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Subject Number 046-1104 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

September 24, 2018

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Arora, Sumeet Anesthesiology, Pain Management Ardsley 284423-1W August 13, 2018
Choxi, Ankeet Amrish Anesthesiology Brooklyn 288704-0W August 24, 2018
Cooperman, Dustin Taylor Anesthesiology Long Island City 285238-2W August 8, 2018
Fersel, Jordan S. Anesthesiology Staten Island 162725-6W August 2, 2018
Flaum, Miriam S. Anesthesiology Inwood 288184-5W August 2, 2018
Fradlis, Alina Anesthesiology Centereach 289626-4W August 2, 2018
Hoffman, Zachary Gray Anesthesiology New York 293501-3W August 22, 2018
Lee, Bradley Han Anesthesiology New York 287217-4W August 20, 2018
Papadopoulos, Christopher Anesthesiology New York 289258-6W August 2, 2018
Patel, Alopi Anesthesiology New York 291878-7B August 20, 2018
Patil, Devina Omeidi Anesthesiology Mineola 287914-6W August 1, 2018
Sathiyadevan, Niruja Anesthesiology Rochester 293882-7W August 13, 2018
Schilling, Nicholas Alan Anesthesiology Melville 288060-7W August 2, 2018
Shah, Sachin K. Anesthesiology, Pain Management Ardsley 263363-4W August 13, 2018
Smith, Brett William Anesthesiology Smithtown 257141-2W August 3, 2018
Sokoliuk, Victoria Anesthesiology Cohoes 287839-5W August 15, 2018
Soohoo, David George William Anesthesiology Huntington 287952-6W August 2, 2018
Loka, Alfred Masembo Cardiovascular Disease, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Plattsburgh 251613-6W August 15, 2018
Sajjad, Waseem Cardiovascular Johnson City 258846-5W August 20, 2018
Beach, Devin Chiropractic Monroe C13068-4B August 10, 2018
Carbone, Joseph Chiropractic Staten Island C12959-5W August 9, 2018
Clancy, Sean Chiropractic New York C12542-9W August 9, 2018
Clayton, Kyle William Kenyon Chiropractic Buffalo C13010-6W August 9, 2018
Ferguson, John Michael Chiropractic Clifton Park C11391-2W August 9, 2018
Jordan, Nixia Sabrae Chiropractic Jamaica C12851-4B August 9, 2018
McGuirk, Ian Richard Chiropractic Glens Falls C13056-9B August 9, 2018
Olooney, Anna Marie Chiropractic Stony Point C11107-2B August 9, 2018
Pollet, Thomas Joseph Chiropractic Oceanside C13038-7W August 9, 2018
Roman, Perez Rafael Ernesto Chiropractic Holland C13086-6B August 9, 2018
Stewart, Maxine Claudia Chiropractic Lewiston C12374-7W August 9, 2018
Bittman, Mark Evan Diagnostic Radiology, Pediatric Radiology New York 253851-0B August 10, 2018
Chatterji, Manjil Diagnostic Radiology New York 252092-2W August 20, 2018
Chung, Michael Sungjae Diagnostic Radiology New York 283382-0W August 20, 2018
Eber, Corey Drew Diagnostic Radiology New York 182971-2W August 20, 2018
Hickey, Ryan Matthew Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology New York 288017-7B August 8, 2018
Lawson, Ivy Danielle Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology Middletown 295096-2W August 31, 2018
Mir, Aamir Diagnostic Radiology Rochester 251992-4W August 21, 2018
Samim, Mohammad Mehdi Diagnostic Radiology New York 284781-2W August 15, 2018
Shankar, Samantha Gowri Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Yonkers 276595-6W August 31, 2018
Andonian, David Oves Emergency Medicine Skaneateles 284267-2W August 20, 2018
Ibrahim, Jamil Emergency Medicine Brooklyn 226342-4W August 29, 2018
Lee, Hyunjoo Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 286832-1W August 31, 2018
Steencken, Gregory Scott Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine Camillus 252198-7W August 15, 2018
Keane, Kyle John Family Practice East Patchogue 281433-3B August 31, 2018
Sgambati, Stephen Salvatore Family Practice Mechanicville 137837-1W August 10, 2018
Vitale, Marie Pauroso Family Practice Spencerport 292050-2W August 13, 2018
Lin, Joyce Ying General Vascular Surgery Orchard Park 294247-2B August 23, 2018
Corry, Maureen Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease West Islip 200750-8B August 23, 2018
Ekiz, Ayfer Internal Medicine Middletown 292190-6W August 22, 2018
