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Proof of Coverage Workers' Compensation
Web Submission


Electronic Filing Requirement for web-based data entry for NYS Workers' Compensation Proof of Coverage (POC)

It is necessary for all insurance carriers to file New York State Workers' Compensation Proof of Coverage (POC) information electronically. Such filings may be completed by obtaining access to the Board's web-based IAIABC Proof of Coverage data entry application.

There is no charge for electronic filing via the Board's web-based IAIABC Proof of Coverage data entry application.

The NY State Workers' Compensation Board has adopted the IAIABC standard for the submission of such electronic Proof of Coverage (POC) transactions.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to understand the way these POC transactions will be applied and utilized for proof of coverage in NYS. Please see the FAQ section of this document.

Important Notes:

  • If you are part of a carrier group, please arrange for electronic filing for all of the carriers in your group that do business with the NYS Workers' Compensation Board.
  • There are NO CHANGES in the relevant application of the NYS statutes governing the requirements of carriers/ employers for submitting timely proof of coverage; only the format has changed.


A transaction is separated into two (2) parts; Insured (section I-IV of the web based application) and Employer/Location (section V of the web based application). Employer/Location can be added to the transaction by selecting the "Add Employer" button.

I. Transaction

Identifies what action the carrier intends to take and when (e.g. create new coverage or cancel coverage).

Type and Reason refers to transaction type selected and corresponding reason. These codes are selected from a drop down menu.

Transaction Effective Date governs the intended effective date of the transaction. Example: when adding a new employer to an existing policy, the transaction effective date will reflect the carrier's intended effective date of the new coverage within a policy term.

II. Insurer/Carrier

Identifies the carrier submitting/ providing the POC record.

Issuing Office is the location of the carrier's office that actually issued the policy.

Issuing Agent is the broker or licensed agent's office that obtained the business.

III. Policy

Identifies the policy by providing the policy number and policy effective date. The prior policy number is used to identify the policy when the transaction being submitted is a renewal or a rewrite/reissue.

Governing Class of the policy is as defined by CIRB (New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board).

Wrap-Up policies cover a specific location rather than the entity.

IV. Insured

The Insured is the policyholder.

NOTE: The FEIN is REQUIRED for the Policyholder.

V. Employer/Location

The submission of Employer records is dependent on the transaction type:

  • New Policy, Renewal or Rewrite/Reissue: only submit Employer/Location records under the following conditions:
    1. If the primary insured is not covered, then you must submit the covered entities as additional Employer/Location records.
    2. If the primary insured is covered and there are additional entities covered, you must submit the additional entities as Employer/Location records.
  • Cancel Policy by Insured does not require an Employer/Location record.
  • Cancel Policy by Insurer requires one Employer/Location record, so the notification date can be provided.
  • Add Employer/Location requires an Employer/Location record for each entity being added to the policy.
  • Reinstate transactions do not contain Employer/Location records. The transaction will reinstate the policy and coverage for all associated entities.

How Carriers Register for Electronic POC Filing in an IAIABC Format

Carriers may submit electronic POC filings by obtaining access to the Board's web based IAIABC Proof of Coverage data entry application.