Virtual Hearings allow injured workers, attorneys/representatives, witnesses and other participants to attend hearings online. Participants will no longer have to travel to a hearing site to attend their hearing.

Virtual Hearings are now available at all Board locations except Newburgh and Allegany.

If you are eligible to attend your hearing virtually, you will see a notification of "Virtual Hearing Available" adobe pdf at the bottom of your hearing notice, along with detailed instructions.

If you would like to upload a document into the case folder prior to a hearing, use the document upload feature in eCase. This feature provides the user the ability to upload certain documents directly to the case folder within eCase when the case status is "Hearing Set". Details and instructions can be found on the eCase Document Upload page.

Virtual Hearings

A Virtual Hearings (WCB VHC) mobile app is now available for Apple devices!

Virtual Hearings for Claimants

To take part in a Virtual Hearing, you must:

How to attend your Virtual Hearing

  1. Enter your Hearing ID, first name, last name and email address; select continue
  2. Select your Role
  3. Wait for your hearing to be called

Virtual Hearing Center Claimant Tutorial

Virtual Hearings for Attorneys/Licensed Representatives

Please be aware that the hearing process for all hearings, even if you don't attend virtually, will change. You will be required to check yourself in using the Virtual Hearing web application.

Please read the Hearings Guide for Attorneys/Representatives to learn how to attend Virtual Hearings, including information on the new check-in process for attending your scheduled hearings in-person.

To take part in a Virtual Hearing, you must:

Virtual Hearings Tutorial: Attorneys & Licensed Representatives

Webinar Trainings

The Board is hosting a series of webinar training sessions for attorneys and representatives to provide instructions on how to attend your hearings virtually, as well as how to use the new check-in procedure when appearing in person.

Note: Webinars will be provided as Virtual Hearings become available in each location. Check back to register as future webinars are added for your area. To receive webinar announcements and other Virtual Hearings news directly to your inbox, sign up for WCB Notifications and check the "Representatives" box.

Virtual Hearings for Witnesses and Other Participants

Request Digital Audio Recording

Parties of Interest may request a Digital Audio Recording (DAR).
How to request a DAR

Need Help?

Contact Virtual Hearings Technical Support

Be sure to test your system at least 48 hours prior to your hearing.

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