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Subject Number 046-1056 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

April 13, 2018

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Knorz, David William Anesthesiology Williamsville 201993-3W March 29, 2018
LaFleur, Carolyn Anesthesiology Hudson 154928-6W March 27, 2018
Lollo, Gregory Anesthesiology New York 190657-7W March 7, 2018
Patel, Jonah Harshad Anesthesiology Rochester 278425-4W March 26, 2018
Rozan, Jonathan Pryor Anesthesiology New York 183652-7W March 2, 2018
Siriki, Radhika Anesthesiology, Pain Management Yonkers 261388-3W March 19, 2018
Torosoff, Mikhail Cardiovascular Albany 212796-7W March 28, 2018
Bodalia, Rishi Tushar Chiropractic Williamsville C13037-9W March 12, 2018
Kaplan, Joel R. Chiropractic Hartsdale C04799-5W March 12, 2018
Lapinski, Ashley Anne Chiropractic Owego C13062-7W March 12, 2018
Lembo, Stephen Clement Chiropractic Massapequa C09615-8W March 12, 2018
Luo, Lawrence Keke Chiropractic Richmond Hill C13002-3W March 12, 2018
Ramsden, Gregory Daniel Chiropractic Geneseo C13036-1B March 12, 2018
Stobert, Julia Chiropractic West Seneca C12768-0W March 12, 2018
Tran, Dung T. Chiropractic Yonkers C13027-0W March 12, 2018
Mannava, Kathleen Anne Dermatology, Dermatological Pathology Pittsford 289437-6W March 26, 2018
Alabsi, Eyad Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine Rochester 255792-4W March 26, 2018
Franco, Arie Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Radiology Rochester 195526-9W March 26, 2018
Hussain, Ali H. Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Pittsford 259125-3W March 26, 2018
Millmond, Steven Harris Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine Rochester 192057-8W March 26, 2018
Vidan, Erez Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine Great Neck 238696-9W March 23, 2018
Chow, Yvonne C. Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine Albany 275091-7W March 9, 2018
Gaskin, Kevin E. Emergency Medicine Syracuse 276967-7W March 12, 2018
Qandah, Juleen Jandali Emergency Medicine Utica 272536-4W March 23, 2018
Sheikh, Umair Emergency Medicine Syracuse 290113-0W March 12, 2018
Thevenin, Claudwardyne Alexis Emergency Medicine Albany 258924-0I March 12, 2018
Wyler, Benjamin Aaron Emergency Medicine Stony Brook 289919-3W March 9, 2018
Cambareri, Rocco Matthew Family Practice Liverpool 288759-4W March 12, 2018
Davis, Michele S. Family Practice New York 236461-0W March 16, 2018
DiFiori, John Patrick Family Practice, Sports Medicine New York 291887-8W March 15, 2018
DiValentino, Assunta Rosaria Family Practice Stony Brook 287066-5B March 9, 2018
Katime, Edward Elias Family Practice Stony Brook 290235-1W March 9, 2018
Lanzone, Andrew J. Family Practice, Sports Medicine Port Washington 281252-7B March 16, 2018
Pierre-Pierre, Gracia Martin Family Practice, Sports Medicine Binghamton 286652-3W March 9, 2018
Shah, Syed Jibran Family Practice Ithaca 289028-3W March 29, 2018
Sharpe, Arleen Suzette Family Practice Yonkers 180445-9W March 2, 2018
Steinman, James Anthony Family Practice Fairmount 158908-4W March 2, 2018
Wight, Andrew Michael Family Practice Vernon 287469-1W March 12, 2018
Zgleszewski, Edward Joseph Family Practice Waterloo 254941-8W March 19, 2018
Zhu, Xinjun Gastroenterology Slingerlands 257364-0W March 28, 2018
Carlin, Robert Erik General Vascular Surgery Syracuse 217109-8W March 29, 2018
Chopra, Amit Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine Rensselaer 268717-6W March 27, 2018
Cleaver, William Paul Internal Medicine Glens Falls 279154-9W March 30, 2018
Dalezman, Solomon Internal Medicine Staten Island 288149-8B March 9, 2018
Finch, Douglas Andrew Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease Schenectady 205842-8W March 9, 2018
Kasbekar, Vishwala Pratod Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Rensselaer 279479-0W March 9, 2018
Mason, Matilda Sylvia Internal Medicine Stony Brook 268687-1W March 9, 2018
Mazo, Ross Elliott Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases West Harrison 288840-2W March 2, 2018
Medarov, Boris Ivanov Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine Albany 265020-8W March 27, 2018
Odabashian, Harry C. Internal Medicine Albany 120407-2W March 7, 2018
Patel, Darshan Internal Medicine Cortland 250558-4W March 19, 2018
Rosenberger, John Daniel Internal Medicine Albany 156606-6W March 7, 2018
Sawhney, Manita Internal Medicine Cornwall 265558-7W March 5, 2018
Sidhu, Mandeep Singh Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Albany 266725-1W March 27, 2018
Steckman, David A. Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Delmar 251616-9W March 27, 2018
Stolarczyk, Halina L. Internal Medicine Rochester 200724-3W March 9, 2018
Syed, Saira Sikandar Internal Medicine New Hartford 266778-0B March 23, 2018
Wales, Danielle Patricia Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Latham 269252-3W March 27, 2018
Gologorsky, Yakov Neurological Surgery New York 250617-8W March 9, 2018
Durphy, Jennifer Lyn Neurology Delmar 260913-9W March 9, 2018
Peng, Xiangmin Neurology Middletown 275128-7W March 5, 2018
Smith, Steven James Neurology Suffern 279780-1W March 16, 2018
Verdini, John Patrick Neurology Troy 179399-1W March 9, 2018
Cheng, Mabel M P Ophthalmology Niskayuna 169087-4W March 23, 2018
Fechtner, Robert David Ophthalmology Syracuse 154793-4W March 12, 2018
Mogan, Sean Patrick Ophthalmology Webster 235037-9B March 12, 2018
Shin, Bryant Jung Ophthalmology Rochester 225028-0B March 26, 2018
Herbst, Kristen Ann Orthopedic Surgery Oneonta 291079-2W March 7, 2018
Nanos, George Peter, III Orthopedic Surgery, Hand Surgery Rockville 292536-0I March 26, 2018
Trehan, Samir Kumar Orthopedic Surgery New York 272053-0W March 15, 2018
Gildener-Leapman, Neil Otolaryngology Albany 274804-4W March 28, 2018
Martorella, Teresa Rose Pediatrics Utica 273221-2W March 23, 2018
Pelnik-Fecko, Tricia Ann Pediatrics Albany 217562-8W March 27, 2018
Speert, Tory Blair Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Saratoga Springs 291120-4B March 7, 2018
Zhao, Peng Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Little Neck 252735-6B March 16, 2018
Rezak, Kristen Marie Plastic Surgery Albany 239581-2W March 9, 2018
Adams, Al Damion Podiatry Brooklyn P06661-4B March 29, 2018
Buffolino, Raffaella Podiatry Westbury P06550-9B March 29, 2018
Freeman, Angela Maria Podiatry Binghamton P06782-8W March 29, 2018
Lacher, Jason Matthew Podiatry Bronx P06012-0W March 29, 2018
Perillo, Joseph Kyle Podiatry Geneva P06151-6B March 29, 2018
Violante, Jude Samuel Podiatry Niagara Falls P06111-0W March 29, 2018
Crosier-Riffle, Amanda Jane Psychiatry Albany 271345-1W March 7, 2018
Kwon, Anne Psychiatry LaGrangeville 279877-5W March 9, 2018
Palekar, Nikhil Jayant Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry Stony Brook 259219-4W March 9, 2018
Winseman, Jeffrey Scott Psychiatry Albany 194301-8W March 7, 2018
Bhatia, Sudershan Kumar Radiation Oncology Albany 235055-1W March 9, 2018
Gibbons, Susan Kathleen Radiation Oncology Albany 192535-3W March 9, 2018
Atanassov, Krassimir D. Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Staten Island 263018-4W March 9, 2018
Blancaflor, Jonathan David Surgery Utica 291208-7W March 23, 2018
Canete, Jonathan Javier Surgery, Colon/Rectal Surgery Albany 245386-8W March 27, 2018
Copertino, Leonard Michael Surgery Utica 280094-4W March 23, 2018
Deroo, Andrew Joseph Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Albany 274678-2W March 7, 2018
Edmond, James Alexander Surgery, Plastic Surgery Clifton Park 141147-9W March 27, 2018
Elefant, Ronen Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Middletown 277959-3W March 5, 2018
Ilko, Mark Anthony Surgery Geneva 290944-8W March 19, 2018
Lopez-Soler, Reynold Ivan Surgery Castleton on Hudson 273996-9W March 27, 2018
Nabagiez, John Paul Surgery, Thoracic Surgery Staten Island 213550-7W March 27, 2018
Patel, Ashit Surgery, Plastic Surgery Albany 262386-6W March 7, 2018
Plocek, Margaret DiColandrea Surgery, Colon/Rectal Surgery Liverpool 235809-1W March 29, 2018
Scott, Walter Williams, Jr. Surgery, Thoracic Surgery Albany 277904-9W March 28, 2018
Stain, Steven Charles Surgery, Surgical Critical Care Albany 238252-1W March 6, 2018
Szczech, Emily Christine Surgery Saranac Lake 288761-0W March 6, 2018
Samy, Sanjay Anantha Thoracic Surgery Albany 218503-1W March 7, 2018

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez