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Workers’ Compensation Board

WCB Information Related To Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Administrator's Responsibilities

When an organization completes the on-line registration to request user IDs and passwords for submitting workers' compensation claim forms via the web, an administrator from within the organization needs to be designated.

The following list describes the administrator's responsibilities:

  • Add, Modify or Remove Users (user ID and password required)
    ONLY the administrator can request user IDs and passwords for other employees within their organization. The administrator is also responsible for notifying the Workers' Compensation Board when users should no longer have access to submit claim forms, for example, when an employee leaves the organization.
  • Assist users
    The administrator is responsible for assisting other users in the organization regarding questions about how to submit claim information and is the organization's liaison with the WCB Customer Support Unit. ALL problems or questions that the administrator cannot answer or resolve, need to be reported to the WCB Customer Support Unit by the administrator.
  • Primary contact with the Workers' Compensation Board
    The administrator is the primary contact in the organization with respect to web submission of claim forms. As information is received from the Board, the administrator has the responsibility of disseminating that information to the appropriate people within the organization.