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Subject Number 046-1090 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

August 8, 2018

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Bennici, Lesley Anne Anesthesiology Stony Brook 279323-0W July 16, 2018
Hawson, Alexander Yao Anesthesiology Schenectady 293350-5W July 19, 2018
Kaplan, Irem Anesthesiology Williamsville 292487-6W July 23, 2018
Marchetti, Allen Anesthesiology New York 203901-4W July 6, 2018
McConn, Ryan David Anesthesiology North Syracuse 288336-1W July 19, 2018
Michel, Shannon Scully Anesthesiology Syracuse 294005-4W July 20, 2018
Webb, Joseph Felton Anesthesiology Buffalo 293687-0W July 19, 2018
Singh, Rajiv Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology Stony Point 230667-8W July 16, 2018
Sridhara, Banglore Sitaramiah Cardiovascular Stony Point 213781-8W July 18, 2018
Wadhwani, Jai G. Cardiovascular Buffalo 194482-6W July 26, 2018
Marton, Freddie M. Child Neurology Cedarhurst 175797-0B July 9, 2018
Cosey, Yasmin Yneisha Chiropractic Briarwood C12848-0B July 3, 2018
Destito, Nicholas A. Chiropractic Rome C12944-7W July 3, 2018
Fusco, Kristin Danielle Chiropractic Syracuse C12949-6W July 12, 2018
Leuppie, Joshua G. Chiropractic Buffalo C13079-1W July 3, 2018
Munassar, Mohamed Jamil Chiropractic Buffalo C11908-3B July 3, 2018
Shekhter, Edward Chiropractic Brooklyn C12935-5W July 3, 2018
Skolnick, Mitchell B. Chiropractic Saugerties C04416-6B July 18, 2018
Borukhov, David Diagnostic Radiology Rego Park 270938-4W July 2, 2018
Boyajian, David Ashod Diagnostic Radiology New York 241469-6W July 24, 2018
Fourati, Samy Sophien Diagnostic Radiology Brooklyn 201278-9W July 18, 2018
Goldstein, Janet L. Diagnostic Radiology Bethpage 208407-7W July 9, 2018
Jandzinski, Dana I. Diagnostic Radiology Orchard Park 236988-2W July 19, 2018
Kranz, Anca Oana Diagnostic Radiology Old Westbury 220097-0W July 9, 2018
Levin, Galina Diagnostic Radiology Mineola 248080-4W July 9, 2018
Masri, Daniel J. Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Brooklyn 256672-7W July 19, 2018
O’Malley, Michael Diagnostic Radiology Utica 184073-5W July 12, 2018
Rahman, Naeem Diagnostic Radiology Lake Success 275259-0W July 9, 2018
Sahin, Hakan Diagnostic Radiology Rochester 286699-4W July 18, 2018
Vorwerk, Patrice Annette Diagnostic Radiology Setauket 171512-7W July 9, 2018
Yeghiayan, Paula Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology New York 231622-2W July 9, 2018
Fogel, Jonathan Tad Emergency Medicine Williamsville 248396-4W July 23, 2018
Gazoni, Paulo Mabuchi Emergency Medicine Jamestown 293179-8W July 23, 2018
Zeballos, Alvaro Ramiro Emergency Medicine Jamestown 215317-9W July 23, 2018
Camhi, Russell Frederick Family Practice Great Neck 271827-8B July 9, 2018
Campana, Paul William Family Practice Kenmore 283025-5W July 31, 2018
Delerme-Pagan, Cathy Family Practice, Internal Medicine Brooklyn 198983-9W July 26, 2018
Geiss, Mary Elizabeth Family Practice Cicero 283112-1W July 19, 2018
Krol, Vitaliy Infectious Diseases Greenvale 243332-4W July 9, 2018
Shams, Farah Infectious Diseases Greenvale 238632-4W July 9, 2018
Assevero, Anna-Maria Diana Internal Medicine Hudson 166426-7W July 23, 2018
Bhoomireddi, Madhukar Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine Binghamton 238050-9W July 27, 2018
Bolte, Thomas James Internal Medicine Northport 181075-3W July 16, 2018
Chowdhury, Ataul Hakim Internal Medicine Bronx 256970-5W July 12, 2018
D’Avino, Robert Cesare, Jr. Internal Medicine West Islip 291528-8W July 16, 2018
D’Orazi, Francis Thomas, III Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine East Setauket 272916-8W July 18, 2018
Dym, Glenn Seth Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease West Islip 257477-0W July 18, 2018
