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Workers’ Compensation Board

WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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If you are using an Internet Explorer 11 web browser and are having trouble logging into any of the Board's web applications, please refer to these instructions. Login Problems and IE 11

Using eCase

Locating Your Case

From the main menu, Select Case - Case Details. Enter the Case ID and press Enter.

Documents Relating to Your Case

Once you have found your case, click on the 'Case Folder' tab. This will list all the documents relating to your case. Double click on a document to view it. Documents are read-only; you cannot make any changes.

If you are looking for a specific type of document, select the appropriate section tab at the bottom of the screen. This will filter the list to show those documents specific to that section. The table below provides definitions for the codes used in the section name field of the case folder.

Section Name Values
Code Value
AL All
MD Medicals
CN Case Notes
MI Minutes
DE Decisions
OA Appeals
JA Judges Attn
OT Other

Viewing Documents

When you double click a document, it will display in the Document Viewer window. Document Viewer adobe pdf

Uploading Documents

The upload feature provides the user the ability to upload certain documents directly to the case folder within eCase. Once uploaded, documents will be viewable within minutes by all parties. The upload functionality will only be available for cases with a case status of "Hearing Set" through and including the day of the hearing. View detailed instructions.

Loading Documents

The Board recommends you load no more than five documents at a time. The time to load a document depends on how recently that document has been requested by you or someone else, whether the case has been closed or archived and how many people are using eCase at that time.

Printing Documents

You can print up to 10 documents at a time. From the Case Folder tab, select the documents you would like to print and then click on the print button or select Actions - Print Selected Documents or (Alt + P)

Enable Print Acceleration

The first time you print, the system will automatically prompt you to install an optional file that enables print acceleration. You will see a security warning pop-up.

To install the file, select either:

  • Grant this session
  • Grant always. If you select this option, the security warning won't appear again.

To refuse to install the file, select:

  • Deny. If you choose this option, the print acceleration option will be disabled for the current session only.
Disable Print Acceleration

To disable print acceleration:

  • From the eCase window, select the "Options" menu, then "Preferences"
  • Uncheck the "Enable Native Acceleration" option and select "OK"

eCase Tabs

Case Info - This tab displays basic information about your claim, including case ID, case status, name, insurer information, claimant information, accident information, etc. Case Info Tab adobe pdf

Party of Interest - Any person or organization (e.g., the carrier, claimant representative, hospital, etc.) that is notified of when hearings will be held and given the results of those hearings. Party of Interest (POI) Tab adobe pdf

Case Folder - This tab contains documents related to the case either sent or received by the Board including document versions of the First Report of Injury and Subsequent Reports of Injury transactions submitted by Claim Administrators. Case Folder Tab adobe pdf

First Reports of Injury (FROIs) and Subsequent Reports of Injury (SROIs) - eClaims makes it mandatory for all Workers' Compensation insurers to submit information electronically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The EDI process replaces the C-7, C-669, C-8/8.6, and the C-2 filed by insurers. Information about those forms previously found in the Case Folder will be displayed on the FROI/SROI tab. The C-11, C-240, RFA-2 and other forms will remain as they are. FROI/SROI Tab adobe pdf

Board Awards - This tab lists all awards made by the Board via Administrative Determination, Proposed Decision, and Notices of Decision. Board Awards Tab adobe pdf

Related Materials - List of non-scannable objects (NCOs) such as X-rays, large medical records (more than 100 pages), books, etc., associated with the claim. Related Materials Tab adobe pdf

Key Terms

Associated Cases - Additional claims the claimant may have. To view an Associated case, type the Case ID of the Associated into the Case ID field.

Cancelled Into Cases - Sometimes cases are created in error and the Board has two cases assembled for the same incident. When the error is discovered, one case is "cancelled into" or combined with the other case, resulting in one case. To view a Cancelled Into case, type the Case ID of the Cancelled Into case into the Case ID field.

Case ID - The WCB case number assigned by the Board when the case is assembled.

Case Status - Description of where the case is in the resolution process.

Case Status
Code Value Description
AC Administratively Closed Case is closed manually by claims staff.
AS Argument Set Commissioner's hearing date is set.
AU Argument Unset Commissioner's hearing is waiting for a date.
BR Board Restoral ARD (Administrative Review Division) reopens a case.
CA Case Cancelled A duplicate case has been found, cancelled, and combined with another case.
CP Conciliation Process Case has been accepted into the conciliation process. No longer used.
CS Conciliation Set Conciliation meeting date is set (scheduled on the calendar). No longer used.
CU Conciliation Unset Conciliation meeting is waiting for a date on the calendar.
HS Hearing Set Judge's hearing date is set (scheduled on the calendar).
HU Hearing Unset Judge's hearing is waiting for a date on the calendar.
MS Motion Set An Administrative Decision has been created and is waiting for review by WC Law Judge (WCLJ).
NE Newly Assembled Case has been assembled and assigned a case number.
CL No Further Action Case does not require action at this time (but may be reopened if necessary).
RD Referee-Reserved Decision Judge (Referee) will review the case (off calendar) and make a decision.
RA Reopened Administratively Case is reopened by Claims Examiner.
RE Returned to Examining Hearing has been deleted/cancelled and case is returned to the Claims Examiner for further action.

- Note: "Calendar" refers to the schedule of Workers' Compensation hearings. This calendar is scheduled three weeks in advance.


Who Codes - Parties of Interest are divided into categories or roles represented by codes.

Who Codes
Code Value
06 Primary Insurer
A# Claimant Representative/Attorney
BE Beneficiary
C# Additional Insurer
CA Insurer Attorney
CL Claimant
CR Insurer Representative
DB Disability Insurer
EA Employer Attorney
F1 Special Fund 25A
F2 Special Fund 15.8
FN Finance Unit
H# Health Provider
L# Lay Witness
M0 Medical Doctor/Claimant Doctor
M# Medical Doctor
PE Primary Employer
PI Primary Insurer
RB Risk Bureau
S# Special Handling Number
SI Self-Insurance Unit
T# Third Party Administrator Number
TF Aggregate Trust Fund
U0 Second Employer
U# Additional Employer
X# Miscellaneous