Hiltzik, Yuval Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine East Setauket 247268-6W August 31, 2018
Huh, Philip Internal Medicine White Plains 265952-2W August 31, 2018
Jang, Michelle Yongkyong Internal Medicine New York 281421-8B August 8, 2018
Keith, Lucas Adam George Internal Medicine Marion 292399-3W August 13, 2018
Lapadula, John Vincent Internal Medicine Johnson City 270640-6W August 20, 2018
Malik, Waqas Shahzad Internal Medicine White Plains 285402-4W August 31, 2018
Mehta, Rajen Anil Internal Medicine West Harrison 256013-4W August 31, 2018
Naragalu, Boregowda Umesha Internal Medicine Cooperstown 291040-4W August 21, 2018
Pandya, Sunandan Anilkumar Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Stony Point 232059-6W August 31, 2018
Podany, Wendy Ann Internal Medicine Stony Brook 294061-7W August 31, 2018
Ramkishun, Charles Anthony Internal Medicine Stony Brook 294126-8W August 31, 2018
Rozell, Umbreen Arshad Internal Medicine Queensbury 294583-0W August 23, 2018
Seleverstov, Oleksandr Internal Medicine Plattsburgh 284310-0W August 31, 2018
Mullin, Jeffrey Paul Neurological Surgery Amherst 292658-2W August 13, 2018
Leonard, Cassie Elaine Obstetrics/Gynecology Glens Falls 293306-7W August 15, 2018
Harris, Alexander Robert Ophthalmology New Hartford 293634-2W August 31, 2018
Lillvis, John Hunt Ophthalmology Buffalo 289495-4W August 13, 2018
Michalik, Aleksandra Zofia Ophthalmology Massapequa Pk 268928-9W August 21, 2018
Shoshani, Nechama Mina Ophthalmology Hauppauge 263304-8W August 31, 2018
Ast, Michael Paul Orthopedic Surgery New York 252444-5W August 3, 2018
Canham, Colin Douglas Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 289254-5W August 24, 2018
Carli, Alberto Vittorio Orthopedic Surgery New York 292079-1W August 8, 2018
Chisena, Ernest Nicola Orthopedic Surgery Albany 293254-9W August 31, 2018
Gutierrez, David Emmanuel Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management New York 293196-2W August 27, 2018
Kinnett, J. Gregory Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 124259-3B August 24, 2018
Kovacevic, David Orthopedic Surgery New York 272426-8B August 8, 2018
Mont, Michael Albert Orthopedic Surgery New York 168826-6B August 20, 2018
Patel, Sujal Pradip Orthopedic Surgery Brooklyn 291668-2W August 24, 2018
Rozell, Michael Thomas Orthopedic Surgery Queensbury 293891-8W August 16, 2018
Shah, Roshan Pradip Orthopedic Surgery New York 276552-7B August 8, 2018
Sugarman, Etan Paul Orthopedic Surgery New York 289302-2W August 8, 2018
Tallerico, Brian David Orthopedic Surgery Auburn 295000-4W August 21, 2018
Tyler, Wakenda Kachina Orthopedic Surgery New York 229889-1B August 8, 2018
Zacchilli, Michael Anthony Orthopedic Surgery New York 289207-3B August 20, 2018
Frauwirth, Neal Howard Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Pain Management Commack 209422-5W August 31, 2018
Lione, Thomas Paul Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Garden City 277298-6W August 21, 2018
Rosenberg, Daniel Stuart Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 156261-0B August 8, 2018
Thomas, Jerry Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation West Islip 292319-1W August 31, 2018
Nudman, Alfredo Psychiatry New York 249932-5W August 17, 2018
Yuan, Chujun Psychiatry Middletown 291743-3W August 21, 2018
Farhangi, Edward Mehdi Radiation Oncology Highland 210383-6W August 15, 2018
Hayashi, Daichi Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Stony Brook 287627-4W August 8, 2018
Cervone, Agostino Surgery Riverhead 214964-9W August 8, 2018
Fabian, Thomas Surgery, Thoracic Surgery Albany 229444-5W August 15, 2018
Gorti, Raghuram Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Middletown 218021-4W August 22, 2018
Oommen, Annie Surgery Yonkers 263265-1W August 31, 2018
Patetsios, Peter Surgery, General Vascular Surgery Glen head 201537-8B August 8, 2018
Sandhu, Aqeel A. Thoracic Surgery Syracuse 195462-7W August 10, 2018

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez