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Subject Number 046-1260 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

January 23, 2020

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Anastasian, George Ardash Anesthesiology White Plains 234420-8W December 16, 2019
Bento, Andrew Francis Anesthesiology West Harrison 288271-0W December 13, 2019
Chen, Alisa Y. Anesthesiology West Harrison 289493-9W December 13, 2019
Joseph, Darcie Anesthesiology Rocky Point 283397-8W December 13, 2019
Liu, Roy Ruoxin Anesthesiology, Pain Management Ardsley 287628-2W December 4, 2019
Maryansky, Aleksey Anesthesiology New York 292839-8I December 13, 2019
Nayshtut, Michael Anesthesiology Staten Island 268323-3B December 13, 2019
Pashkova, Anna Aleksandrovna Anesthesiology, Pain Management New York 292772-1W December 16, 2019
Singh, Rohit G. Anesthesiology, Pain Management Binghamton 231976-2W December 16, 2019
Swong, Michael Nakkyung Anesthesiology Roslyn 288907-9W December 26, 2019
Gomez, Joseph Francis Cardiovascular Olean 198335-2W December 26, 2019
Perera, Rohan Gerard Cardiovascular East Setauket 207987-9W December 13, 2019
Borisov, Oleg Chiropractic Brooklyn C10697-3W December 16, 2019
Casella, Joseph P. Chiropractic New York C09606-7W December 16, 2019
Clothier, Susann Helene Chiropractic Chili C12065-1W December 16, 2019
Froenicke, Nikita Shea Chiropractic Staten Island C12241-8W December 16, 2019
Holland, Daniel James Chiropractic Nesconset C11216-1B December 16, 2019
Kenul, Dillon Chiropractic East Patchogue C13288-8W December 16, 2019
Koslowski, Kyle Chiropractic Hopewell Junction C13293-8W December 16, 2019
Krebs, Erik Tyler Chiropractic Warwick C12674-0W December 16, 2019
Lee, Nelson Chiropractic Glen Cove C12864-7W December 16, 2019
O’Hagan, Kevin Chiropractic Rochester C13257-3W December 16, 2019
Rodgers, Bethany Michelle Chiropractic Rochester C13197-1W December 16, 2019
Shin, Edward D. Chiropractic Flushing C13130-2W December 16, 2019
Somers, Kathryn Elizabeth Dermatology Rochester 282404-3W December 13, 2019
Arneja, Amrita Kaur Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology New York 288702-4B December 26, 2019
Bashist, Benjamin Diagnostic Radiology New York 128175-7W December 26, 2019
Burak, Jarett Savas Diagnostic Radiology Roslyn 243145-0W December 26, 2019
Dawson, Damien O. Diagnostic Radiology Rochester 256876-4W December 26, 2019
Dossous, Paul-Michel Fontaine Diagnostic Radiology Hempstead 272697-4W December 27, 2019
Ellis, Colin Michael Diagnostic Radiology Albany 298810-3W December 26, 2019
Kagen, Alexander Cates Diagnostic Radiology New York 240310-3W December 26, 2019
Kamath, Amita Diagnostic Radiology New York 252648-1W December 26, 2019
Lecompte, Lesli Michele Diagnostic Radiology Mt Kisco 265472-1B December 27, 2019
Monteferrante, Mark Letterio Diagnostic Radiology Hartsdale 185036-1W December 13, 2019
McCall, Charles Louis Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 297548-0W December 26, 2019
Rahman, Akm Ashfaqur Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Pittsford 275894-4W December 16, 2019
Weissmann, Murray H. Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 120865-1W December 26, 2019
Baghizadeh-Toosi, Babak Emergency Medicine Bronx 202898-3W December 16, 2019
Berry, Brian Matthew Emergency Medicine Syracuse 265435-8W December 13, 2019
Chen, Samantha C. Emergency Medicine Uniondale 246931-0W December 26, 2019
Dersarkissian, Carol Emergency Medicine Uniondale 221060-7W December 26, 2019
Lupow, Jason Brett Emergency Medicine Rye Brook 237641-6W December 16, 2019
Teigman, Alan Joshua Emergency Medicine Scarsdale 247250-4W December 13, 2019
Tieng, Nelson Leo Emergency Medicine Scarsdale 231219-7W December 13, 2019
Sokolik, Lauren Marie Emergency Medicine Uniondale 282994-3W December 26, 2019
Verma, Gaurav Emergency Medicine Uniondale 271968-0W December 26, 2019
Aggarwal, Abhinn Family Practice Binghamton 300045-2W December 13, 2019
Biondolillo, Christopher Charle Family Practice Buffalo 280135-5W December 26, 2019
Capin, Allan Alberto Family Practice Vestal 295738-9W December 18, 2019
Dashevskiy, Mark Family Practice Brooklyn 223331-0W December 13, 2019
Haque, Seeam Nur Family Practice Forest Hills 296018-5W December 27, 2019
Kishore, Varsha Family Practice Binghamton 297826-0W December 13, 2019
LaCarrubba, Sarah Anne Family Practice Bronx 268992-5W December 16, 2019
Liu, Richard Family Practice New York 290686-5W December 26, 2019