Eisenkraft, Barbara Louise Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Mineola 160546-8W July 9, 2018
Harausz, Elizabeth Page Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease Syracuse 256267-6W July 19, 2018
Lopez, Hermes Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease Greenvale 251529-4W July 20, 2018
Losco, Donna Marie Internal Medicine Greenlawn 199123-1W July 12, 2018
Parikh, Shital Ramesh Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Stony Point 199356-7W July 16, 2018
Raiszadeh, Farbod Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease New Rochelle 272699-0W July 12, 2018
Cornacchia, Louis Guy Neurological Surgery Point Lookout 203236-5B July 27, 2018
Ganeshalingam, Nimalya Neurology Great Neck 284599-8W July 9, 2018
Meyer, Jenny Adele Neurology New York 287995-5W July 31, 2018
Fourati, Samy Sophien Nuclear Medicine Brooklyn 201278-9W July 18, 2018
Goodman, David Alan Occupational Medicine Kauneonga Lake 292125-2I July 26, 2018
Baharestani, Samuel Ophthalmology Smithtown 252341-3W July 16, 2018
Brown, Shanna Jean Ophthalmology Jamesport 287033-5W July 16, 2018
Buono, Lawrence Michael Ophthalmology East Quogue 213972-3W July 16, 2018
Gold, Michael Brian Ophthalmology Little Neck 156092-9W July 23, 2018
Knoll, Faye Ophthalmology Melville 249205-6W July 18, 2018
McKeague, Marta Ophthalmology Valley Stream 292832-3W July 30, 2018
Sforza, Paul Dennis, Jr. Ophthalmology Little Neck 206331-1W July 18, 2018
Danoff, Jonathan Robert Orthopedic Surgery Great Neck 272662-8W July 9, 2018
Haher, Thomas Richard Orthopedic Surgery Syracuse 134238-5B July 19, 2018
Johnson, Anne Holland Orthopedic Surgery New York 227496-7W July 10, 2018
Kenney, Raymond James Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 291810-0W July 12, 2018
Koehler, Steven Michael Orthopedic Surgery New York 267030-5W July 20, 2018
Marinello, Patrick Gaetano Orthopedic Surgery Albany 287204-2W July 20, 2018
McKean, Jason Michael Orthopedic Surgery New York 282238-5W July 20, 2018
Sofia, Peter J. Orthopedic Surgery Williamsville 154658-9B July 23, 2018
Davies, Matthew Charles Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Syracuse 293091-5W July 19, 2018
Zaccarini, Christina Gabrielle Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Baldwinsville 291465-3W July 31, 2018
Hill, Emily A. Psychiatry Stony Brook 273025-7W July 19, 2018
Sharoha, Nidhi Psychiatry Stony Brook 284158-3W July 18, 2018
Halikiopoulos, Leah Psychology Fresh Meadows S22433-7W July 20, 2018
Techaratanaprasert, Sutee Psychology Forest Hills S22429-5W July 20, 2018
Patel, Nick N. Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine East Setauket 246771-0W July 18, 2018
Collins, Daniel George Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Latham 294050-0W July 20, 2018
Fournier, Jessica Lauren Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Latham 286883-4W July 20, 2018
Gasparis, Pauley Thalia Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology East Syracuse 291998-3W July 20, 2018
Miller, Ryan Christopher Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Latham 294076-5W July 20, 2018
Peckham, Matthew Seth Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology East Syracuse 291658-3W July 31, 2018
Sternick, Laura Anne Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Williamsville 293382-8W July 23, 2018
Eisen, Leon K. Surgery, General Vascular Surgery New York 199580-2B July 13, 2018
Hedrick, Joseph Henry Surgery Utica 273156-0W July 9, 2018
Hon, Peter Kingchi Surgery, Colon/Rectal Surgery Glendale 250438-9W July 23, 2018
Temple, Larissa Surgery, Colon/Rectal Surgery Rochester 224825-0W July 19, 2018
Donaldson, Anthony Herbert Urology Glens Falls 255518-3W July 9, 2018
Theofanides, Marissa Christina Urology Middletown 290620-4W July 25, 2018

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez