Mayo, Monique Chiropractic Brooklyn C12169-1I December 6, 2013
Llewellyn, Kathleen Ann Diagnostic Radiology Mineola 265119-8W December 3, 2013
Patel, Parul Diagnostic Radiology Rochester 264582-8W December 19, 2013
Dabydeen, Donnette Aletha Diagnostic Radiology Rochester 269758-9W December 19, 2013
Rubin, John Emergency Medicine Norwich 220750-4B December 4, 2013
Vanwagner, Alecia Acee Family Practice Star Lake 247006-0W December 2, 2013
Fuller, Aaron Elzer Family Practice Potsdam 263619-9W December 2, 2013
Lombardi, Adrian Carlo Family Practice Islip 254250-4W December 2, 2013
Worczak, Marianna Family Practice Olean 270703-2W December 3, 2013
Sandel, Elizabeth Helen Family Practice Castleton 243490-0W December 3, 2013
Tailor, Unnati Family Practice Patchogue 259468-7W December 4, 2013
Ahmed, Imrana Family Practice Patchague 271005-1W December 4, 2013
Cruickshank, Brian Donald Family Practice Stony Brook 271708-0W December 12, 2013
Halper, Todd A Family Practice Rockville Centre 253833-8W December 18, 2013
Costa, Patrick John Family Practice Rochester 250275-5W December 19, 2013
Ibrahim, Mohammed Usman Family Practice Owego 272887-1W December 31, 2013
Lawes, Keith Anthony Family Practice Bronx 184889-4B December 31, 2013
Hamilton, Jada Lin Family Practice Ithaca 196842-9W December 31, 2013
Minn, Myoe Internal Medicine Brooklyn 244732-4B December 4, 2013
Raja, Quratul Ain Internal Medicine Fredonia 270272-8W December 6, 2013
Panzer, Allison Michelle Internal Medicine Rochester 271263-6W December 17, 2013
Goolsarran, Nirvani Internal Medicine Stony Brook 272652-9W December 18, 2013
Abbasi, Sadia Arif Internal Medicine Stony Brook 255933-4W December 19, 2013
Miller, Joshua David Internal Medicine Stony Brook 257927-4W December 31, 2013
Lubarsky, Lev Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular East Setauket 234972-8W December 2, 2013
Stavola, Thomas Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular East Setauket 178562-5W December 2, 2013
Cesa, Christopher Michael Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular East Setauket 239811-3W December 2, 2013
Bruno, Peter F Jr Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular East Setauket 111166-5W December 4, 2013
Cesa, Michael P Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular East Setauket 116886-3W December 4, 2013
Krishnamoorthy, Vijay Kumar Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Rochester 271517-5W December 20, 2013
Pilip, Adalbert Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular East Setauket 250152-6W December 31, 2013
Gor, Chirayu Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular East Setauket 248903-7W December 31, 2013
Verga, Trevor Anthony Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology East Setauket 232554-6W December 2, 2013
Patel, Neal Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular, Interventional Cardiology East Setauket 261079-8W December 2, 2013
Sadlofsky, Jason Andrew Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular, Interventional Cardiology East Setauket 231756-8W December 2, 2013
Bliagos, Dimitrios Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular, Interventional Cardiology White Plains 233889-5W December 18, 2013
Tennyson, Christina Ann Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Brooklyn 236749-8W December 5, 2013
Berg, Andrea Intartaglia Internal Medicine, Geriatic Medicine Syracuse 269857-9W December 6, 2013
Goodman, Thomas L Internal Medicine, Hematology, Medical Oncology Niskayuna 157963-0W December 17, 2013
Ahmed, Farruque Internal Medicine, Nephrology Albertson 188986-4W December 4, 2013
Lerner, Laurie Beth Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine Rochester 236490-9B December 17, 2013
Jean-Pierre Patrick D Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine Freeport 252812-3W December 26, 2013
Jacob, Rana Bitar Medical Oncology Niskayuna 200334-1W December 17, 2013
Collins, Jess David Neurology Albany 260870-1W December 13, 2013
Sims-O'neil, Cathy Neurology Albany 259362-2W December 18, 2013
Tennant, Corina Dupree Obstetrics/Gynecology Brooklyn 269575-7W December 5, 2013
Mawn, Stephen Vincent Occupational Medicine Pittsford 155674-5B December 6, 2013
Fitzgerald, Farkas Ellen Clare Ophthalmology Williamsville 261205-9B December 17, 2013
Pihlblad, Matthew Ophthalmology Buffalo 269714-2W December 17, 2013
Williams, Zoe Rebecca Ophthalmology Rochester 254530-9B December 18, 2013
Gonzalez, Mithra Osiris Ophthalmology Rochester 266016-5W December 19, 2013
Howell, Ronald D Orthopedic Surgery Oswego 262823-8W December 4, 2013
Alpert, Hilary W Orthopedic Surgery Staten Island 271676-9W December 6, 2013
Privitera, David Michael Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 270156-3W December 6, 2013
Yoon Michele Yuna Orthopedic Surgery New York 272274-2W December 12, 2013
Giuliani, Jeffrey Robert Orthopedic Surgery Auburn 272468-0W December 12, 2013
Herzog, Joshua Paul Orthopedic Surgery Auburn 272826-9W December 12, 2013
Gordon, Michael H Orthopedic Surgery New York 120344-7I December 12, 2013
Ablove, Robert Harold Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Amhurst 182650-2B December 5, 2013
Grossman, Lauren Beth Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Staten Island 249974-7W December 6, 2013
Fufa, Duretti Teferi Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery New York 250643-4W December 12, 2013
Gamburg, David Pain Management Melville 198440-0W December 20, 2013
Gonzalez, Pedro Juan Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Bronx 271593-6W December 6, 2013
Siddiqui, Farah Nafees Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Middletown 265062-0W December 6, 2013
Belen, Alfred Dennis Psychiatry Amherst 268486-8W December 12, 2013
Malagold Sara Rosa Psychology Brooklyn S19983-6B December 3, 2013
Sacks, Amanda Leah Psychology New York S17431-8B December 3, 2013
Benveniste, Paul Samuel Psychology Glens Falls S12638-3W December 3, 2013
Mowery, Hope Cantrell Psychology New York S20180-6W December 3, 2013
Spektor, Elina Psychology New York S19724-4W December 3, 2013
Bullitt, Clarissa Wardwell Psychology Stony Brook S14890-8W December 3, 2013
Reckess, Gila Zippora Psychology Syracuse S20202-8W December 3, 2013
Caruso, Samantha Gwynne Psychology Glens Falls S17452-4W December 3, 2013
O'doherty Susan Ann Psychology Brooklyn S13902-2W December 3, 2013
Chikunguwo, Silas Mbasera Surgery Norwich 250211-0W December 4, 2013
Cortes, Raul Albert Surgery New York 270485-6W December 12, 2013
Schiralli, Matthew Perry Surgery Rochester 249047-2W December 16, 2013
Melancon, Joseph Keith Surgery Syracuse 270515-0W December 23, 2013
Jain, Ajay Surgery Syracuse 272673-5W December 23, 2013
Talamini, Mark Adams Surgery Stony Brook 272937-4W December 31, 2013
Graham, David Anthony Surgery, Plastic Surgery Corning 269255-6W December 6, 2013
El-Amir, Nabeel George Surgery, Thoracic Surgery Utica 196623-3B December 2, 2013

* Providers authorized to treat only, have an authorization number ending in "W" – Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations, have an authorization number ending in "B" – Providers authorized to perform independent medical examinations only, have an authorization number ending in "I"

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director's Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Robert E. Beloten