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Workers’ Compensation Board

WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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eCase Administrators

Administrator Responsibilities

  • Primary contact with the Workers' Compensation Board - Communicate eCase information from the Board to the appropriate people in your organization.
  • Assist eCase users - Assist users in your organization with questions.
  • Grant or remove access to electronic case folders - (refer to guides under Administering eCase ) - Using the administrator tool in eCase , you will grant and remove access for approved users within your organization to cases in which your organization is listed as a party of interest. Note: After receiving a user ID and password, a new user must contact you and ask to be granted access to cases determined appropriate by the organization.
  • For employers with eCase - If you are the administrator for an employer, you will need to contact the administrator for your workers' compensation insurer to request that they grant you access to your organization's cases.
  • Add, Modify or Remove Users - Request user IDs and passwords for other employees in your organization. You are also responsible for notifying the Board when users in your organization should no longer have access, for example, when an employee leaves the organization.

Administering eCase

How to Use eCase Administration adobe pdf

How to Add Party of Interest (POI) Representatives adobe pdf