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Proof of Coverage-Workers' Compensation
Reporting Requirements

Guidelines For Filing Legal Names

February 1, 2002


A.      CORPORATIONS  --  Employer names must be followed by "Corp." (Corporation), "Inc." (Incorporated), "PC" (Professional Corporation), "HDFC" (Housing Development Finance Corporation) or "Ltd." (Limited).

B.      PARTNERSHIPS  -- Indicate the names of at least two partners.  If there are MORE than two partners, the names of AT LEAST two of the partners must be indicated, followed by "ET AL" indicating "and others".  If appropriate (and if space allows), enter the partners' names, followed by either "DBA" (Doing Business As), "AKA" (Also Known As) or "TA" (Trading As), and then followed by the business name.

Note 1:  Some documents may indicate a "JV" (Joint Venture), which is another form of a partnership. Please list the names of the businesses involved followed by "JV" (Joint Venture).  

Note 2:  Some documents may indicate a "LP" (Limited Partnership), "LLP" (Limited Liability Partnership), a "RLLP" (Registered Limited Liability Partnership), a "LLC" (Limited Liability Company), or a "PLLC" (Professional Limited Liability Company) after the employer's name.  Employer names followed by these letters are complete legal business names.  Therefore, do not indicate the names of the members of these legal entities.

C.      PERSON  -- Indicate the name of the individual.  If appropriate (and if space allows), enter the name; followed by either "DBA" (Doing Business As) or "TA" (Trading As); and then followed by the business name.  Please note: Do not include "Inc" in the "DBA" or "TA" name.

D.      ASSOCIATION  --  Clearly indicated Associations are acceptable legal entities.  However, "Associates" is not a legal entity.  Therefore, to avoid confusion and avoid the possible invalidation of POC information, please DO NOT abbreviate "Association" to "Assoc" since it may not be an acceptable legal entity.

E.      GOVERNMENT ENTITIES  --  List the name of the political subdivision of the State, municipal corporation or fire district that is being insured.

F.      NOT-FOR PROFIT ENTITIES  --  Not-for-profit entities, such as churches, schools,  charitable and fraternal organizations, etc. are reported in a variety of ways.  If an entity is incorporated or is an association, please indicate this using the instructions referenced above.  For other not-for-profits, to avoid confusion and ensure the name's acceptability, it is preferred that the name of the not-for-profit be followed by "NFP" (not-for-profit).  PLEASE NOTE: Individual churches or schools that are covered under a diocese DO NOT require individual filings unless they are separate legal entities with separate FEIN numbers.

G.      TRUSTEE OR RECEIVER  --  May be indicated for any form of legal entity.

1.  These records are kept separate from the initial employer record and must have an assigned UIER number and FEIN.

2.  Please list the name of the trustee or receiver for the employer.

3.  Then list "Trustee for (name of employer)" or "Receiver for  (name of employer)".

Note:  If the document does not clearly indicate whom the trustee or receiver is, it will be deemed "INVALID NOT A LEGAL ENTITY" and returned to the carrier for proper submission

H.      LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE  -- May be appointed to handle the affairs of a deceased employer.

1.  These records are kept separate from the initial employer record and must have an assigned UIER number and FEIN.

2.  The legal representative does not have to be an attorney or a law firm. It may be an individual serving as the executor or executrix of an estate.

3.  If the workers' compensation insurance is for an "estate", please list any individual designated as the executor or executrix and then the term "executor" or "executrix" followed by "Estate of ......".

I.      UNIONS -- Please note the local number of the union followed by its appropriate trade designation.

PLEASE NOTE: One filing is required for each legal entity.  Please do NOT submit individual filings for divisions or locations within a legal entity.