Padamadan, Hosi Family Practice Uniondale 286560-8W December 26, 2019
Talat, Afnan Family Practice Uniondale 296642-2W December 26, 2019
Stringham, Alison Spring-Rowell Family Practice Cicero 299638-7W December 13, 2019
Young, Jocelyn Colleen Family Practice Johnson City 290096-7W December 27, 2019
Ziegler, Sharon Lynn Family Practice Ithaca 187809-9W December 13, 2019
Bock, Devon E.M. General Vascular Surgery Glens Falls 188618-3B December 27, 2019
Sultan, Tanveer Aslam Infectious Diseases Latham 163626-5I December 26, 2019
Ahmed, Khadija Looloomarjan Internal Medicine Syracuse 209478-7W December 13, 2019
Anderson, Kathryn Brooke Internal Medicine Syracuse 299616-3W December 13, 2019
Daly, Margaret Ann Internal Medicine Yonkers 293322-4W December 13, 2019
Griffiths, Frederick Sten Internal Medicine Albany 283445-5W December 13, 2019
Halbert, Travis Weston Internal Medicine Mount Kisco 296978-0B December 13, 2019
Listopadzki, Dariusz Jaroslaw Internal Medicine Painted Post 234124-6W December 13, 2019
Lorch, Emily Kate Internal Medicine Yonkers 247304-9W December 16, 2019
Martirossian, Linet Internal Medicine, Rheumatology Cooperstown 299301-2W December 16, 2019
Mohindra, Reena Puri Internal Medicine Yorktown Heights 217765-7W December 13, 2019
Nayyar, Kamal Internal Medicine Bohemia 287713-2W December 13, 2019
Nazareth, Joanne Maria Internal Medicine Hornell 300248-2W December 13, 2019
Patel, Eric Internal Medicine Mt Kisco 301240-8B December 13, 2019
Sidari, Anthony Paul Internal Medicine, Rheumatology Ithaca 299401-0W December 13, 2019
Weiss, Allen Johnathan Internal Medicine West Harrison 293992-4W December 13, 2019
Yashi, Kanica Internal Medicine Syracuse 299771-6W December 16, 2019
Francis Faiz D. Interventional Radiology and Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 298246-0B December 13, 2019
Gaudin, Xavier Paul Neurological Surgery Rockville Centre 298195-9W December 13, 2019
Smith, Michael Louis Neurological Surgery New York 244016-2B December 26, 2019
Dakakni, Tarek Neurology Albany 274360-7I December 16, 2019
Fonzetti, Pasquale Neurology Purchase 216708-8W December 13, 2019
Kaye, Edward David Neurology Rochester 300503-0W December 13, 2019
Velicu, Simona Neurology Kenmore 290577-6W December 16, 2019
Wertheim, Iris Obstetrics/Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology Mount Kisco 202735-7B December 13, 2019
Wilson, Angela Obstetrics/Gynecology New York 217328-4B December 27, 2019
Mehta, Amy Anjan Ophthalmology Queens 291140-2W December 13, 2019
Hussamy, Omar David Orthopedic Surgery East Greenbush 302183-9I December 31, 2019
Konda, Sanjit Reddy Orthopedic Surgery New York 261627-4B December 13, 2019
Naik, Amish Atulbhai Orthopedic Surgery New York 273305-3B December 26, 2019
Rutter, Michael Ryan Orthopedic Surgery Middletown 300261-5W December 16, 2019
Trofa, David Paolo Orthopedic Surgery New York 299439-0W December 16, 2019
Valente, Nicholas Donald Orthopedic Surgery Medina 298894-7W December 20, 2019
Zilles, Michael McLaren Orthopedic Surgery Fishkill 203112-8B December 13, 2019
Hassan, Shady Elsayed Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Staten Island 276803-4B December 27, 2019
Koutalianos, Evangeline Panayot Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management Syracuse 299948-0W December 13, 2019
Kuruvilla, Bittu Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine White Plains 290612-1W December 13, 2019
Rehman, Arkam Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management Floral Park 298627-1W December 13, 2019
Yen, Gary L. Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine Brooklyn 231999-4B December 13, 2019
Abraham, Zebib Kidane Psychiatry New York 290433-2W December 26, 2019
Katz, Gabriel Gennady Psychiatry New York 243254-0I December 26, 2019
Bromley, Glenn Garrett Psychology Pelham S20188-9B December 20, 2019
Paluba, Gary V. Psychology New York S06382-6W December 20, 2019
Rivera, Akeisha La Toya Psychology Rye Brook S20809-0W December 20, 2019
Varsos, George Radiation Oncology Forest Hills 178542-7W December 13, 2019
Marshall, Richard Aaron Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Woodside 292488-4W December 4, 2019
Feghali, Anthony Charles Surgery Syracuse 298669-3W December 26, 2019
Vella, Michael Antonio Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Rochester 298780-8W December 10, 2019

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez