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Workers’ Compensation Board

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About the Health Care Provider and Independent Medical Examiner Search

The Board has a directory of all health care providers and independent medical examiners who are authorized with the Workers' Compensation Board. Provider types authorized by the Board include: Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Physician, Physician Assistant, Podiatrist, and Psychologist. The information found in this directory was supplied by the provider or IME at the time of authorization or renewal of authorization. When you contact a treating health care provider, you should confirm the office location for your visit.

Using Health Care Provider and IME Search

The Health Care Provider and IME Search allows you to search this directory for a provider who can treat your workers' compensation injury/illness. It also allows for insurers and others to search for an independent medical examiner.

The search options are:

  • Search for a Provider or IME by provider type or last name in a geographical area
  • Verify Provider or IME by using their NPI or license number
  • Find all authorized providers who can treat or perform independent medical exams

Choosing a Health Care Provider

A provider listed, as a result of your search, is not a recommendation that the provider is the right one to treat you. It is recommended you research what type of provider would be right for you.


How to Choose the Right PhysicianLink to External Website
American Board of Medical SpecialtiesLink to External Website

Contact Us

If you need help finding a provider or would like additional information, please contact Customer Service (WCB Medical Director's Office) at (800) 781-2362, option 2.

If you are having technical difficulties with Health Care Provider or IME Search, please contact Technical Support.