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Subject Number 046-1199 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

August 15, 2019

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Gage, Nicole Terese Anesthesiology Buffalo 298912-7W July 18, 2019
Goldstein, Brian Alan Anesthesiology, Pain Management Fresh Meadows 276221-9W July 24, 2019
Maratea, Anthony George Anesthesiology Purchase 173259-3W July 18, 2019
Ouanes, Jean-Pierre Phillip Anesthesiology New York 243010-6W July 8, 2019
Palaia, Thomas Roy Anesthesiology New York 298332-8W July 16, 2019
Patel, Manan Krishnakant Anesthesiology, Pain Management Staten Island 262028-4B July 8, 2019
Patel, Neha Dinesh Anesthesiology Purchase 255621-5W July 18, 2019
Richvalsky, Tanya Marie Anesthesiology Rensselaer 293193-9W July 16, 2019
Sarwar, Muhammad Faisal Anesthesiology Syracuse 254268-6B July 18, 2019
Satler, Samuel Leland Anesthesiology Rochester 295014-5W July 18, 2019
Semidey, Robert Carlos Anesthesiology Kenmore 296396-5W July 18, 2019
Small, Ethan Alan Anesthesiology White Plains 256872-3W July 19, 2019
Stoltzfus, Gregory Paul Anesthesiology Buffalo 298736-0W July 18, 2019
Vazquez, Edward Alfred Anesthesiology Purchase 276432-2W July 19, 2019
Yoon, James J. Anesthesiology Canandaigua 293632-6W July 18, 2019
Bilinski, Michael Peter Chiropractic Buffalo C12759-9W July 9, 2019
Caruso, Giulio Chiropractic Brooklyn C07156-5W July 10, 2019
Fernandez, Jenaro Chiropractic Jackson Heights C13057-7B July 9, 2019
Hershkowitz, David W. Chiropractic Bronx C11234-4W July 9, 2019
Jarosz, John Raymond, Jr. Chiropractic Rome C11243-5W July 9, 2019
Kowtun, Rebecca Anne Chiropractic Buffalo C13185-6W July 9, 2019
Nelson, Joshua John Chiropractic Buffalo C12914-0W July 9, 2019
Parish, Nevin Chiropractic Ogdensburg C13205-2B July 9, 2019
Radpasand, Hamed Chiropractic New Rochelle C13102-1W July 9, 2019
Roberts, Kelsey E. Chiropractic Rochester C13191-4B July 10, 2019
Soper, Sarah Liane Chiropractic Depew C13154-2B July 9, 2019
Abrams, Joseph Diagnostic Radiology Great Neck 244847-0W July 16, 2019
Argiriadi, Pamela Anastasia Diagnostic Radiology New York 228924-7W July 24, 2019
Feld, Leslie Joy Diagnostic Radiology New York 217265-8W July 24, 2019
Koshy, June Diagnostic Radiology, Pediatric Radiology Flushing 264279-1W July 24, 2019
Malik, Javed Iqbal Diagnostic Radiology Utica 293557-5W July 24, 2019
Persaud, Vincent Diagnostic Radiology Plattsburgh 297804-7W July 18, 2019
Radwan, Hussien Abdelmohsen Tha Diagnostic Radiology Jamesville 261813-0W July 18, 2019
Starc, Michael Thomas Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology New York 282783-0W July 24, 2019
Torrente, Jessica Diagnostic Radiology Brooklyn 281176-8W July 8, 2019
Andrews, Shari Tamara Emergency Medicine Brooklyn 268002-3W July 12, 2019
Bristow, Robert Blakely Emergency Medicine Bronx 200934-8W July 24, 2019
Flood, Russell Emergency Medicine Rockville Centre 236289-5W July 26, 2019
Flores, Frank Pedro Emergency Medicine Bronx 186787-8W July 12, 2019
Franks, Jeanne Elise Emergency Medicine Lynbrook 189893-1W July 12, 2019
Ghobadi-Ghadikolai Farzaneh Emergency Medicine New York 286473-4W July 24, 2019
Lawrence, Charles Wayne Emergency Medicine Bronx 213978-0W July 24, 2019
McCarthy, Colleen Emergency Medicine New York 258207-0W July 24, 2019
Schwartz, Lainie Beth Emergency Medicine New York 233147-8W July 24, 2019
Volfson, Dmitry Emergency Medicine Brooklyn 246790-0W July 12, 2019
Kong, Yanping Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Syracuse 296815-4W July 8, 2019
Bodoutchian, Ani Aghavni Family Practice Stony Brook 210217-6W July 8, 2019
Cincotta, Joseph Anthony Family Practice Syracuse 296155-5W July 8, 2019
Chaise, Joel Michael Family Practice Bronx 148106-8W July 8, 2019
Dormevil, Raymond Family Practice Brooklyn 294631-7W July 12, 2019
Doshi, Tina Vinay Family Practice Bronx 271576-1W July 12, 2019
Erlikh, Irina V. Family Practice Brooklyn 242461-2W July 12, 2019
Goldwaser, Elan Luria Family Practice, Sports Medicine New York 289782-5B July 18, 2019
Hong, Alice Family Practice New York 294746-3W July 24, 2019
Hussain, Munif Mohammed Family Practice, Sports Medicine Brooklyn 286419-7W July 12, 2019
Ibrahim, Murfat Family Practice Brooklyn 288052-4W July 12, 2019
Irshad, Huma Family Practice New York 285672-2W July 24, 2019
Khan, Irfan Ahmad Family Practice Johnson City 297771-8W July 18, 2019
LaValley, Rebecca Lynn Family Practice Utica 281119-8W July 8, 2019
Messeroux, Noumeda Family Practice Brooklyn 295899-9W July 18, 2019
Milano, James Family Practice Bay Shore 196316-4W July 12, 2019
Murphy, Raquel Sophia Family Practice Port Jefferson Stat 261999-7W July 12, 2019
Nanyonga, Alice Tabisa Family Practice Brooklyn 263350-1W July 24, 2019
Okafor-Mbah, Gomez Chioma Family Practice New York 266343-3W July 24, 2019
Okpukpara, Onyinye Obianuju Family Practice West Harrison 258078-5W July 18, 2019
Pham, Shirley Trang Family Practice New York 268426-4W July 24, 2019
Pochetuhen, Kerill Family Practice Brooklyn 284275-5W July 12, 2019
Rashidov, Umed Asrorovich Family Practice Brooklyn 284817-4W July 12, 2019
Rohani, Sayed Mojtaba Family Practice Bronx 295638-1W July 24, 2019
Saint-Leger, Danielle Family Practice Brooklyn 262654-7W July 12, 2019
Shneyder, Tanya Family Practice Brooklyn 251066-7W July 12, 2019
Villalobos, Camilo Ernesto Family Practice, Sports Medicine Astoria 296179-5W July 12, 2019
Virani, Zahra Noorullah Family Practice New York 275634-4W July 24, 2019
Appelbaum, Eric Charles Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine Chappaqua 223148-8W July 24, 2019
Carvounis, Christos P. Internal Medicine, Nephrology Syracuse 135623-7W July 8, 2019
Chandy, Elizabeth Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Hudson 270308-0W July 18, 2019
DeFrank, Castro Joseph Miguel Internal Medicine Johnson City 262824-6W July 18, 2019
Gewirtz, Andrew Jay Internal Medicine Brooklyn 296687-7W July 12, 2019
Koury, Michelle Ann Internal Medicine Middletown 202365-3B July 18, 2019
McQuiller, Peter Samuel Internal Medicine Orchard Park 237775-2I July 11, 2019
Rosen, Seth I. Internal Medicine New York 269660-7W July 24, 2019
Rufa, Erik Paul Internal Medicine Syracuse 298587-7W July 16, 2019
Shah, Kaushal Narendrabhai Internal Medicine Monroe 211335-5W July 8, 2019
Shahnawaz, Zainab Internal Medicine Syracuse 296045-8W July 18, 2019
Sharaiha, Talal Z. Internal Medicine Johnson City 278936-0W July 18, 2019
Tilson, Morris A. Internal Medicine Nanuet 144319-1W July 12, 2019
Vitkus, Alisa Anne Internal Medicine Rochester 295349-5W July 24, 2019
Weinstein, Paul David Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine Yonkers 164817-9W July 19, 2019
Yaqoob, Zobaria Internal Medicine Stony Brook 261736-3W July 18, 2019
Zafar, Monaa Internal Medicine Purchase 265481-2W July 19, 2019
Leroux, Peter David Neurological Surgery Cooperstown 196968-2W July 24, 2019
Meyers, Joshua Evan Neurological Surgery Williamsville 297302-2W July 19, 2019
Wasilewski, Andrea Christina Neurology Rochester 293289-5W July 18, 2019
Zyloney, Carolyn Elizabeth Neurology Rochester 289942-5W July 24, 2019
Sultana, Razia Nuclear Medicine Buffalo 263357-6B July 16, 2019
Badalian, Samuel Stepan Obstetrics/Gynecology Cooperstown 211964-2W July 19, 2019
Beer, Christine Obstetrics/Gynecology Rhinebeck 202635-9B July 24, 2019
Eng, Carla Lai Yee Obstetrics/Gynecology Poughkeepsie 202289-5B July 24, 2019
Plummer, Christopher Paul Obstetrics/Gynecology, Maternal/Fetal Medicine Stony Brook 223790-7W July 18, 2019
Schwartz, Deborah Beth Obstetrics/Gynecology Mt Kisco 201296-1B July 24, 2019
Vosko, Susan Lynne Obstetrics/Gynecology Carmel 181844-2B July 24, 2019
Panganiban, Marie Kristine Nufa Ophthalmology Riverhead 295313-1W July 24, 2019
Cristofaro, Robert Louis Orthopedic Surgery Purchase 112796-8B July 24, 2019
Heitner, Holden David Orthopedic Surgery Watertown 296957-4W July 26, 2019
Katsuura, Yoshihiro Orthopedic Surgery New York 291744-1W July 24, 2019
Kowalski, Joseph Martin Orthopedic Surgery Buffalo 210558-3B July 18, 2019
Krochak, Ryan Brett Orthopedic Surgery Garden City 284082-5W July 18, 2019
Lin, James Da-Yo Orthopedic Surgery New York 292972-7W July 24, 2019
Porritt, Eric Walter Orthopedic Surgery Utica 296909-5W July 24, 2019
Sinha, Upendra K. Orthopedic Surgery Flushing 138337-1W July 15, 2019               
Soin, Sandeep Paul Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 298192-6W July 26, 2019
Trasolini, Robert Giulio Orthopedic Surgery Smithtown K 272764-2W July 16, 2019
Wu, Tiffany Ying Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Garden City 294306-6W July 18, 2019
Ryan, Jesse Thomas Otolaryngology Liverpool 279632-4W July 18, 2019
Sambur, Ian Matthew Otolaryngology Lake Success 254926-9W July 18, 2019
Clabeaux, Gregory Thomas Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Buffalo 278214-2W July 24, 2019
Swartz, Aimee Jean Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Buffalo 269074-1W July 19, 2019

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez