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Subject Number 046-1228 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

November 14, 2019

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Barcohana, Mark Anesthesiology New York 226484-4W October 22, 2019
Benhacene, Assia Anesthesiology Syracuse 247868-3B October 21, 2019
Choudry, Muhammad Ibrahim Anesthesiology Rocky Point 286600-2W October 28, 2019
Davydov, Yuriy Anesthesiology Forest Hills 299264-2W October 23, 2019
Dixon, Duane Edward Anesthesiology, Pain Management Plattsburgh 299525-6W October 1, 2019
Donovan, Jacqueline Erin Anesthesiology Delmar 279116-8W October 15, 2019
Ford, Samantha Lena Anesthesiology Rochester 300018-9W October 15, 2019
Keith, Jack Patterson Anesthesiology Cooperstown 292722-6W October 30, 2019
Levine, Kushner Phoebe Caren Anesthesiology Woodbury 297148-9W October 22, 2019
Li-A-Ping, Chan Allister Anesthesiology N Baldwin 298101-7W October 30, 2019
Nisimov, Emmanuel Anesthesiology Forest Hills 290588-3W October 22, 2019
Noll, Kathleen R. Anesthesiology Binghamton 285837-1W October 28, 2019
Rangavajjula, Ashwin Vilas Anesthesiology Middletown 298545-5B October 30, 2019
Ross, Joshua E. Anesthesiology Saratoga Springs 298843-4B October 29, 2019
Stewart, Camille Andrea Anesthesiology Stony Point 246197-8W October 10, 2019
Toma, Grigore Anesthesiology Syracuse 300968-5B October 22, 2019
Toor, Jaspreet S. Anesthesiology West Islip 298303-9W October 15, 2019
Dayan, Etan Diagnostic Radiology Harrison 282517-2W October 15, 2019
Siatras, Anastasia Karabatsos Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 299385-5W October 1, 2019
Thomas, Matthew Howard Diagnostic Radiology Westfield 245351-2W October 22, 2019
Bracey, Alexander Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 298129-8W October 15, 2019
Hunt, John Edward, III Emergency Medicine Riverhead 213393-2W October 17, 2019
Isnar, Hagop Aydin Emergency Medicine Syracuse 219426-4W October 21, 2019
Kim, Martin Minwoo Emergency Medicine Syracuse 299039-8W October 22, 2019
Maloney, Lauren Marie Emergency Medicine Setauket 297507-6W October 28, 2019
Stillman, Mark C. Emergency Medicine Lagrangeville 223749-3B October 21, 2019
Stimson, Kevin Thomas Emergency Medicine Syracuse 287711-6W October 21, 2019
Chung, Matthew H. Family Practice Cooperstown 297761-9W October 28, 2019
Elman, Dylan Peter Family Practice Staten Island 292663-2W October 15, 2019
Harding, Kurt Robert Family Practice Norwich 166045-5W October 15, 2019
Jafojo, Olayemi Racheal Family Practice Cooperstown 299872-2W October 30, 2019
Jones, Christina Keith Family Practice Yonkers 283160-0W October 22, 2019
Lamington, Rajat Eshan Family Practice New York 300867-9W October 15, 2019
Lowenstein, Michael Aaron Family Practice Staten Island 285999-9W October 17, 2019
Maqsood, Syed Asim Family Practice Rocky Point 293001-4W October 30, 2019
Park, Gloria Katherine Family Practice Jamaica 298847-5W October 21, 2019
Ali, Shaheer Internal Medicine Lindenhurst 294420-5W October 28, 2019
Alom, MD Saiful Internal Medicine Johnson City 299833-4W October 30, 2019
Bopp, James Thomas Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine Sayville 180716-3W October 11, 2019
Erbay, Celal Gurol Internal Medicine New York 239658-8B October 28, 2019
Franco, Stephen Albert Internal Medicine Johnson City 299805-2W October 30, 2019
Kaul, Viren Internal Medicine Syracuse 287117-6W October 22, 2019
Kulina, Georgia Rose Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Port Jefferson 270727-1W October 22, 2019
Leader, Isaac Internal Medicine Purchase 275229-3W October 22, 2019
Miraglia, Janeen Theresa Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Staten Island 257127-1W October 11, 2019
Mousa, Tarek Mohamed Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Astoria 259363-0W October 15, 2019
Nelligan, Maureen Internal Medicine Yonkers 203015-3W October 21, 2019
O’Brien, Michael Robert Internal Medicine Middletown 273132-1W October 4, 2019
Patel, Bhargav Internal Medicine Bellerose 280820-2B October 21, 2019
Rager, Christina Ann Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine Rochester 272399-7W October 16, 2019
Rahman, Hammad Ur Internal Medicine Syracuse 299488-7W October 21, 2019
Saldivar, Miguel Angel Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Stony Brook 278235-7W October 15, 2019
Samih, Mohammad Abdelrahof Internal Medicine, Nephrology Ithaca 299687-4W October 30, 2019
Yao, Yuan Internal Medicine Stony Brook 300733-3W October 1, 2019
Eller, Jorge Luis Neurological Surgery Syracuse 258352-4W October 21, 2019
Yanamadala, Vijay Neurological Surgery Bronx 296182-9W October 23, 2019
Reid, Derrece Kaliesha Neurology West Islip 279921-1W October 28, 2019
El, Kareh Adele Obstetrics/Gynecology Poughkeepsie 177429-8B October 16, 2019
Kim, Sara Ka Rham Obstetrics/Gynecology Stony Brook 299291-5W October 30, 2019
Magneson, Amy Tye Obstetrics/Gynecology Mount Kisco 239899-8B October 21, 2019
Roberts, Nikki L. Obstetrics/Gynecology Poughkeepsie 231015-9B October 16, 2019
Greenberg, Scott Harlan Ophthalmology Slingerlands 297639-7W October 28, 2019
Scofield-Kaplan, Stacy Marie Ophthalmology East Setauket 276997-4B October 28, 2019
Whigham, Benjamin Thomas Ophthalmology New York 287412-1W October 15, 2019
Berchuck, Matthew Orthopedic Surgery East Setauket 264986-1W October 28, 2019
Carr, James Bradley, II Orthopedic Surgery New York 292022-1W October 22, 2019
Doughty, Kathryn Suzanne Orthopedic Surgery Cooperstown 300277-1W October 22, 2019
Korbin, Seth Brian Orthopedic Surgery Stony Brook 278367-8W October 28, 2019
Rosenbaum, Joseph Aryeh Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Purchase 296150-6W October 15, 2019
Schairer, William Orthopedic Surgery New York 275651-8W October 15, 2019
Scher, Danielle Lauren Orthopedic Surgery Bronx 291217-8B October 29, 2019
Snyder, Ronald David Orthopedic Surgery New York 300922-2I October 22, 2019
Spohn, Peter John Orthopedic Surgery Hicksville 183007-4B October 31, 2019
Vredenburgh, Zachary Donald Orthopedic Surgery East Syracuse 300286-2W October 22, 2019
Feldman, Jacob Stephen Otolaryngology Syracuse 286751-3W October 21, 2019
Raoofi, William Seyed Reza Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Syracuse 299015-8W October 15, 2019
Aramian, Ludmila Psychiatry Stony Brook 293162-4W October 15, 2019
Gulati, Shawn Psychiatry Cooperstown 295936-9W October 30, 2019
Fickes, Michael Glenn Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Latham 299471-3W October 15, 2019
Goodman, Sarah Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology West Harrison 294274-6W October 22, 2019
Liu, Bo Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Plattsburgh 298867-3W October 15, 2019
Martynov, Alexander Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Middletown 298409-4W October 3, 2019
Wang, Benjamin Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology New York 297103-4W October 15, 2019
Grucela, Alexis L. Surgery, Colon/Rectal Surgery Mount Kisco 243598-0B October 21, 2019
Harris, Philip Lee Surgery Bath 177949-5W October 22, 2019
Reavey, Patrick Lambert Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery Pittsford 245073-2W October 15, 2019
Reavis, Tiffany Brook Surgery, Surgical Critical Care New York 259626-0W October 4, 2019

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez