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Save the Date – COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation Webinar

Web Submission of Claim Forms - Adobe Format Loading Previously Saved Data

Web Submission of Claim Forms - Adobe Format

Saving Data for Subsequent Form Submissions

You will need to decide where to save these files. If all forms will be submitted from the same computer, you may choose to save them to the computer's hard drive; however, if the forms will be generated from multiple computers that are on a network, you may want to save them to a shared network drive.

Complete the portion of the form you will want to save and use for future submissions. Depending on the form, this may only be names and addresses or may be the entire form.

Scroll to the bottom of the form and select the Save Data button.

Save Data

Select the folder where you want to save the file.

Type in a name for the file, you may want to include in the name, the date the form is being submitted (i.e. patientName12-31-08.xml).

This file will have an .xml file extension.

Save file with patient and submit date in file name

You will use this xml file to load the data into subsequent submissions of the form.