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Subject Number 046-1240 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

December 17, 2019

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Lightle, Andrea Ramirez Anatomic Pathology Albany 290462-1I November 25, 2019
Lin, George Anatomic Pathology, Dermatopathology Slingerlands 297107-5I November 25, 2019
Rand, Janne Victoria Anatomic Pathology Lake Placid 285368-7I November 25, 2019
Tooke-Barry, Chelsea Eryn Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Averill Park 282098-3I November 25, 2019
Alvelo, Francesco Anesthesiology Brooklyn 299161-0W November 13, 2019
Chernyak, Leonid Anesthesiology, Pain Management Brooklyn 247979-8B November 13, 2019
Greenberg, Andrew Brad Anesthesiology New York 296832-9W November 13, 2019
Horan, Patrick M. Anesthesiology Port Jervis 295062-4W November 12, 2019
Kim, Ethan Sukhoon Anesthesiology Poughkeepsie 297347-7W November 13, 2019
Kovalevskiy, Mark Anesthesiology Brooklyn 233344-1W November 13, 2019
Makayan, Michael Acesor Anesthesiology Manlius 243035-3W November 13, 2019
O’Donoghue, Margaret Ashley Anesthesiology Albany 292744-0I November 25, 2019
Rabinowitz, David Anesthesiology Rocky Point 286983-2W November 1, 2019
Shim, Hoon Bo Anesthesiology, Pain Management Stony Brook 293465-1W November 13, 2019
Singh, Christopher Anesthesiology Brooklyn 300379-5W November 13, 2019
Woo, Joseph William Anesthesiology Roslyn 289929-2W November 13, 2019
Nappi, Anthony Gerald Cardiovascular, Interventional Cardiology Albany 228744-9I November 25, 2019
Galante, Daniela L. Chiropractic Williamsville C13289-6W November 1, 2019
Park, Chun Hyung Chiropractic Bayside C12779-7I November 1, 2019
Roth, Gregory Douglas Chiropractic Rochester C13275-5W November 1, 2019
Tokarz, Phillip Richard Chiropractic Rochester C13294-6I November 1, 2019
Romano, Michael Thomas Dermatology Yorktown Heights 288190-2B November 12, 2019
Alzheimer, Daniel Robert Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Williamsville 297596-9B November 25, 2019
Aria, Robert Jadali Diagnostic Radiology Buffalo 262803-0W November 25, 2019
Aujero, Mireille Priale Diagnostic Radiology New York 295838-7W November 20, 2019
Cantos, Andrew Justin Diagnostic Radiology Rochester 272795-6W November 29, 2019
Cole, Adam Joseph Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 288125-8W November 25, 2019
Friedman, Reshma Mathen Diagnostic Radiology Brooklyn 260604-4W November 25, 2019
Gilman, Steven B. Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 295156-4B November 25, 2019
Gozansky, Elliott Kirk Diagnostic Radiology New York 299436-6B November 25, 2019
Kulkarni, Kopal Shama Diagnostic Radiology New York 289460-8B November 25, 2019
Levy, Lauren Simone Diagnostic Radiology New York 190626-2W November 13, 2019
Lin, Edward Pei-Hong Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Canandaigua 247762-8W November 29, 2019
McGrath, John Ross Diagnostic Radiology Buffalo 279891-6W November 25, 2019
Motimaya, Ash Diagnostic Radiology Pittsford 232167-7W November 29, 2019
Nguyen, Vinh Tuy Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Great Neck 230665-2B November 25, 2019
Prawak, Myron Yuriy Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 301202-8W November 25, 2019
Raizon, Arnold Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 297157-0B November 13, 2019
Robinson, Luke Diagnostic Radiology Farmingdale 288009-4W November 13, 2019
Shin, Patrick Diagnostic Radiology Mineola 252167-2B November 13, 2019
Sicular, Serge Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 264206-4B November 25, 2019
Wilbur, Scott Fallon Diagnostic Radiology Victor 261288-5W November 29, 2019
Yoon, Edward Sukjin Diagnostic Radiology New York 288917-8B November 12, 2019
Cantor, Francine Debra Emergency Medicine Syracuse 175393-8W November 13, 2019
Kandel, Krista Jahnke Emergency Medicine Syracuse 289070-5W November 12, 2019
Klein, Pamela Eve Emergency Medicine Brooklyn 250867-9W November 25, 2019
Mashraghi, Alan Sergio Emergency Medicine New York 298824-4W November 13, 2019
Salvatore, Steven Joseph Emergency Medicine Ronkonkoma 182616-3W November 1, 2019
Shallat, John E. Emergency Medicine Deer Park 219990-9W November 29, 2019
Stillman, Bess Catherine Emergency Medicine Brooklyn 275779-7W November 8, 2019
Abraham, Sherly Family Practice Brooklyn 244000-6W November 25, 2019
Almendral, Alicia Sta Maria Family Practice Bronx 236741-5W November 8, 2019
Amir, Adeel Family Practice North Tonawanda 298828-5W November 13, 2019
Chernenko, Alla Family Practice Lynbrook 250581-6W November 25, 2019
Esterson, Aaron Family Practice Champlain 300188-0W November 1, 2019
Fyock, Brandon M. Family Practice Hamburg 298655-2W November 13, 2019
Hadwani, Aly Aminmohamed Family Practice Perry 300171-6W November 12, 2019
Hamm, Christina Maria Family Practice Brooklyn 291906-6W November 12, 2019
Hanspal, Utsav Family Practice Binghamton 300473-6W November 8, 2019
Jacobs, Andrew Jack Family Practice Sayville 296966-5W November 1, 2019
Jones, Anthony Charles Family Practice Hudson 276596-4W November 25, 2019
Jones, Donique David Family Practice Bronx 300536-0W November 12, 2019
Lee, Vida W. Family Practice Brooklyn 292382-9W November 8, 2019
Mack, Kristin Lake Family Practice Ticonderoga 272786-5W November 13, 2019
MacLean, Sean William Family Practice Hamburg 281778-1W November 25, 2019
Racine, Christie Family Practice Brooklyn 291102-2W November 8, 2019
Rooney, Sarah Margaret Family Practice Geneva 299255-0W November 29, 2019
Sterling, Darya Family Practice Bellport 285692-0W November 1, 2019
Vesey, Maria Del Rosario Family Practice Copiague 221416-1W November 8, 2019
Beers, Kelly H. Internal Medicine Cohoes 291927-2I November 13, 2019
Gianotti, Robert Joseph, III Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Albany 258828-3I November 25, 2019
Kaknis, Megan Elizabeth Internal Medicine Middletown 297276-8B November 29, 2019
Korus, Adam Jeffrey Internal Medicine Stony Brook  298901-0W November 13, 2019
Millar, Robert David Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Albany 173488-8I November 25, 2019
Otokiti, Ahmed Umar Internal Medicine Bronx 294974-1W November 8, 2019
Passarella, Pasquale Internal Medicine Albany 299351-7I November 13, 2019
Rosenbloom, Ella Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Port Jefferson 262371-8W November 1, 2019
Schachter, Neil Stanley Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Cooperstown 165820-2W November 1, 2019
Sherazi, Andleeb Internal Medicine Johnson City 294859-4W November 25, 2019
Vante, Chantale Internal Medicine Stony Brook 236882-7W November 13, 2019
Viterbo, Domenico Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Poughkeepsie 283724-3I November 25, 2019
Warndorf, Matthew Gregory Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Albany 283668-2I November 25, 2019
Zakhary, Daniel Reda Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Utica 249896-2B November 29, 2019
Singh, Harshpal Neurological Surgery Brooklyn 240300-4B November 13, 2019
Hughes, Inna Neurology, Child Neurology Rochester 263481-4W November 1, 2019
Mahmud, Sidrah Neurology Stony Brook 300068-4W November 13, 2019
Seltzer, Laurie Eileen Neurology Child Neurology Rochester 260690-3W November 1, 2019
Aguwa, Mridasim Ogechi Obstetrics/Gynecology Fishkill 236372-9B November 13, 2019
Blaszczyk, Theodore Michael Obstetrics/Gynecology Smithtown 169211-0B November 13, 2019
Kanganis, Polly Obstetrics/Gynecology Smithtown 194602-9W November 25, 2019
Saychek, Toni A. Obstetrics/Gynecology Poughkeepsie 162133-3B November 13, 2019
Terranova, Maureen Shaw Obstetrics/Gynecology Rhinebeck 223646-1B November 25, 2019
Campbell, Michael Olin Ophthalmology Orchard Park 266837-4B November 25, 2019
Rothschild, Michael Isaac Ophthalmology Slingerlands 295717-3W November 25, 2019
Knox, Jeffrey Bruce Orthopedic Surgery New York 265938-1B November 13, 2019
Neuwirth, Alexander Laurent Orthopedic Surgery New York 292102-1W November 25, 2019
Ortiz, Dionisio, III Orthopedic Surgery Watertown 267861-3I November 29, 2019
Patterson, Diana Orthopedic Surgery Stony Brook 283069-3W November 13, 2019
Sellers, William Joseph Orthopedic Surgery Cobleskill 300982-6W November 13, 2019
Weiss, Carl Barton Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Elmhurst 162821-3B November 25, 2019
Shapshay, Stanley M. Otolaryngology Albany 236607-8I November 25 2019
Chen, Eduardo Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Utica 282512-3W November 14, 2019
Najafi, Shervin Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation New York 297617-3B November 14, 2019
Oven, Steven David Plastic Surgery Great Neck 298277-5W November 25, 2019
Agunbiade, Modupe Margaret Podiatry Geneva P06878-4W November 26, 2019
Bhela, Davinder Podiatry Hicksville P06881-8B November 26, 2019
Boccio, Ashley Kay Podiatry Huntington P06899-0W November 26, 2019
Ewald, Brandon Douglas Podiatry Binghamton P06949-3W November 26, 2019
Iorio, Anthony Robert Podiatry Long Island City P06119-3B November 26, 2019
Javed, Mudasser Rafiq Podiatry East Setauket P07021-0W November 26, 2019
Malezhik, Vera Podiatry Brooklyn P06856-0W November 26, 2019
Meisenburg, Jacob Joseph Podiatry Auburn P06981-6W November 26, 2019
Nemeth, Anna Bryk Podiatry Staten Island P07020-2W November 26, 2019
Park, Joseph Podiatry Albany P07034-3W November 26, 2019
Richards, Jonathan Jacob Podiatry New York P06522-8B November 26, 2019
Sharma, Shital Podiatry New York P06594-7B November 26, 2019
Wong, Andrew Podiatry Bronx P06917-0B November 26, 2019
Colin, Michael Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry Brooklyn 272858-2W November 14, 2019
Quinlan, Julia Dawn Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry Patchogue 300178-1W November 13, 2019
Sherman, Matthew Jason Psychiatry Stony Brook 287152-3B November 25, 2019
Soliman, Maged Sobhy Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Stony Brook 243485-0W November 29, 2019
Watkins-Laptiste, Terese Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Stony Brook 265964-7W November 13, 2019
Gillett, Dodie A. Psychology Stony Brook S17663-6W November 26, 2019
Valdesuso, Karen Angelique Psychology New York S23215-7W November 26, 2019
Berry-Tony, Sagine Audra Radiology – Radiology Stony Brook 279046-7W November 25, 2019
Khasgiwala, Anunita Radiology – Radiology, Nuclear Radiology Lake Success 291033-9W November 13, 2019
Vaswani, Devin Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Brooklyn 292137-7W November 12, 2019
Abdel-Misih, Sherif Raafat Zikr Surgery Mount Sinai 297990-4B November 25, 2019
Archer, Michael Allen Surgery Syracuse 299359-0W November 13, 2019
Botwinick, Isadora Carmel Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Stony Brook 284543-6W November 25, 2019
Huang, Viola Surgery Smithtown 298707-1W November 13, 2019
Karmaker, Avik Surgery Cortlandt Manor 300064-3W November 25, 2019
Hosannah, Hilton Oliver, II Thoracic Surgery Albany 163970-7I November 1, 2019

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez