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Subject Number 046-1210 Changes to the List of Health Care Providers Authorized to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

August 15, 2019

Pursuant to Workers’ Compensation Law § 13-b, a provider must be licensed and registered with the New York State Education Department in order to maintain a Workers’ Compensation Board authorization(s).

The following have been removed from the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system based on information provided by the New York State Education Department indicating that they do not currently have an active license to practice medicine in New York State.

Umberger, Daniel C. Clyde 228091-5W July 1, 2019
Bansal, Anuj Bakersfield 248480-6W July 11, 2019
Abraham, Lisa Puthuparampil Clifton Park 256386-4W July 11, 2019
Abramson, Gayle L. Cooperstown 189182-9W July 11, 2019
Benjamin, Jean Marie Corning 193067-6W July 11, 2019
Betschart, Paul J. Danbury P05002-2W July 11, 2019
Bhansali, Lata D. Congers 140301-3W July 11, 2019
Bonanno, Philip Carl Mount Kisco 093034-7W July 11, 2019
Brooks, Jane F. Edgewater 108982-0W July 11, 2019
Brula, Abdul Qadir Glens Falls 271414-5W July 11, 2019
Cardenas, Gustavo A. Patchogue 112984-0W July 11, 2019
Cedrone, Antonia New York S11639-2W July 11, 2019
Chanko, Eric H. Sandy Hook 254173-8W July 11, 2019
Cherubini, Thomas D. Mahwah 101092-5W July 11, 2019
Choudhary, Madhuchhanda Albany 280331-0W July 11, 2019
Chubineh, Bahram East Amherst 119069-3W July 11, 2019
Chuo, Henry Yam Hoon Valley Stream 155098-7W July 11, 2019
Cole, Adam Joseph Williamsville 288125-8W July 11, 2019
Conschafter, Robert Lee Cheektowaga C01361-7W July 11, 2019
Cowan, Douglas Edward New York 208092-7I July 11, 2019
Cress, Clarene J. Land O Lakes 131798-1W July 11, 2019
Debe, Anthony Harry Mastic C12502-3W July 11, 2019
Di Poala, Joseph Anthony Rochester 098438-5W July 11, 2019
Difusco, Thomas Vittorio Oceanside C07297-7B July 11, 2019
Doan, Kyle William Dewitt C05251-6W July 11, 2019
Durand, David Bradley Sarasota 198886-4W July 11, 2019
Eastman, Brenda G. Canaan S08164-6W July 11, 2019
Esposito, Vincent Michael Miami Beach 127860-5W July 11, 2019
Falci, Thomas Liverpool 139792-6W July 11, 2019
Finn, Margaret M. Seneca Falls C07010-4W July 11, 2019
Fodera, Vito Elmont 264556-2W July 11, 2019
Gambitta, Patricia A. Cooperstown S04962-7W July 11, 2019
Gillman, Stephen I. Bay Shore S03667-3W July 11, 2019
Gloger, Barry S. Forest Hills 135225-1W July 11, 2019
Goldwasser, Stephen L. Brooklyn 135842-3W July 11, 2019
Grapel, Daniel Bayside P03411-7W July 11, 2019
Gunawardane, Cyril Portville 171403-9W July 11, 2019
Gupta, Chandra M. Oceanside 112347-0W July 11, 2019
Halegoua, Isaak I. Princetown 125089-3W July 12, 2019
Haynes, Milton Odwin Carlton New York 109206-3W July 12, 2019
Imboden, Linda L. Syracuse 130810-5W July 12, 2019
Jan, Rafiq Yonkers 101120-4W July 12, 2019
Kalish, Randy J. Syracuse 154235-6W July 12, 2019
Kanakaraj, Paul D. New Castle 133611-4W July 12, 2019
Kane, Lauren Christine Orlando 290430-8W July 12, 2019
Khaneja, Satish C. East Palo Alto 121579-7W July 12, 2019
Koenig, Steven Paul Boca Raton 115847-6W July 12, 2019
Kohlitz, Patrick Jean Liverpool 270682-8W July 12, 2019
Kopecky, Richard Thomas Jamesville 150197-2W July 12, 2019
Kousourou, Hariton H. Paw Paw 156800-5W July 12, 2019
Lapadula, John Vincent Johnson City 270640-6W July 12, 2019
Lauriello, Adriano Syosset 102405-8W July 12, 2019
Lo Turco, Frank P. Seneca Falls 113909-6W July 12, 2019
Madjar, Shahar Marquette 232250-1W July 12, 2019
Mc Auley, Michael Dennis Saint James P03953-8W July 12, 2019
McClurg, Joel Charles Corning 264649-5W July 12, 2019
Meaders, Wilson E. New York City S02776-3W July 12, 2019
Medin, Karen Louise Syracuse 270483-1W July 12, 2019
Meinsen, James G. Addison C07146-6W July 12, 2019
Narula, Harmeet Singh Peoria 223879-8B July 12, 2019
Nataloni, Robert Christopher Fernandina Beach 162055-8W July 12, 2019
Nensey, Cyrus Karim Haverstraw 280410-2W July 12, 2019
Nido, Diana Lauren Glen Head 290076-9W July 12, 2019
Pasamba, Michelle Ongkingo Bronx 279132-5W July 12, 2019
Perkins, Victor Adam Melville 287992-2W July 12, 2019
Perry, Herbert Spencer Glen Cove 092782-2W July 12, 2019
Peter, H. Michael Binghamton S04903-1W July 12, 2019
Poster, Harold David Glens Falls P01717-9W July 12, 2019
Poulos, Anna Marie Schenectady 175360-7W July 12, 2019
Prober, Allen Samuel Monroe 287998-9W July 12, 2019
Rosenkilde, Carl Emil Mt. Kisco 177237-5W July 12, 2019
Sachdeva, Amrita Middletown 258574-3W July 12, 2019
Sciandra, Joseph A. Buffalo P03123-8W July 12, 2019
Shumko, John Zachary Clifton 202904-9W July 12, 2019
Sills, Richard H. New York 120757-0W July 12, 2019
Singh, Harbhajan Rockville Centre 112253-0W July 12, 2019
Sulitzer, Karen G. Melbourne 191972-9W July 12, 2019
Temp, John Arthur Pittsford 190821-9W July 12, 2019
Torres, Ivette Bernadette New Windsor 139409-7W July 12, 2019
Torres, Michael Anthony Lutz 175772-3B July 12, 2019
Tuoti, Raymond Joseph Williamsville 135189-9W July 12, 2019
Umholtz, Matthew James Tampa 280775-8W July 12, 2019
Vitale, Leonard Frank Brooklyn 094764-8W July 12, 2019
Vogliano, George Stefan Katonah 119441-4W July 12, 2019
West, Alan Leonard New York P02139-5W July 12, 2019
Wise, Arthur J., Jr. Roslyn Heights 097862-7W July 12, 2019
Yew, Elizabeth Astoria 142646-9W July 12, 2019
Yun, Joanna Cortland 280611-5W July 12, 2019

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

These providers are prohibited from rendering treatment and care to injured workers and/or from performing independent medical examinations. Reports submitted for services rendered prior to the effective date are valid, but are invalid for any services rendered on or after that date. Requests to cross-examine any of the above for services rendered prior to the effective date should not be denied due to the removal of their authorizations.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.


Clarissa M. Rodriguez