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Subject Number 046-1025 Newly Authorized Health Care Providers Approved to Render Services to Injured Workers Under the Workers' Compensation Law

Subject Numbers Regarding Health Provider Authorizations

February 12, 2018

The following have been added to the list of providers authorized to treat injured workers and/or perform independent medical examinations within the New York State workers’ compensation system.

Carinci, Adam John Anesthesiology, Pain Management Rochester 291417-4W January 8, 2018
Casthely, Pierre Alex Anesthesiology, Pain Management New York 255979-7B January 5, 2018
Choubmesser, Mikhail Anesthesiology Kenmore 245213-4W January 8, 2018
Kromas, Michelle Lauren Anesthesiology Syracuse 290503-2W January 3, 2018
Lee, Elizabeth Yueqing Anesthesiology Fishkill 234164-2B January 26, 2018
Malik, Javaid Ashraf Anesthesiology Johnson City 271685-0B January 8, 2018
Miller, Michael Matthew Anesthesiology, Pain Management Syracuse 287245-5B January 23, 2018
Mohammad, Saad Anesthesiology Purchase 281261-8W January 25, 2018
Sittler, Patrick Lynn Anesthesiology Mount Kisco 241079-3W January 25, 2018
Zhao, Jian Anesthesiology Amsterdam 234473-7W January 19, 2018
Berkowitz, Jennifer Lauren Diagnostic Radiology New York 262955-8B January 22, 2018
Decter, Irina Diagnostic Radiology Forest Hills 273627-0W January 16, 2018
Forte, Matthew Paul Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology Scarsdale 263633-0W January 16, 2018
Greditzer, Harry Gus Diagnostic Radiology New York 274799-6B January 22, 2018
Kao, Linda Yu-Ling Diagnostic Radiology New York 273715-3W January 16, 2018
Majmudar, Anand Shyamcharan Diagnostic Radiology East Syracuse 290509-9W January 24, 2018
Shehata, Monda Lotfy Mansour Diagnostic Radiology Syracuse 289450-9W January 12, 2018
Soliman, Fatima Diagnostic Radiology Albany 266507-3B January 19, 2018
Wagar, David Bruce Diagnostic Radiology Plattsburgh 195394-2W January 10, 2018
Jacobs, Bret Charles Family Practice, Sports Medicine New York 280667-7W January 22, 2018
La, Daniel Family Practice East Meadow 262185-2B January 25, 2018
Pantaleo, Nicholas Luke Family Practice Yonkers 254722-2W January 25, 2018
Sheriff, Adnaan Fuad Family Practice Amherst 288488-0W January 23, 2018
Wun, Herrick H. General Vascular Surgery New York 214251-1B January 22, 2018
Ashraf, Umeer Internal Medicine Buffalo 290835-8I January 8, 2018
Blash, Ruth Anne Internal Medicine Fishkill 200863-9B January 25, 2018
Cantin, Mary Elizabeth Internal Medicine Rochester 291242-6W January 23, 2018
Caramore, William J. Internal Medicine Albany 147953-4W January 24, 2018
De Groot, Hannah Internal Medicine White Plains 288667-9W January 25, 2018
Dewolfe, David Michael Internal Medicine, Nephrology Rochester 288665-3W January 3, 2018
Forrest, Roy Conrad Linton Internal Medicine West Harrison 217522-2W January 5, 2018
Griffin, Daniel Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease Plainview 246745-4B January 25, 2018
Jiminez, Cerna Maria Jose Internal Medicine Cooperstown 291021-4W January 8, 2018
Karkee, Ashraya Internal Medicine Syracuse 290329-2W January 25, 2018
Kheti, Yatin Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine Cortland 279715-7W January 23, 2018
Lammly, Adam Severin Internal Medicine Albany 274163-5I January 24, 2018
Littman, Stephen Ira Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Smithtown 273985-2W January 26, 2018
McGlynn, Scott Ronald Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology East Setauket 288639-8W January 26, 2018
Mojid, Mohammed Abdul Internal Medicine East Meadow 268492-6B January 25, 2018
Shajan, Joshan K. Internal Medicine New York 277687-0W January 22, 2018
Ulahannan, John Mathew Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, Interventional Cardiology Syracuse 290040-5W January 23, 2018
Morr, Simon Neurological Surgery Buffalo 290680-8W January 5, 2018
Celmins, Dzintra Freimane Neurology Albany 232301-2W January 19, 2018
Gupta, Vikas Neurology Syracuse 284873-7W January 19, 2018
Kumari, Savita Neurology Syracuse 275909-0W January 19, 2018
Ramachandran, Tarakad S. Neurology Syracuse 137873-6W January 12, 2018
Siddiqui, Saima Neurology Stony Brook 290634-5W January 26, 2018
Zhou, Xianping Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology Syracuse 291322-6W January 19, 2018
Barnard, Lawrence Mark Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Melville 222994-6B January 26, 2018
LeGarreta, John Edward Ophthalmology Williamsville 276395-1W January 5, 2018
McDowell, Susan Marie Orthopedic Surgery Rochester 290340-9W January 19, 2018
Nigen, David Lawrence Orthopedic Surgery Astoria 284105-4W January 5, 2018
Hussein, Naglaa Abdelmohsen Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Mount Vernon 284489-2B January 26, 2018
Illig, Andrew Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Rye 260742-2W January 25, 2018
Morozova, Nonna Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 263644-7B January 23, 2018
Patel, Sarika Verma Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Delmar 287358-6W January 25, 2018
Toussaint, Jean Paul Errol Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Brooklyn 289123-2W January 10, 2018
Gromova, Alena Psychology Brooklyn S21002-1W January 4, 2018
Crye, Mark James Surgery Syracuse 289294-1W January 24, 2018
Grant, Scott Bryan Surgery Carmel 288213-2B January 26, 2018
Lewis, Cleveland William, Jr. Surgery, Thoracic Surgery Pomona 228671-4W January 25, 2018
Jacob, Joseph M. Urology Syracuse 290265-8W January 12, 2018

* Providers authorized to treat and perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in B. Providers authorized to only treat have an authorization number ending in W. Providers authorized to only perform independent medical examinations have an authorization number ending in I.

Any questions regarding the authorized lists should be referred to the Medical Director’s Office at 1 (800) 781-2362.

Clarissa M. Rodriguez