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System Requirements

To attend a hearing virtually, you must:

  • have a computer with a web cam, mobile device, or video conference system
  • have a reliable, high-speed Internet connection (at least 1 - 1.5 megabits/second)
  • disable or delay the sleep/standby mode on your computer or mobile device
    • Sleep/standby mode can usually be found in the device settings.
      You need to ensure your device stays active. This will allow you to appear "available" in the waiting room and to be called into your hearing.
    • Do NOT set your phone to "Do not disturb."

Browser Versions Supported

Due to variations in internet speed and connectivity, users with poor internet connections may experience more frequent and/or extended wait times. A stable high speed internet connection is recommended for the best user experience.

Operating Systems Supported

Supported Not Supported
Windows Windows
Windows 10 Windows Vista
Windows 8.1 Windows XP
Windows 8  
Windows 7  
macOS macOS
10.9 Maverick and above 10.8 Mountain Lion and below
Android version 8.0 (Oreo) or newer Huawei devices
Apple iOS version 11 or newer, including iPhone 5 / iPad 4th generation and up  

A stable WIFI connection is recommended over mobile data service.

Cisco WebEx (Virtual Hearing technology)

  • Test your system to make sure you can use WebEx.
  • Computer users may be prompted to add a WebEx extension to their browser.
  • To attend a Virtual Hearing on a mobile device, users are required to download the Cisco WebEx application prior to their Virtual Hearing.