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Workers’ Compensation Board

WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Schemas, Documentation, and Samples

Listing of Providers Authorized to Submit XML Data (MS Excel)

Schemas (Updated 04/09/2020) - All schemas in one ZIP file (see whatsnew.txt for details on changes).
Please note: CMS-1500 schema is a draft version.


CMS-1500 Field Table Matrix for XML Submission (MS Excel) (Updated 3/26/2020)
Mapping of CMS-1500 XML Element Names to Form (PDF)

Submission Schema - 'submission' is root element. (Updated 04/09/2020)
Results Schema - 'results' is root element. (Updated 8/22/2006)
Submission Restrictions/Requirements - Information on packaging submission. (Updated 10/5/2009)

Samples (Updated 9/9/2015) - Sample submission ZIP file.
results.xml - Sample results XML file. - Sample Java code to generate XML file. (see ReadMe.txt in ZIP file)