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XML Submission Partners


The 'XML Forms Submission' project (XFS) was created to set up a method to allow the submission of data to the Workers' Compensation Board in a industry standard format (XML -- Extensible Markup Language). Initially, only claims related medical data (specifically EC-4 NARR, EC-4 AMR and OT/PT-4) were supported. A similar method will be implemented to submit the CMS-1500 form and applicable narratives/attachments. Learn more about the CMS-1500 Initiative.

Submissions will consist of a single compressed archive in ZIP format containing one XML file and zero or more binary attachments.  Initially, we are only supporting TIFF images as binary attachments. Text attachments are also supported, but these will be embedded in the XML file itself.

Process Description

The business partner will submit a ZIP file ("submission") containing a single XML file with zero or more TIFF image files. The ZIP file format provides a simple container mechanism which eases management of all submissions.

The XML file will describe one or more documents, each of which consists of discrete form data followed by zero or more attachments. An attachment can be a block of text (which is included in the XML file itself) or a TIFF image which is included separately in the ZIP file.

The submission will be transmitted to the Workers' Compensation Board ("WCB") via an encrypted (SSL) browser connection to our web site. Immediately upon receipt of the submission, a set of overall integrity checks will be performed:

  1. Is the ZIP file valid?
  2. Is the included XML file valid (does it conform to the schema?)?
  3. Is the set of included TIFF files complete (any missing or unreferenced?)?
  4. Do the included TIFF files meet specific formatting requirements (Group 4 Fax format, 200dpi, black & white (color depth = 1), etc.)?

If the above criteria are satisfied, the submission is accepted for processing at a later time. If any of the above checks fail, the submission is immediately rejected.

During the WCB "batch window" (roughly 7pm-7am), all accepted submissions will be processed. Each document in a submission will be examined in detail to ensure the data is appropriate. Cross-element edits, code lookups/verification, medical provider authorization, etc. will be performed. Upon completion of the examination of each document, one of three statuses will be assigned:

AcceptedProcessed without errors or warnings (there is no text message associated with this status)
Accepted with Errors Processed, but there was a problem with some aspect of the document (the associated text message will provide detail)
RejectedNot processed (the associated text message will provide detail)

For each document that is assigned one of the first two statuses, the discrete data elements and images (if any) will be stored in the appropriate repositories. Upon completion of submission processing, results will be made available to the business partner for download (formatted per the results.xsd schema).

CMS-1500: A Guide for New XML Submission Partners

Add, Modify or Remove Users

Add, Modify or Remove Users (user ID and password required)
ONLY the Board Authorized XML Submission Partner's administrator can request user ID's and passwords for other employees in his/her own organization to submit XML files. The administrator is also responsible for notifying the Workers' Compensation Board when employees within his/her own organization should no longer have access to submit XML files, for example, when an employee leaves the organization.