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XML Forms Submission


XML Forms Submission provides an infrastructure to allow the submission of data to the Workers' Compensation Board in an industry-standard format (XML -- Extensible Markup Language). This program is designed to offer the medical community the opportunity to engage in industry standard submission of electronic medical forms to the Workers' Compensation Board. The XML submission program currently supports the submissions of EC-4NARR, EC-AMR and the OT/PT-4 forms.

Effective January 1, 2019, registered providers (including non-Board authorized Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Durable Medical Equipment vendors, laboratories and pharmacies) may voluntarily transmit the CMS-1500 form and required medical narratives/attachments in lieu of the EC-4NARR and other WCB medical billing forms (except the C-4.3). It is anticipated that the XML submission of the CMS-1500 form and narratives/attachments will be required effective July 2021. Learn more about the CMS-1500 Initiative.

Board authorized XML submission partners have proven they comply with the Board's requirements for the electronic submission of these forms and have executed the required legal agreement with the Workers' Compensation Board. Health care providers considering doing business with a Board authorized XML submission partner should request the XML Submission Partner show them a copy of this legal agreement.

Health Care Providers MUST complete the Registration for XML Forms Submission on the Board's web site before the Workers' Compensation Board will accept their electronic their electronically submitted forms through the XML Forms Submission process.

If you are interested in having your forms submitted to the Board using this XML forms submission process, you may contact an XML submission partner from the List of XML Submission Partners. Check the list regularly, it is expected that the List of XML Submission Partners will change over time.

If form data is submitted to the Board using the XML Form Submission process, DO NOT mail a duplicate paper form to the Board. The Workers' Compensation law requires copies to be provided to the claimant, employer, insurance carrier, claimant representative, etc.; it is the health care provider's responsibility to ensure that this reporting requirement is met.