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The next chapter in the modernization of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, the Business Information System (BIS) Project, is well underway. Through the BIS Project, the Board and our integration partner, CapTech Consulting, is building a new claims system that will replace our multiple legacy, paper-based claims systems, such as CIS and eCase, with a single, web-based platform.

The new system will offer exciting elements, including improved and expanded access to real-time claim data, new electronic self-service features for interacting with the Board, and a reduction in the amount of overall paper forms to improve system responsiveness to stakeholder needs.


The multi-year project officially kicked off in Summer 2019, with CapTech Consulting now on site and actively working with Board staff to design the new and improved system.

In this first phase, the project team is reviewing current processes and systems to determine where we can find efficiencies for the Board and our stakeholders, while also improving overall productivity and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the new system be available?

    We are targeting for the new system to be available in 2022, but the plan also includes the identification of opportunities for making some system components available sooner, where possible.

  • What are the biggest changes to the forms process?

    Most Board-required forms will be available as an eForm. eForms:

    • are interactive, browser-based screens that pre-populate with any known data.
    • guide the user to fill in any remaining required information.
    • allow the user to save a draft of a partially completed eForm to return later to complete and submit.
    • validate information instantly to flag inaccuracies or incomplete items, making corrections and processing time significantly faster.
    • allow for the attachment of necessary documentation.
    • are processed and placed in the electronic case file immediately.
  • Will I be required to submit eForms to the Board, or will paper forms still be accepted?

    • Claimants are encouraged, but not required, to submit electronically. The new system will be easier to use, confirm all required information, and allow for real-time status tracking.
    • Non-claimant parties will be required to submit most forms electronically via the new system.
  • When I submit an eForm, when will I know it has been received and is being processed?

    When you submit an eForm, you will receive immediate feedback on whether it was entered with all needed information and is being processed. You will also be able to download a PDF of your eForm submission.

  • We currently use our own claim management computer software to automatically generate Board paper forms which we send to the Board. Will the new system allow our computer software to communicate with the Board and automatically send eForm data?

    Yes. An Application Programming Interface (API) will be available for stakeholders to communicate directly between your computer system and the Board to automate the submittal of eForms. If you are interested in becoming a testing partner, please contact us at

  • Can we submit forms in another language?

    Claimant-based eForms within the system will be available for the most common non-English languages spoken in New York State (based on the most recent United States census data), as designated in New York State’s Language Access Policy (LAP).

  • Is eCase being replaced?

    Yes. The new system will improve upon and replace eCase.

  • If I am already registered for eCase, will my registration transfer to the new system?

    The Board will use existing user profile information for those already registered to use our online services. This will help support a smooth user transition to the new system. Existing users will receive details before the new system is available.

  • Can we track claim status?

    Yes. Users will have access to view claim information based on secure, role-based permissions. Access will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Are there opportunities to test prior to the system going live?

    This project will involve significant testing, and we’re looking for volunteers! If you are interested in participating, please contact us at

  • Will there be training on how to use the new system?

    Yes. Training, reference guides and other supporting materials will be provided for you to learn the new system.

  • Where can I go for more information? Who can I contact?

    The project website is updated regularly with the latest information. You can also subscribe to receive email alerts when updates are made. If you have specific questions or feedback, please email the Board at

Get Involved & Stay Informed

The Board is committed to partnering with our external stakeholders throughout the project to gain critical input to ensure the new system addresses their needs. Keep an eye on our upcoming webinars page for upcoming BIS Project webinar announcements. Your thoughts, concerns, and ideas are always welcome and appreciated. You can reach the BIS Project Team at

The Board will also be sharing regular updates as we make progress on this important project. To stay informed on the BIS Project, please watch this page and subscribe for email updates.

A Business Process Re-Engineering Project

The BIS Project is one of several key initiatives borne out of the Board’s Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) Program - a multi-year effort designed to redefine the Board’s role in the workers' compensation system, improve access to quality medical care and improve the underlying technology systems that support the organization. Many BPR initiatives have already been implemented, including virtual hearings, release of an updated medical fee schedule for Board-authorized providers, implementing performance standards to improve payer compliance, and improving the Board’s dispute resolution processes.


  • Business Information System (BIS) Project Webinar - January 14, 2020: VideoLink to External Website / Slides adobe pdf
  • Business Information System (BIS) Project Q&A Webinar - January 21, 2020: VideoLink to External Website / Slides adobe pdf