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Workers' Compensation Board

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XML Forms Submission

Registration for XML Forms Submission

Health care providers who enter into an agreement to have their form data submitted to the Workers' Compensation Board by a Board authorized XML submission partner must register with the Workers' Compensation Board before the Board will accept their forms from the XML submission partner.

Once a health care provider registration is received and his/her eligibility to participate is verified, the health care provider will be required to sign a legal agreement with the Board specifying his/her obligations. The health care provider will be mailed an agreement regarding XML submission which needs to be signed in presence of a notary public, and returned to the Board. The health care provider should make a copy for his/her records and send the original to the Board.

The Board will notify the health care provider by email, at the email address provided on the registration, that he/she may inform the Board authorized XML submission partner that they may begin submitting the health care provider's form data to the Board.