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Workers' Compensation Board

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eCase allows approved users to view the electronic case folders used by the NYS Workers' Compensation Board to process claims for injured workers. Approved users may ONLY access cases where they are either listed as a party of interest, or delegated access by an organization that is a party of interest and has eCase access.

The eCase application allows you to view case information, party of interest contact information, and documents related to the case. This information is read-only; you may not make any changes to it.

Please Note: The eCase application operates only on desktop or laptop computers that support the Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or later. It does not operate on tablets, iPhones or other similar devices.

If you are having trouble accessing eCase and the On-line Services Availability page does not indicate that it is undergoing maintenance (select eCase from the menu to view information specific to eCase), please contact the ITS Enterprise Service Desk.

To access eCase, you must register: