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Subject Number 046-1116 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

November 14, 2018

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Gokhale, Amit Arun Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Stony Brook 294483-3W October 26, 2018
Ambalu, Oren Anesthesiology Lake Katrine 292454-6B October 2, 2018
Brouillette, Mark Andrew Anesthesiology New York 287708-2W October 22, 2018
Caramiciu, Justin Albert Anesthesiology Albany 292623-6W October 4, 2018
D’Amato, Pamela Rose Anesthesiology, Pain Management New York 240457-2W October 19, 2018
Defranks-Anain, Leslie Ann Anesthesiology Williamsville 241092-6W October 31, 2018
Kataria, Sandeep Anesthesiology Ardsley 292236-7W October 24, 2018
Kaushal, Amit Kumar Anesthesiology, Pain Management Stony Brook 289428-5W October 26, 2018
Lander, Heather Lynn Anesthesiology Rochester 293928-8W October 23, 2018
Levin, Emily J. Anesthesiology Melville 268959-4W October 22, 2018
Li, Hsin Ting Anesthesiology Brooklyn 292442-1W October 29, 2018
Liu, Sophia Anesthesiology New York 258702-0W October 3, 2018
Rutkowski, Malgorzata Elzbieta Anesthesiology Williamsville 290927-3W October 15, 2018
Varghese, Justin Anesthesiology Hicksville 291805-0W October 5, 2018
Virk, Navyugjit Anesthesiology East Amherst 271372-5W October 4, 2018
Yaguda, Boris Anesthesiology, Pain Management Brooklyn 271997-9W October 17, 2018
Reilly, John Patrick Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Stony Brook 198597-7W October 25, 2018
O’Connor, Kimberly Rosaline Chiropractic Hicksville C09220-7B October 1, 2018
Tubens, David Mitchell Chiropractic Huntington Station C08316-4W October 1, 2018
Van Volkenberg, Mark N. Chiropractic Buffalo C13126-0B October 1, 2018
Fiorella, David John Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Stony Brook 252328-0W October 3, 2018
Kazi, Moazzem Diagnostic Radiology New Hyde Park 255203-2W October 5, 2018
Kothary, Shefali Paresh Diagnostic Radiology Roslyn 258738-4B October 3, 2018
Sher, Irene Diagnostic Radiology, Pediatric Radiology Mineola 245867-7W October 4, 2018
Bennett, Leah Marie Emergency Medicine Syracuse 278252-2W October 15, 2018
Bober, Wojciech Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 265013-3B October 25, 2018
Cohen, Rishana Sklaroff Emergency Medicine Syracuse 288781-8W October 15, 2018
Dasgupta, Neil Kumar Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 294408-0W October 25, 2018
Guiney, Allan Lloyd Emergency Medicine Cooperstown 286065-8W October 22, 2018
Aarons, Alexandra Rose Family Practice East Norwich 286918-8B October 17, 2018
Augustine, Nicholas Joseph Family Practice E Syracuse 293897-5W October 2, 2018
Belz, Daniel Erich Family Practice New York 283974-4W October 5, 2018
Cecconi, John Louis Family Practice Cazenovia 294562-4W October 15, 2018
Chen, Jacky Family Practice Cortland 294629-1W October 17, 2018
Ethier, Gloria Family Practice Saratoga Springs 271888-0B October 29, 2018
Filipski, Anne On Yan Family Practice Fulton 286146-6W October 19, 2018
Klymochko, Bohdan Michael, Jr. Family Practice Rochester 286684-6W October 23, 2018
Long, Rachel Elizabeth Family Practice Rochester 280922-6W October 22, 2018
Minhas, Osmaan Ahmed Family Practice Middletown 291541-1W October 29, 2018
Nguyen, Anh-Thu Ho Family Practice Buffalo 294643-2W October 31, 2018
Redenbach, Erica Susan Family Practice Buffalo 294386-8W October 29, 2018
Siegenthaler, Matthew Harold Family Practice Vernon 292751-5W October 17, 2018
Siegenthaler, Michael Donald Family Practice Verona 293003-0W October 26, 2018
Nietsch, Hubertus Heinrich Gastroenterology Albany 272194-2W October 1, 2018
Jadotte, Yuri Tertilus General Preventive Medicine, Public Health Stony Brook 284861-2W October 26, 2018
Noel, Kimberly Melanie General Preventive Medicine, Public Health Stony Brook 277430-5W October 24, 2018
Alessi, Brian Charles Internal Medicine Rome 175847-3W October 11, 2018
Deep, Aman Internal Medicine Hicksville 276810-9W October 22, 2018
Devaraj, Kiran Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Clinical Cardias Electrophysiology Pittsford 294853-7W October 10, 2018
Ejaz, Kanwal Internal Medicine Ithaca 295692-8W October 22, 2018
Friedrich, Marcus Edmund Internal Medicine Albany 259301-0W October 3, 2018
Ganesh, Pranava Internal Medicine Johnson City 295957-5W October 22, 2018
Khan, Tehmina Mughal Internal Medicine Middletown 282343-3W October 18, 2018
Niwaz, Tagenarayan Internal Medicine, Cardiology East Patchogue 287163-0W October 25, 2018
Parikh, Leslie Russell Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Schenectady 288411-2B October 23, 2018
Pascual, Jr., Arturo Gurbuxani Internal Medicine Middletown 287316-4W October 15, 2018
Persaud, Priscilla Internal Medicine Hicksville 275805-0W October 24, 2018
Poulose, Redger Ellen Maria Internal Medicine Stony Brook 294202-7W October 24, 2018
Pullela, Nanda Kishore Internal Medicine Stony Brook 294814-9W October 25, 2018
Ratner, Sabina Internal Medicine Stony Brook 295357-8W October 25, 2018
Said, Anan Hassan Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Stony Brook 293126-9W October 24, 2018
Thomas, Joel Internal Medicine Stony Brook 295788-4W October 26, 2018
Zarrabi, Kevin Kayvan Internal Medicine Stony Brook 295894-0W October 25, 2018
Zizzi, Joseph Anthony, Jr. Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Orchard Park 170282-8W October 2, 2018
Dalfino, John Charles Neurological Surgery Albany 254026-8W October 1, 2018
Kenning, Tyler James Neurological Surgery Albany 265757-5W October 1, 2018
Mariwalla, Nitin Neurological Surgery West Islip 287808-0W October 11, 2018
Hancock, Minna Lauren Neurology Auburn 295280-2W October 10, 2018
Malek, Hamza Tarek Neurology Canton 292187-2W October 5, 2018
Mednick, Adam Seth Neurology Garden City 187059-1B October 1, 2018
Schloss, Evan Ross Neurology Carmel 279298-4B October 5, 2018
Lester, Denise Emily Obstetrics/Gynecology East Setauket 156757-7B October 26, 2018
Lochner, Megan Claire Obstetrics/Gynecology Setauket 238572-2W October 26, 2018
O’Keefe, Robert Obstetrics/Gynecology Setauket 150656-7W October 11, 2018
Persad, Malini Devi Obstetrics/Gynecology Stony Brook 278397-5W October 11, 2018
Van Sise, Melanie Ann Obstetrics/Gynecology East Setauket 274136-1W October 11, 2018
Welischar, Julie Anne Obstetrics/Gynecology East Setauket 229653-1W October 11, 2018
Coomaralingam, Luckshman Occupational Medicine New York 293477-6W October 11, 2018
Archer, Erica Lynn Ophthalmology Scotia 289060-6W October 4, 2018
Buono, Christine Speer Ophthalmology Southold 240381-4W October 24, 2018
Garcia, Andrew Michael Ophthalmology Middletown 267982-7W October 15, 2018
Giamos, Victor Peter Ophthalmology Southampton 254305-6W October 3, 2018
Kligman, Brad Evan Ophthalmology Smithtown 266649-3W October 24, 2018
Nattis, Alanna Sari Ophthalmology Babylon 271296-6W October 4, 2018
Rubinstein, Tal Joshua Ophthalmology Slingerlands 293720-9W October 19, 2018
Sebrow, Dov Ber Ophthalmology Newburgh 282857-2I October 15, 2018
Almansoori, Khaled Orthopedic Surgery Stony Brook 292542-8W October 22, 2018
Binkley, Allison Suzanne Orthopedic Surgery Amherst 292799-4W October 15, 2018
Bishop, Meghan Elizabeth Orthopedic Surgery Tarrytown 287195-2W October 23, 2018
Dengenis, Rhyne Champ Orthopedic Surgery Massapequa 278913-9W October 17, 2018
Erickson, Brandon Joseph Orthopedic Surgery Tarrytown 287598-7W October 2, 2018
Fischer, Charla Roland Orthopedic Surgery New York 246106-9B October 5, 2018
Lai, Kafai Orthopedic Surgery Lewiston 286819-8W October 25, 2018
Lee, Joseph Kim Orthopedic Surgery Tarrytown 250070-0B October 23, 2018
Romeo, Anthony Albert Orthopedic Surgery Tarrytown 294351-2B October 2, 2018
Sadeghpour, Ramin Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 288065-6W October 17, 2018
Tripathi, Mohan Sanjay Orthopedic Surgery New York 292313-4W October 26, 2018
Wong, Che Hang Jason Orthopedic Surgery New York 283860-5W October 17, 2018
Son, Hwa Jung Otolaryngology Scarsdale 268598-0W October 4, 2018
Bonte, Benjamin Jan Bronstein Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation New York 288521-8W October 5, 2018
Kapner, Daniel Jacob Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Freeport 292632-7W October 31, 2018
Ma, Heather Marie Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Rochester 293999-9W October 23, 2018
Rubin, Stuart Alan Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management Boca Raton 178860-3I October 17, 2018
Salerno, Paul William Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Amsterdam 211842-0B October 19, 2018
Adetayo, Oluwaseun Plastic Surgery Delmar 271821-1W October 29, 2018
Carpenter, Courtney Anne Plastic Surgery Albany 274465-4W October 1, 2018
Theodoris, Anthony Chris Pulmonary Diseases Port Jefferson 221756-0B October 25, 2018
Kaplan, Michelle Dana Psychiatry Albany 285020-4W October 1, 2018
Claire, Philip G. Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology Stony Brook 293336-4W October 25, 2018
Cruciata, Giuseppe Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Stony Brook 286994-9W October 25, 2018
Ginsberg, David M. Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology New City 293994-0W October 23, 2018
Thurman, Matthew Stephen Radiology – Radiological Oncology Sanborn 294479-1W October 29, 2018
Beckles, Daniel Lincoln Surgery, Thoracic Surgery Johnson City 229885-9W October 22, 2018
Blackwood, Stuart Leighton Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Syracuse 294864-4W October 15, 2018
Hesketh, Anthony John Surgery Stony Brook 267272-3W October 11, 2018
Krajewski, Aleksandra Surgery, Plastic Surgery Stony Brook 291472-9W October 26, 2018
Lakhtaria, Paryush Parbhubhai Surgery Suffern 279288-5W October 18, 2018
Noticewala, Manish Suresh Surgery Middletown 295921-1W October 17, 2018
Saliba, Jabbar Surgery Cortland 286667-1W October 29, 2018
Soto, Flavia Celeste Surgery Syracuse 254273-6W October 2, 2018
Tatarian, Talar Surgery Stony Brook 293675-5W October 25, 2018

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez